Family tree genealogical data JSON format template


Below is an open-source JSON format template to store an individual’s genealogical data, for your family tree.

    "surname": "",
    "maidenSurname": "",
    "name": "",
    "nickname": "",
    "idNumber": "",

    "gender": "m/f",
    "race": "",
    "ethnicGroup": "",
    "height": "",

    "firstLanguage": "",
    "otherLanguage": [""],

    "birth": ["Year", "Month", "Day"],
    "birthWhere": "",
    "death": ["Year", "Month", "Day"],
    "deathWhere": "",
    "deathCause": "",

    "married": true,
    "spouse": ["1.json"],
    "father": "2.json",
    "mother": "3.json",
    "children": ["4.json"],

    "occupation": [""],
    "education": [
        "Year A-Year B, Elementary School",
        "Year C-Year D, Middle School",
        "Year E-Year F, High School",
        "Year G-Year H, Tertiary School",

    "info": [
        "Political affiliation"

    "photo": ["1.jpg", "2.jpg"],

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