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Why me? What is it about?

It’s about criminal thieves who want to steal your real estate property and money from you.

You were targeted by one or more organised crime syndicates that pay “prison insurance” (bribes) to local political factions, who allow these syndicates to operate criminal rackets and extortion in a given geographical area.

You were targeted because you have money, and these syndicates are career criminals who want your money.

In all likelihood, the land you live on is secretly a private-owned kibbutz, marketing itself as a security estate, owned by someone else who has a vested interest in harassing you, even though you may have a “title deed” that “proves” you own the land – in secret, your title deed is a Monopoly-game title deed, held by a large consumer retail shopping chain corporation, even though it is “legal tender” by some appearances.

Examples of rackets include real estate harassment, title deed fraud, tax-farming and legal fee extortion, where law firms create obviously illegal situations that make you feel justified enough to enter into a legal battle against them with “your” attorney, because “you are right and you are going to show THEM who’s boss”, but you dumbly step into the exact trap they had set up for you (since they meticulously created the scenario for the exact purpose to lead you on), your attorney then bills you “legal fees”, which is then essentially just funneled as extortion money into the syndicate’s hands, but which you gladly pay, because they make you believe it is necessary to have an attorney.

If you own a house, you were already targeted by the real estate agent who showed you the house, when the house was on show. The conveyancing attorney coerces you into agreeing to an illegal title deed, which is then later used as a false legal basis to take “legal action” against you, to extort your property from you.

The organised crime syndicate will do and say the craziest things to simultaneously victimise you and also make you think you are guilty of a crime (i.e. they gaslight you), and make you think you are insane, and they make your family, friends and others think you are insane and paranoid, but precisely and exactly due to creating such extremely absurd situations, the ensuing cognitive dissonance and distress in you usually causes you to then just give in and pay extortion money to the syndicate as “protection money”, a price you think needs to be paid to regain your sanity and freedom, while the syndicate just walks away laughing at you for being such easy prey, playing into their hands and falling for their sneaky, sleazy tricks.

As the saying goes – by deception we shall rule.

It’s not about ego, pride, honor, or what’s right and wrong in the grand scheme of things.

In my case, in 2019, I moved into a fixer-upper house that had various waterproofing and structural issues. I paid a “renovation company” a deposit to start fixing the problems, but they didn’t fix anything, they just caused more problems than there were to begin with as they were “working” at my house.

The house was most likely purposefully damaged by the organised crime syndicate beforehand, and thereafter marketed as a “fixer-upper” to guide me into renovating the house using their renovator, and thereby enter into legal action with them so they could extort legal fees and the property out of me.

I did not pay the renovation company the balance, and they sued my wife, who had signed the quotations for the work, but in essence, it was me they were after, not my wife, and they just used my wife as a legal proxy to get to me, the breadwinner.

I am not an attorney, so I got an attorney to help us defend the civil matter for which they sued us. They thought they could use my lack of legal knowledge to extort money from me, by getting my attorney to work with them instead of with me, to get the attorney to charge me exorbitant legal fees, to make me ultimately lose the case after years of legal battle (they didn’t succeed), and then force me to have to sell the house back to them at a low price, in order to pay off the legal fees.

Well, by then it was 2020 and I dropped the attorney right away when I realised what the attorney was doing and before she could do any real damage, because she was on her way to cleaning out my bank accounts with her “legal fees”. My wife and I started studying to become lawyers ourselves, and we fought the organised crime syndicate back in court.

Also in 2020, the Home Owners Association (HOA) of the security estate in which the house is located, started to show signs that they were involved in the organised crime syndicate. The security estate’s manager tried to entrap me into assaulting him, by opening a case with the metro police when I had a tree removed from my front yard (because the tree’s roots were causing damage to the road and sidewalk), citing that I was destroying municipal property. The police arrived at my house and saw that nothing was wrong, of course, and that they had been duped into responding to a false complaint. The estate manager did this to try to provoke me to assault him, but he failed.

When it became clear towards the end of 2021 that my wife and I were winning the legal battle in the renovation lawsuit, that their sleazy lawyer tricks and delay tactics weren’t cutting it, the sore losers (ahem, organised crime syndicate) got my neighbours, and the Home Owners Association (HOA), to start physically and legally harassing me.

One of my neighbours, a harraser female, who told me she and her husband worked in “insurance”, arranged a confrontation for me in October 2021. Late one evening, she gathered a group of three men, and a group of children, in the street outside her house, between her house and mine, and then ordered the children to start screaming and shouting while our 1-year-old baby was asleep. It’s difficult to get a baby to sleep and easy to wake them up.  We had asked her to please keep the baby in mind for noise, and she said she understood. It seemed that she ignored us, because children just kept making loud noises outside her house, after we asked her to ask them to stop. So on this evening, I went outside and told the group of children to keep quiet. I saw the female harasser neighbour quickly run into her house, next to mine, scurrying away and hiding like a rat, and the group of men started to approach me on my property, towards my front door. It felt like a movie, so scripted and unreal, I could not believe that I had just fallen into a trap setup by a group of harassers. But the situation was real, I fell into the trap, and I had to confront the truth that it was happening. I called the estate security to come and help, and a security guard arrived. I recorded the situation on my cellphone, and one of the men started to chase me into my house because he didn’t want to be filmed. The security guard told the man that if he didn’t stop, he would get the police to intervene, upon which he backed away from my house. The men retreated back to where they came from.

My other neighbours, a “husband and wife” but in reality common criminals, pretended to be a married business man and an anaesthetist doctor wife. In reality they were low-life, bottom-feeding scumbags, just bad actors, hired to harass and illegally evict me. They moved into “their” house next to mine, at the same time I moved into mine, which was too much of a coincidence, so they certainly were part of the criminal plot from the start. They tried to illegally evict me, to make me move away from the house, and settle the lawsuit with the renovation company.

Starting in 2022, the abovementioned next-door neighbour falsely accused me on a public Whatsapp group that he had caught me filming his child (Luke Johnson) in a towel on his balcony. At first, I was so fooled by the neighbour, thinking that him and I were in the same “social class” (as it were), that we had similar interests, and that we were on friendly speaking terms, going on almost 2 years. So, his accusation was an utter shock at the time. The sexual misconduct that he accused me of, didn’t happen, it was a concocted fantasy story, and I now know that it was a second entrapment attempt by the organised crime syndicate he was working for, designed to provoke me into assaulting him, so that he could file a criminal case against me for assault, with which to then try to blackmail and extort me, and get me to move away from my house.

The neighbour’s “wife”, allegedly a doctor, and my other next-door neighbours, and the across-the-street neighbours, followed suit, publicly accusing me of filming their children in their bedrooms and bathrooms with my security cameras, defamatory statements that I sued them for, and which I was in the process of suing them for, until they managed to have the cases thrown out of court. Why they chose to rather have the cases thrown out instead of getting justice for their children who were allegedly being recorded, God/the organised crime syndicate only knows, and you and I can only guess.

The normal and typical reaction would have been to go over to them and get into a physical altercation with them, which they had hoped I would do, so that they could accuse me of assault and put me through a lengthy, unnecessary and maybe costly criminal trial.

If they really were innocent and I was guilty, then why was the catch-22 necessary to have to create a situation, to entrap me to get me to commit a crime, if I wouldn’t have done anything if they had left me alone and hadn’t tried to entrap me into assaulting them in the first place?

When the defamation tactics didn’t scare me into submission, the next-door neighbour who accused me of filming his child, decided to ramp up the physical harassment and death threats towards me and my wife, telling me in front of my children on one occasion that he was going to kill me.

He fabricated a protection order against me, saying that I threatened him with my firearm and that he was now living in fear for his life, which led to my firearms being confiscated by the police as a result of the fabricated protection order.

The reason they confiscated my firearms is: the organised crime syndicate needed to provoke/entrap me into a staged physical assault confrontation with them in order to lay an assault charge against me, but they also didn’t want to risk one of their lackeys actually getting murdered or shot with a firearm, so, with this predicament in mind, they decided that it was going to be necessary to portray me as mentally unstable, so as to have my firearms confiscated, in order to “control” the confrontation and “make sure” that it would be physical and hand-to-hand, and that it would not involve any handguns.

In 2023, the neighbour and his “doctor wife” forged warrants of arrest based on the fake allegations in their protection orders, claiming that I was harassing them and threatening their lives via email and that I was guilty of recording children in public. They forged a judge’s signature on the warrants, gave the forged warrants to detectives, and the detectives came to my house and wrongfully arrested me based on the forged warrants. The detectives took me to a local police station, booked and interrogated me there, and detained me in a holding cell at the police station overnight. I was taken to court the next morning, on each occasion. The timing of the arrests were right before each individual protection order hearing at court with the neighbour and his “wife”. The wife filed a protection order against me because I reported her to various law enforcement agencies in South Africa for pretending to be a doctor and for being involved in organised crime, a protection order she subsequently obtained in November 2023, thanks to corrupt court officials at the Kuils River Magistrates Court in Cape Town.

The organised crime syndicate thought having to face criminal action and jail time would scare me into being extorted and paying them protection money, that it would scare my wife into backing out of the renovation lawsuit, and that I would move away and sell the house to them on the cheap, so that they could make a huge profit.

During this time, it dawned on me that, prior to all these events, I was profiled and targeted by whoever/whatever arranged the estate agent who pitched the house to me, in the security estate. I had blissfully stepped into the perfect trap that was designed to commit the perfect crime.

It was the management of the Home Owners Association of the estate in which the house is located, who had a hand in the organised crime syndicate all along, and who had planned and orchestrated the harassment from the start.

They had planned to let me move into a fixer-upper house, get me to hire a renovation company to cause more problems, create legal tension and a lawsuit against me, and extort legal fees from me, since I wasn’t a paralegal/lawyer/attorney/advocate and I wouldn’t have known how to deal with legal issues, then harass me to get me to sell the house for a low price, and then they would resell the house and repeat the process with the next homeowner (victim) after me.

Boy, did they choose the wrong guy to mess with!

What follows below is my analysis and advice to anyone else who has become a target and victim of real estate harassment, property harassment, neighbour harassment, landlord harassment, legal harassment, extortion, and organised crime, and how you should deal with the situation. This is the information that I wish someone had given me before it all started, so that I could have been better prepared and informed about it, or even just have been aware of it at all, of the existence of this type of crime, and what it was about, what to expect, and why it was happening to me.

Forewarned is forearmed. It’s time to break the silence and put a stop to fraud.

You are not alone, you are not the only one who is being harassed. You are just one of thousands of others, one of millions, who are going through the exact same process and feelings that you are going through. Years of torment and anguish. To your harassers, it is only about money – this is what they do for a living. They are professional harassers. Career criminals. Con men and women. You didn’t make them “harassers for hire”, they chose this career long before you ever met each other, and they will keep doing it long after they have escaped from you and you have parted ways for good. The reason why they harass you is so that you will give them money. They need to harass you, in order for them to survive and put food on the table. If they didn’t do harassment, they would either have to do another type of crime, get an honest job, or die of starvation. It’s not personal, it’s just business.

The only far-fetched way in which it could be truly and really “personal” for them, is if they have had to subsequently endure personal hardship “because of you”, because they were not able to harass you out of your house. So, the harasser neighbours may develop true personal grudges towards you, albeit misplaced, although it is extremely, extremely unlikely, since they are criminals, and they know what they are doing is illegal and wrong. But nevertheless, if the harassers do harbour real misplaced feelings of personal animosity (i.e. they bear a grudge) towards you, it would be because they “are unable to do their job and make money out of you” because you are not “allowing” them to extort you and harass you out of your house. Yes, it’s messed-up. Criminals were born with mental illnesses that have caused them to be criminals in the first place, unable to fit into society. It’s not your fault that they are criminals with mental illnesses who are unable to fit into society. It’s in their genetics, in their messed-up DNA. Their ancestors had the same criminal mental illness problems they do, which they passed down to them, and now you just happen to be the one stuck dealing with the problem of their criminal DNA. Oh no! Anyway. Oh well.

You were targeted and selected for extortion, long before you even knew that this was going to happen to you. They saw your naïvely smiling face coming from a mile away, and the steadily-turning but hidden wheels of crime were set in motion, unbeknownst to you. They do not see you as human, they do not care for your feelings. They do not care for you, your family, your children. To them, you and your family are a wallet full of money that should belong to them, and you need to give it to them.

The people who you actually see harassing you, like neighbours, contractors and management of your security estate or local neighbourhood area, are not the ones behind the scenes who are actually pulling the strings and making the plans. These harassers usually come from poorer, less affluent, and less educated backgrounds, and they became harassers as a means to escape legal repercussions for other crimes, debt consolidation, debt traps and slave contracts of their own, which thus forced them into a life of crime and having to have to harass you. In essence, they themselves are being blackmailed to harass you.

Truthfully, like spiders, these harassers are more afraid of you, than you are of them, because they are criminals and they are more afraid of getting caught, because, in the simplest terms, you are innocent and they are guilty of organised crime, i.e. they know they need to be punished for their crimes, and they are afraid that their crimes will become known and that they will be punished for their crimes.

Most victims will rather just give in and pay for the harassment to go away, than having to have to stand up against the organised crime, but unfortunately the harassment will just come back, and it will only become worse when you give in, so giving in is not a solution by any means. You will not like it, it will not be easy, you will have to fight for your property, you will feel helpless, you will be frustrated, you will want revenge. You rightly do not deserve to be treated like this and to be made a victim, and it is not your fault. You did not do anything to deserve it, you did not do or say anything to anyone that caused it to happen. It is not because of something you did when you were younger, and it’s not karma biting you in the ass. It would have happened to you, regardless of anything you ever did or did not do.

You were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

You will however be made to think that it is all your fault somehow. It is not.

The people who targeted you and who are executing the harassment, are criminals. It is their fault, and only their fault that it is happening.

For example: when an innocent victim is murdered, it is of course not the victim’s fault that they were murdered. Even if the murderer says it was self-defense and the victim deserved it, etc., the simple fact is that the murderer was the perpetrator of a crime, and the victim was the victim of a crime. The victim was not the perpetrator, and the perpetrator was not the victim, no matter what anyone says. You are the victim and they are the criminals. They will try to gaslight and convince you that it’s the other way around, that you are the criminal and they are the victims, but there’s no two ways about it. The law is the law.

What should you not do?

Do NOT give them money. It will not make the feelings of unhappiness and discomfort go away. It will only make those feelings worse, and then they will have proof that you paid money into an organised crime syndicate.

Do NOT go see a paralegal, lawyer, attorney or advocate, they will be working with the harassers to extort money out of you (see “Dark Law”). If you have a paralegal/lawyer/attorney/advocate or even an accountant, immediately break all contact with them, and do not make use of their services ever again.

Do NOT speak to a therapist. The information you give to the therapist will eventually make its way back to the harassers, and it will be used to extort money from you.

You must not show any reaction. Shut up and keep your mouth closed and zipped shut at all times. Do not talk to them, or to anyone. Keep your thoughts private between you and your spouse, until you have all the information about what is going on. Do not talk to the police, do not open any criminal cases against anyone, do not give any information to the police, let the police do their own investigation – the police are anyway bribed and working alongside them. Policemen (and policewomen) are often involved in organised crime syndicates themselves. Do not show aggression. Do not show anger. Do not show fear. Do not show strength. Do not show them anything. Say nothing, do nothing.

React in private. Vent in private. Think about your family and the important things in life. Think about your work, education, and relationships that matter most to you. These criminals are just being a nuisance, to extort money from you, and it’s not worth sacrificing your peace of mind for them.

Write up your evidence and testimony in Word and Excel. Make a blog website, like  I did. Man up, woman up. Reveal the truth.

Just go on with your life as if nothing is happening, because it will go away eventually, since they do it for the money, and if they’re not getting money to harass you, it means they are losing money to harass you, so it doesn’t make sense to harass you. Makes sense? Good.

Even if they make you feel they are doing it to you out of personal spite and that their “reward” for harassing you is purely personal for them – it’s not. They want money. It’s not possible to not be frustrated when you do work and don’t get the results you want from it, and then have to “try to look cool” and shake it off by justifying your harassment as being done for altruistic reasons or for an ulterior motive not connected to money, because the harassers are morally superior to you and they are doing “God’s work” in punishing you through harassment. Yeah, right. Sore losers!

Look after your psychological well-being, like watching self-help videos. Educate yourself with police interrogation videos, and legal education videos on Youtube. Practice stoicism and greystoning. Keep a diary and write your thoughts down. Reach out to old friends you can trust. Stay healthy, get enough sleep, spend time with family, go out to places with your kids, and keep your spirits up and your positive energy alive. Listen to music, watch movies, read books, share your time with your family. Never fall into that endless pit of depression and despair and hopelessness. If you think it’s bad now – it could have been much worse: you could have been inside a warzone, and literally, you are literally not inside a warzone, you are literally outside of a warzone. Don’t be embittered by the harassers, and don’t try to fill your void by drinking and drugging away your sorrows, and in any case, fuck the organised crime syndicate, damn them all to hell. Don’t be bitter, but at the same time, never back down, and never forgive or forget what they’ve done to you. Learn from it, and educate others about your experience, because the harassers will surely repeat their actions on other victims again elsewhere. What’s the use of life anyway, you ask? It’s been you all along, that’s been the use of it all.

The organised crime harassers need reactions from you, they need you to not have control of yourself. Without reactions, they are powerless and pointless.

Remember that any reaction you have will be normal and healthy, because you are not a psychopath.

However, your actions and reactions will be turned and twisted around to make you appear and feel like you are a psycho, to make you question your sanity, make you feel you are the dysfunctional one and that you are out of touch with reality – even though you very much are, in fact, completely in control and very much in touch with reality, and your gut is telling you exactly what is going on and what is happening to you. Trust that gut feeling of yours. Don’t let their psy-ops make you question yourself.

It is gaslighting, designed to mock and scare you into decreasing your confidence levels, so that you will give money to the organised crime syndicate, which is all they want and are interested in, at the end of the day when all is said and done.

Everything is about money, so don’t give them money. If you give them money, they will stay. If you do not give them money, they will go away. They need to go away if you don’t give them money, because they cannot survive without money. They cannot keep harassing you for nothing, otherwise they will eventually die of hunger. Work with nature, not against nature, to make the organised crime syndicate and harassers go away.

What should you do?

Knowledge is power. Read as much as you can about how the law and how the legal system works, and try to identify all the reasons why you were targeted. Identify all your assets – houses, cars, investments, bank accounts, cash, firearms, goodwill – as well as any other personal or profitable interests – children, contracts, usage of companies for tax evasion, sentiment for your political views, etc. These are the reasons why the organised crime syndicate is harassing you. You have things they want, and they will do things to you to get your things that they want.

To catch a criminal, you have to think like a criminal.

Isolating individual harassers and instituting legal action against each one of them individually is the best way to get the ball rolling to regain your freedom. Do not make use of a paralegal/lawyer/attorney/advocate to “help” you, they will work against you, they work alongside the organised crime syndicate. Taking legal action against them will come at a personal cost, but only for a short while as they try to convince you to withdraw your legal action while they make their escape. The organised crime syndicate will do everything in their power to convince you to withdraw the legal action. They will publicly belittle you, have you arrested and thrown in jail, take away your freedom, separate you from your family, and waste your time and money using any means they can. Just stick to your guns, it will be worth it.

The most important tools are the law and psychology.

Any other tools, like DIY and handyman skills, will most certainly help you weather the storm, since anyone may be, and will be, bribed to turn against you.

On a day to day basis, ignore your harassment predicament completely, but do gather any evidence that you can. Video recordings and emails will help the most. Completely greystone anyone who talks to you. Be suspicious of everyone, even your closest friends and family members, because if there is even the tiniest, slightest, most minute, inkling of a crack or window of opportunity, your family and friends will be infiltrated and they will begin to conspire against you, knowingly or unknowingly.

You are not obliged to speak to anyone, you have the right to remain silent at all times. Even companies, who are juristic persons (as opposed to just a natural person like you and me), have the right to remain silent. You have the legal right to not incriminate yourself. When you speak, it is your, and only your, conscious decision to open your mouth and form words that come out of it. Nobody can force you to speak, except you yourself that convinces your own brain to make your mouth speak.

You should remain calm and not think or worry about it. It will go away eventually. And even if the harassment never goes away, it will become your new normal, and you will be fine. Do not react to anything. Our brains adapt to new circumstances very quickly actually, and the organised crime syndicate’s bag of harassment tricks and traps and surprises are finite in size. Once you have endured a specific tactic, then that’s it, it’s over – your brain has received the information about the harassment tactic, and it’s engraved forever into your brain’s thinking. And at some point, they have to run out of tactics (because there’s only THAT many tactics for them to choose from), and start repeating the same old tactics, which your brain will be expecting and be used to by then.

There will always be a skeleton crew to keep harassing you when the main harassment is over – accept it and get over it.

They will not kill you, they will not steal your children, there is no point in killing you or stealing your children, because a) they then will not get any money from you, and b) they then have to move their operation away, since it will be an established fact, then, that they have committed an actual crime, and you cannot legally profit from crime. The whole point in why you were targeted is because they could profit from you and get away with their crime scot-free. If they kill or abduct all their targets and victims, it would be plain as day for all to see that they clearly are criminals who must be arrested and sent to jail, so they would then need to run from the legal system and set themselves up elsewhere (and/or pay massive bribes to the police), instead of being able to keep playing the victim card, and without getting any money for their efforts.

They will tell you they are watching you and they are going to kill you, but it is only to make you afraid, to give in to their stupid demands and give them what they want. If they wanted to kill you, they would just do it, they wouldn’t warn you beforehand. Seriously. Does it really make sense for someone to “warn” you over, and over, and over, and over, again, that they want to kill you? That sounds a little bit like… wait for it… Harassment! Wouldn’t it make more sense for the harasser to just kill you and get it over with? YES! Of course that would make more sense – IF that’s what they really wanted to do! They don’t want to kill you because then you’re dead and they killed you! That would make them murderers! Murder is against the law! They don’t want to go to jail for murder, or for any other reason! Because then they will be inside of jail, and not outside of jail, where they can commit more crimes and get away with it! They just want to steal your money! Think about it.

It will not help to improve the security of your house, to get dogs, to put fences up, put security cameras up, or to obtain firearms. All these things will be useless and futile, and will only be confiscated from you or used against you. Every policeman and paralegal/lawyer/attorney/advocate will be bribed to work against you, for fear of being harassed themselves. Taking legal action against them by yourself will work and is the only solution (even though court officials are bribed to work against you), because you yourself are the only one you can trust in this life, and it’s the only correct way to expose them and their crimes, most importantly to unveil your reality to yourself so that you don’t keep lying to yourself, and to make justice prevail, for yourself.

Arrest and interrogation

When you are arrested, remain calm and silent and abide by what they say. Do not resist.

Your arrest is an admission of guilt by the organised crime syndicate that they failed to successfully harass you and that they could not “fairly and squarely” extort you, so they get you arrested by dirty cops as a last ditch effort to play dirty, and try to convince you to give in, settle all lawsuits with them, and pay them extortion money while they make their escape. Remember that the harassment will never end, it will continue forever, even for your children and their children and so on, in some form or another, for many years after they have falsely arrested you and were not able to extort your house from you, in order to coerce you to move, so that they can replace you with a new victim.

You will most likely be arrested at home, right around or right before an important date on your or the harassers’ calendars, such as close to birthdays.

The reason they are arresting you is to convince you to fight for your innocence so that you will get a paralegal/lawyer/attorney/advocate to whom you will pay legal fees, and in so doing, to extort money from you. They are arresting you for legal fee extortion – see Franz Kafka’s book “The Trial”. Just ask yourself – why are you surprised that criminals commit crime to get money, and why did you think it couldn’t happen to you?

You do not need a paralegal/lawyer/attorney/advocate to get you through this. You will live, you will not die.

You will survive the jail cell, there are just petty criminals in there (probably paid /unpaid actors) who are more afraid than you are. They were arrested for shoplifting, breaking into a car, etc. On your second arrest, after you have been detained alone for a while, they will bring in a planted harasser who pretends to be in a gang like the 26’s, 27’s and 28’s, they will tell you to move away from where you are sitting in the detainment cell, and they walk around the cell to “look for” a piece of broken glass. Gee, I wonder why they do that?

They will take your fingerprints, take a photo of you like in a police line-up,  ask you personal and invasive questions to get you to confess, make you feel like you are a criminal, data capture your personal details, and “record” your “crime” and “arrest”, on their computer system.

Just answer the officers’ basic questions like your name and where you stay. Do not answer any leading questions that sound like they want to help you or understand you. Do not answer a question if you feel like you will give a part of yourself away to them by giving a certain response. Do not say something to them because they made you feel like it would be a good idea for you to say something that you don’t want to say.

Remember – you have the right to remain silent. You really do.

Just say you don’t want to answer the question, and it is their job to find out the answer, it’s not your job to give them any answers. Regardless, they will keep pressing you to make you confess. Well, tell them they can all take their guns and shoot your brains out and splatter it all over the wall if that’s what they want, but you are not giving in to their intimidation and pressure.

They can’t shoot you just because they feel like it, because, well, the interrogation is being recorded and then the interrogation will be over, and there will be evidence that they murdered you. Then they have to go to jail for murder, which is incredibly very much not what the “interrogator” wants. They also just want to go home and go back to doing nothing, just like you presumably. Just kidding, just saying.

They do not want to help you or understand you, their job is simply to arrest you and intimidate you into confessing to whatever made-up crime you are being arrested for and that they are pretending is a real crime, because it’s “based on a (fabricated) warrant of arrest” or whatever baloney they cook up.

They get paid to arrest and interrogate people for fun, it gives them a rush.

Do not give them any information, because it will only be used against you, you will just shoot yourself in the foot.

Listen intently to what they say, because their tone of voice, their logical arguments, their emotional overreactions and the flow of conversation will give them away that they are busy conducting a wrongful/unlawful/illegal arrest and interrogation.

It is not your fault that they are dirty cops.

Do not take anything with you to the police station and jail cell when you are arrested. They will just confiscate it and you might not get it back. The arresting officers are not your friends, so do not be friendly with them, but just do what is legally necessary. Get someone to record your arrest, on a cellphone hidden under a table or inside a jacket, so that the arrest can be used as evidence later. Do not attack or resist the arresting officers or make the situation worse. Just shut up, do not speak to them, just follow them and get in the car. They unfortunately have the legal right to arrest you, even if the charges against you are completely fabricated and trumped-up, so there is no point in resisting the arrest.

Cooperate with law enforcement, but do not answer any questions, except the most basic questions about who you are.

The police have to do their own investigation, so any questions they ask you is to try to get you to confess to made-up accusations, because they are too lazy and most likely bribed not to conduct an actual investigation, since they already know the reality anyway that they have committed a crime by wrongfully arresting and interrogating you, and that you are innocent, you ARE the victim, and they are pretending otherwise.

When they ask questions, simply say that you will not answer any questions. If they do a “good cop, bad cop” routine, remain calm and stand firm, be adamant that you will not answer any questions, because they have to do their own investigation. Also, there is nothing they can do to you. Nothing. They cannot hurt you or kill you, because then the police will be murderers. Even though you will be afraid, they cannot just turn the situation into a kangaroo court and give you a death sentence.

Limit the interaction to only what is necessary, and tell whoever is “interrogating” you to get the fuck out of your face and go fuck themselves. They are ugly and they stink, loathsome people, and they need to get the fuck away from you because you don’t want their fucking disgusting germs on you. Eww.

You will be out of there in no time! Good luck.


You will receive news articles about children who were abducted from a family setting that will be exactly like how your own home situation is.

Above the law

Everybody and everything is equal before the law. Even the law is equal before the law.

Nobody is above the law.

The police are not above the law.

A detective is not above the law.

Politicians and ministers and parliament are not above the law.

A courtroom is not above the law.

A judge is not above the law.

A paralegal/lawyer/attorney/advocate is not above the law.

A harasser is not above the law.

An organised crime syndicate is not above the law.

A gang is not above the law.

A woman is not above the law.

A child is not above the law.

The king and queen and president are not above the law.

A security estate is not above the law.

A security company is not above the law.

An HOA (Home Owners Association) is not above the law.

An ethnic or religious group is not above the law.

The law is not above the law.

Abuse, hosts, predatory behaviour, parasitic attachment, exploitation and cognitive dissonance used by organised crime syndicates when targeting victims

The definition of a crime is: predatory and abusive behaviour committed upon hosts and targeted victims, meant to create cognitive dissonance, panic and artificial dependency in a victim and thereby exploit victims, for a criminal’s parasitic gain.

The organised crime syndicate consists of criminals (i.e. people who commit crimes) grouped into hierarchies, and connected to each other through networks, organised as such, in order to target victims, to make a profit, to avoid detection, and to escape prosecution.

The parts of the organised crime syndicates that are visible and commonly known, and that you would think constitutes “the entire organised crime hierarchy” (e.g. the “Mafia”), is actually just one hierarchy operating at the bottom, connected to other hierarchies in a network. There is only one single actual strict and disciplined and controlling main hierarchy, and it sits on top of all the organised crime syndicate hierarchies and networks in the world.

The purpose of organised crime syndicates and “mafia bosses” is for fake news and misdirection, to direct attention away from the main hierarchy, where the actual power is situated and where the actual decisions are made. This hierarchy is completely hidden and invisible, completely controlled and known only by a few people who control the world, persons who are ultimately the only ones with any power in this world, the only decision makers who decide what organised crime syndicate hierarchies and networks will be allowed to do and not do.

Harassers and extorters, the police and the courts, are all small-time networking crooks. They are all henchmen. The true decision makers are completely hidden. Organised crime syndicates and mafias have been strategically put in place as red herrings, to hide the actual true leadership of organised crime.


Accepting that you truly are a victim is the first step to recovery. Accepting that it is unfortunate, but that it really is happening to you, that it’s not a movie, it’s real life, that you are not invincible and infallible, but also just human and a mere mortal, and that the harassers are also just humans with a central nervous system like yourself, will help you come to grips and terms with the crime and deal with it rationally and logically.


A lawyer who has “specialised in trials” and has been “trained” to do the actual verbal talking in a court to a judge during a trial. That is all they (are supposed to) do, they are not supposed to be involved in a lawsuit in any other way. An advocate is hired by an attorney, and they take their “instructions” from that attorney, because the attorney is paying the advocate. In reality though, an advocate is much more involved in a case than they should be, because that’s just human nature, but it is a conflict of interest. They should remain unbiased, but they are also paid to perform like circus monkeys, so they coach the attorney’s client to tailor their evidence, and to say and do certain things to make a certain impression on the judge and to cast their opponent in a bad light.

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate has allegedly endured the same treatment, being harassed and wrongfully imprisoned in Romania, Europe, and placed under house arrest, on allegedly fabricated charges of financial crimes and human trafficking crimes.

Mr Tate allegedly coerced, trafficked and enslaved women and girls, and forced them to make TikTok videos for him, from which received a fraudulent income.

Mr Tate denied all the allegations and denied any wrongdoing.

Mr Tate stated that he believes he is being persecuted because of his political views, i.e. because he motivates men to be free-thinking and to behave in a masculine way, and because it is “a test from God”.

I believe Mr Tate is controlled opposition, like Jordan Peterson, Elon Musk and Randy Weaver, a “red herring” that “proves” the organised crime syndicate does not have ultimate control, and I believe he is simply engaging in street theatre, to steer the focus away from the real purpose of the harassment, which is for financial reasons. He is an actor who had to portray a “masculine man” (which he is not), and he was then used as an “example” to “show” men what the inevitable result of non-conformity is, what the government would do to you if you “resist” and were to “think or behave in the way a masculine man does”, and to shift the focus away from the actual, truly innocent people, victims, who are really being harassed – regular everyday people like you and me. Why else would the controlled media, the mainstream media, who are complicit in harassing him, give his harassment so much news coverage? Happenstance and coincidence? No.

Mr Tucker Carlson interviewed Mr Tate multiple times. Why has Mr Carlson not also interviewed Paul Nicholas Miller, also known as “GypsyCrusader”? Mr Miller has also endured harassment at the hands of the organised crime syndicate, having been arrested for his viewpoints, the same happened to him that allegedly also happened to Mr Tate. What both of them advocate, is remarkably similar, i.e. “take control of your life and resist being a slave to authority”. So what’s the difference between them? The difference is, Mr Miller is outspoken against Jews (he is an “anti-Semite”), and Mr Tate is not explicitly anti-Semitic (probably because he is mixed race, so it is “not possible” for him to “be” a “racist” in the “traditional sense”). Basically, Israel is not a “big deal” for Mr Tate, he does not advocate against Jews or Israel, in the same way Mr Miller does. Mr Tate therefore is controlled opposition, at least to some extent, however big or small, and Mr Miller is not at all. Otherwise, Tucker Carlson would have also interviewed Paul Miller, and not just interviewed Andrew Tate.

Hence, Andrew Tate is psy-ops counter-programming for “GypsyCrusader”.

If Mr Tate’s harassment is definitely bona-fide and he is not part of the organised crime syndicate – perhaps he was betrayed by those he made a deal with – then the reason for his harassment would have been for financial reasons, e.g. he was punished for committing tax evasion, and it was to extort money and property from him. It is unlikely that this is the case, because the organised crime syndicate is not deeply concerned about what people’s political views are (they just pretend to be, to hide their crimes, and to use the artifical tension of opposing political views as a means to instill white guilt and profit from it), since they control the media, control all the money, and own all the people on Earth as their slaves. Their power sits in their control of money – controlling opponents’ political views is just a means to an end to control money. They simply do not wish to lose their control, and therefore, they need to keep harassing people, to weaken them financially.

Mr Tate is portrayed by the media as an acceptable anti-hero, for who the narrative in your mind should be that he is “being oppressed by the system”. If you question the narrative, then you question the mainstream media’s portayal of him, which you are not allowed to do, because slaves are not allowed to question their masters. Almost everything about Mr Tate was designed for him to appear to “be on your side”, the “good guy sticking it to the man”, the “underdog” – Mr Tate is just too good to be true. It’s designed to throw you off and confuse you, and distort reality. He is selling you “Orwellian double-think” by, at the same time, being a strong independent masculine man, and at the time, also being deathly afraid of going to prison (and therefore needing to pay legal fees to stay out of prison). In short, Mr Tate is absurd, and therefore he is hiding a crime.

In conclusion, the organised crime syndicate’s purpose for Mr Tate was to establish yet another legal fee extortion racket from which legal practitioners could benefit, by entrapment of “clients” into legal situations, and by representing “clients” in the following way:

  1. Compel men to “make lots of money” (i.e. to believe that money is power);
  2. Compel men to “have and express dissident political viewpoints”;
  3. Cause men to “face harassment, legal action and imprisonment” due to their “viewpoints” for which it is finally necessary to;
  4. “Obtain legal representation and pay legal fees”, and in so doing;
  5. Extort legal fees from regular people.


A lawyer who has been “trained” to do the administration of “litigation”, which is the fancy legal word for “a lawsuit”. It means they do the paperwork, send emails to arrange appointments and dates, deliver documents to and from the court and sheriff, get court stamps from the clerk of the court, prepare evidence bundles, give instructions to the advocate on what to say in court, correspond with other attorneys regarding the case, advise their client on what to say and do, handle the verdict (court order) after trial, handle the taxation of their bill of costs for the trial with the court’s taxing master, do debt collection when the “allocator certificate” for the bill of costs is stamped and received from the taxing master, etc.

Au pairs / babysitters / nannies

Since couples with young children are often targeted as victims, because the couples’ focus is on raising their young children, the organised crime syndicate will ensure that caregivers who are hired to work at a victim’s property, assigned to take care of the victims’ children, will do their babysitting work as tardy and ineptly as possible (because the au pair/babysitter/nanny was bribed to behave this way, unbeknownst to the parents/victims). The victims will not comprehend why the nanny would purposefully neglect their work and do it wrong, even though they had been clearly instructed on what to do, so as to frustrate and pressure the victims into moving away from their property and to give extortion money to the organised crime syndicate.

Bald and old

So what, everyone gets old, it’s life. Guess where Mr Gen Z will be in a few years. Haha, that’s right, grandpa – bald and old. Better get woke fam!

Battle of wills

To win, you just have to endure and stay in the game longer than the harassers. They will give up if you hold on long enough, because they are not harassing you for fun, they are trying to get money from you. It doesn’t make financial sense for them to keep harassing you if they aren’t getting money from you.


Oh boy. Prepare for something to happen on each and every birthday on your calendar, even on the harassers’ own alleged birthdays.

Using psy-ops, they associate “bad feelings” (such as death, legal warnings and harassment) with your birthday dates, to induce negative feelings in you, or feelings that they have some kind of authority which they do not have (i.e. by sending you messages on your mother’s or father’s birthday, to make a connection/association in your mind between the syndicate and someone else who is an authority in your life), to coerce you to pay them extortion money.


The hidden management of the organised crime syndicate uses blackmail against their harasser employees to keep them obedient and in line. Harassers are punished and humiliated when they cost more money than they bring in, by not being successful in harassing you and getting money from you.

Blocking entry to your house

Harassers will stand in front of your gate to block entry into your house. They will drive behind you so that you cannot reverse your car into your garage.

Boundary walls

Shared boundary walls – harasser neighbours (chameleon-camouflaged crypto-neighbours) will tell you that if you look over “their” wall, they will kill you. The harasser neighbour, however and of course, may freely look over “their” wall into YOUR garden to invade your privacy. It’s only YOU who are not allowed to look into “their” garden to “invade” their “privacy”, everyone else on earth can look into your garden and invade your privacy, it’s only you that’s not allowed to “do” it, because, as we all know, harassers are special and more important than anyone else, and they get to assign special privileges and rights to themselves and to others, because they are “above the law”.

Harassers’ children (and the harassers themselves) also constantly and loudly play wall tennis/squash against your shared boundary wall on their side of the wall on “their” property, hitting and bouncing the ball off the wall as hard as they can for maximum noise, because they think you will react to it.

Harassers will throw razor blades over your shared boundary wall where your pets might step in them, or where they can pick them up, so that your pets will cut their mouths open with the razor blades, or so you or your children will step in them and cut your feet, or to damage your lawnmower, etc.

Harassers also go to their side of the wall, creeping around like a rat who doesn’t want to be seen, and while hidden/invisible on their side of the wall, they make a noise by hitting various objects, usually of metal or wood that make a loud sound, drill holes with electric drillers, turn orbital grinders on and off for a few seconds at a time, use shovels and pickaxes to “dig holes”, all when they know you are in an adjacent room in your house within earshot of them, so that you will hear it and know it’s coming from them, but also knowing full well that you cannot prove it’s them, and that you cannot do anything about them making the noise.

The noise will usually just continue for a few seconds, and then the harasser neighbour scurries away to avoid detection of their harassment, before there is enough time for you to confront them.

Harasser neighbours also pretend to “play” with their pets outside, shaking and rattling toys, loudly telling their pets to “Come boy!”, “Come girl!”, as an excuse to make noise, as close as possible between the shared boundary wall and to where you are inside your house. Harasser neighbours also spray water with their garden hoses over your boundary wall, on to your house’s outside walls and windows, to make noise and attract your attention.

If you place a security camera where they do this, to catch them in the act, they will simply accuse you of privacy invasion and of being a pedophile, and then go make noise elsewhere.


Neighbours, police, contractors, gardening services, employers, family, Home Owners Association members, and more, will be bribed by the organised crime syndicate, to work with them against you, to coerce you into giving them money.

They have connections inside banks to access your bank statements and financial information, they have bribed officials in the police and in security companies, they bribe clerks and judges at courts to make files and verdicts (court orders) disappear, they bribe IT employees at universities, within well-known tech and fintech companies, they control the import and export of illegal drugs and weapons, and they have key employees in government in their money pockets.


The organised crime syndicate and the harassers are really just akin to a schoolyard bully. Nothing new under the sun.

Just like how a bully gangs up on you to turn your teachers and friends against you in order to gain some or other unfair advantage over you.

They want you to do their homework, they want the attention you’re getting from your achievements at school, they want schadenfreude, they want what’s inside your lunchbox, they want your lunch money, and whatever else they can get from you.

They want what you have, they don’t like it when you have something that they don’t – which in their minds, is everything you are and that you have.

“Live and let live” is not a thing for bullies. Parasites and leeches who are not worthy of you, and they should have been aborted before birth, or even shortly after birth. But, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. In the grown-up world, they don’t want your homework anymore – they want to steal your actual house! They also want all your money and any other property, and they want to extort you in any way possible.


Harasser neighbours (chameleon-disguised crypto-neighbours) will enter your and your family’s properties when you/they are not at home, and steal various items.

Car tracking device

The organised crime syndicate will have trackers installed in your vehicles while your car is parked outside your work office or outside a shopping mall, to track your movements, and to send harassers to follow you, do surveillance on you, and loiter around you.

Character assassination

Related to “strawman arguments”, “defamation”, “fearmongering” and “blackmail”, this is one of the first tactics of the organised crime syndicate, to try to extort large sums of money out of you. Most people will just pay, rather than having to defend their good name and dignity. And that is exactly what the harassers bet on – that you will be bullied into submission and be too afraid to stand up to them, too afraid to stand up for yourself, to have to face them head on, and that the pressure will make you buckle and crack under it, and give in and pay them, to get rid of them.

Character assassination will play out in the courtroom, in affidavits and false police reports, on public Whatsapp messages, on social media, messages to your family, friends and work colleagues, and with harassers gathering outside your house to slander you.

Child abuse

Criminal cases of child abuse will be opened against you. Social workers will be sent to your home, you will be told that neighbours are afraid your children may be in danger of sexual abuse, and your children will be inspected for pubic lice and signs of molestation, which there obviously won’t be.

Child smuggling/trafficking tunnels of New York, 2024

The reason the media “exposed” the fake news of the “child smuggling/trafficking tunnels” in Brooklyn, New York, in 2024, was to artificially decrease the property values in the surrounding area (because who wants to live near pedophiles, right?), to then buy those properties up for cheap, “destroy the tunnels underneath them”, and then sell the properties at high prices again, thus making a huge profit.

In essence, the New York tunnels of 2024 were a psy-ops marketing strategy for real estate harassment and house theft, as well as distracting the general population’s attention from making connections regarding other ongoing matters.

As always, they blame “youth” for their fraudulent crime. So the tunnels were dug by “young” Jewish men, so it were “young people” who were at fault, so, obviously, they were just being “young” and “care-free” – so “young” and “child-like”, in fact, that you could not possibly blame those “young people” for any criminal or even nefarious activity, such as digging child trafficking tunnels and molesting children, because those “young people” who did it are are “young” and “stupid”, so they clearly are not yet “fully mentally developed”, and they thus have “limited criminal culpability” (that’s the schpiel) – and so, the organised crime syndicate, once again, tried to get away with hiding the truth of house theft and real estate harassment, by blame-shifting and misdirecting it on to “young people” and thus play (prey) on the public’s and legal system’s sympathy and pity for “young people”.

In summary, if you blame a crime on a blameless or unblameable person, then you can get away clean with the crime, since the guilty (read: innocent/blameless) party cannot/won’t be found legally guilty, and hence, any crime can be committed and nobody will ever be guilty thereof, and so the actual guilty party gets away with it.


Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, children are anchored/blamed/scapegoated in the victim’s psyche as always being the main root cause, and only cause, of hostility and tension, as opposed to the organised crime syndicate secretly planning and executing a crime, to shift the focus away from themselves to “innocent children and their childish actions” (legally defensible actions committed by children), to simultaneously hide the crime, and to use the children as soldiers in their operation.

So – the idea is constantly instilled and reinforced in victims, that children, and only children, are the culprits. Victims receive a constant, non-stop barrage of propaganda and misinformation (gaslighting) that “children are being naughty in the streets” to convince victims that “it is just children”, that “the children” are the culprits and that “the children” are just being naughty, i.e. that there is no bigger plan, no sinister, criminal motive behind the actions of “the children”, in order to hide the fact that criminal thieves are busy harassing you out of your home so that they can take ownership of it.

The propaganda is along the lines of “children were seen being naughty, and five men were arrested for an attempted robbery”, linking those events together, and instilling the idea that the only crimes being committed, are by children and low-level opportunistic criminals, and thus that no high-level organised crime syndicate is involved.

Children are bribed with food and gifts to loiter around your home, make noise outside your windows and climb over your walls into your yard.

Children are told to go around to your house to collect donations for school competitions and events. When you don’t give money to the child, their mother, who is your harasser neighbour (chameleon-disguised crypto-neighbour), will then send you Whatsapp messages to try to guilt-trip you into giving money to her child. Think about it – if the child having donation money was of such utterly extreme and vital importance, then why wouldn’t she just give some of her own money to her child herself, to alleviate the “massive problem”? Why exactly does it need to be YOUR money that needs to be given to her child, why could it somehow not be possible for her to give her own money to her own child? Why on earth is only your money acceptable as a donation to her child? Because… drumroll please… extortion!

Children are told to look afraid of you and spread rumors that you are aggressive and dangerous to them.

Children are told to provoke your dogs and throw rocks and stones at them.

Children are told to play in front of your house and scream and make noises, so that you will record them, so that the organised crime syndicate can accuse you of recording children, so they can have you arrested for recording children.

Children are told to run amok around your house and pester the living bejesus out of you, show their middle finger to you, skateboard up and down your driveway, and act like retarded clowns, all in broad daylight and in plain sight. If you record them with your cellphone, they just record you, recording them, with their cellphones, and their “video evidence” is given to police to arrest you because you “recorded children”. Thus, they believe they are above the law because they are “children”, and “children” have “special rights and privileges” under law that need to be protected… or so these juvenile delinquents, ragamuffins, mini-gangsters and little aspiring harassers, thieves and criminals are led to believe.

The harasser children believe they are invincible, safe from harm, and can do whatever the hell they want, because in their “Stanford Prison Experiment” minds, the organised crime syndicate will protect them, so they can get away with proverbial murder.

When you do tell the children to go away, the rumors will start flying that you are an aggressive pedophile (if you are male) or a groomer (if you are female) because you spoke “harshly” to a child.

Also see “Protection money” on how children are used to collect the actual extorted protection money from victims, in order to launder the extorted money to the criminal syndicate.

It is likely that the children used by the organised crime syndicate are orphans, and the adult harassers were also orphans when they themselves were children, and in that way, harassers are groomed, as children, to become adult criminals in the organised crime syndicate.

Civil cases

A barrage of related civil matters will be made against you to pressure you to give in to their demands and thus to extort money out of you.


The person against whom you have a protection order, who publicly said that they caught you filming their child (Luke Johnson) in a towel, whose “wife” and colleagues initiated frivolous/vexatious legal matters against you, who said he will kill you and your wife, who confiscated your firearms, who had you arrested, and who fabricated protection orders, verdicts (court orders), taxation bill of costs, and  taxation “allocator certificates” against you – will stalk and time you and your car’s arrival at your security estate’s entrance gate, when you return from a family gathering, so they can pretend to leave at the same time as you arrive, to hoot their car horn at you and wave at you to draw your attention to them, as if you are friends with them, even though you have protection orders against each other.

Mr Tyrone Johnson (19 Kleinbron Avenue, Kleinbron Estate, Cape Town) did the above to me on 14 December 2023 at the Sheba Gate entrance, with my children in the car. The security camera footage can confirm it. This was again, such a small, insignificant thing on its own, just one of many thousands of harassment incidents that have occurred on a daily basis since 2019. The thing is, it isn’t the harassment or the incident itself – that is nothing. It is the planning, execution, and reason behind it. The eternal, ceaseless persistence and methodology behind it. The hidden nature of the connection between the reason, planning and execution of the harassment, points toward it being of Kabbalistic origin. Kaballah is not supernatural. On the contrary. Kaballah means “Receiving”, as in, “Taking what was given to me”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that it is just mental gymnastics and semantics for theft and fraud. It is a set of practical, logical, established processes, generally in the form of legal arguments to subvert established law, that guides someone to attain one or more goals, through various hidden legal maneuvers and actions, disguised as indecipherable occult magic, to hide its purpose, exactly like real estate harassment which obscures itself as a dispute between neighbours. In this case, it is to coerce a homeowner to move away, in order to commit and hide the crime of illegally obtaining their house, i.e. to steal a house and get away with it.

Mr Tyrone Johnson and I obtained protection orders against each other on 7 February 2023, prohibiting any contact for 5 years. Mr Tyrone Johnson and the management of the security estate in which we live, Kleinbron Estate, have zero regard for the law, because they are criminals, and taken to the logical extreme, they must believe they are God, that they are above the natural order, they believe they are superior to the Almighty Creator of the Universe (the Big Bang, whatever caused the Big Bang, who knows, but whatever it is, they believe they are superior to it – they are not, it’s not psychopathy per se, it’s just chutzpah, the Dunning-Kruger effect), and it is their job to harass me out of my house. The SJC Security guard was even just looking on, slightly worried but not unsure, most likely he was just told to keep quiet or else he would lose his job.

Kaballah explains the racial disregard for Roman law, which is ultimately the law as we all know it. Just like proponents of Roman law totally despise Kaballah, so too do proponents of Kaballah totally despise Roman law, thus explaining the criminals’ zero regard for the law. The Roman empire destroyed the temple, and then the Roman empire itself was destroyed. Get it? Ask: why did the Roman empire destroy the temple? Because, the temple was against the (Roman) law, i.e. the temple was criminal, crimes according to Roman law were being conducted in the temple, and hence, it was destroyed. Why would you have any regard for the law of someone whose ancestors destroyed your temple or your empire? You wouldn’t, and you don’t. And if you say, “well, it happened long ago in history, so therefore it’s not relevant anymore”. Reality check: Get real. Problems don’t simply go away because time moved on. In fact, problems get worse as time moves on (due to universal entropy).

Basically, Kaballah is “Subversion” and that is its main principle, as in “oppose everything”, as in “oppose everything in Roman law”, as in “Roman law says there must be an end to litigation”, so, by the main principle of Kaballah therefore, “there must not be an end to litigation”, since everything must be opposed. Therefore, the way to “do” Kaballah is through chutzpah, i.e. to oppose everything, for that is the way to control everything. And to oppose Kaballah itself: priceless. If there is a God and/or the universe infinitely repeats itself, which option would be more worthy – to do Kaballah or to oppose it?

Jewish “law”, Rabbinical “law”, practised in “Rabbinical courts”, does not concern itself for the law of the land, the law you and I have to adhere to. Jews are not required to obey those laws, because it’s not Jewish law. Only Jewish law exists for them, so Roman law or American law or any other law, is irrelevant for them, it’s nothing, absolutely nothing, it’s meaningless to them. Any other law besides Jewish law is beneath them and inferior to them. It’s irrelevant if a law says murder or theft is illegal. If murder or theft is legal in Jewish law, then it’s legal, end of story, end of discussion, it doesn’t matter what anyone or anything else has to say about it. It’s irrelevant. Jewish law is God’s law, if you are in opposition to Jewish law, you are in opposition to God, and if something is in opposition to God, it is obviously irrelevant and wrong, right?

Criminals need to make money, just like you and I do, so they need to harass victims to get money, and thus the level of degeneracy of the organised crime syndicate knows no bounds.

Clients for life

A law firm is nothing special. It’s just a business like any other, with employees, bosses, income, expenses, office politics, and cut-throat directors who expect profits. As with any enterprise, it’s all about the money, and the constant  concern is the bottom line and streamlining their operations to make themselves more profitable.

To this aim, law firms insert and wedge themselves in as “middle men” and “heralds of arcane knowledge” between the parties on opposite ends of a lawsuit, and they profit from the ensuing legal battle. They pretend to have specialised legal knowledge that only they are privy to, to convince you to pay them. Paralegals/lawyers/attorneys/advocates don’t have any specialised legal knowledge. It’s just a marketing ploy – law firms just care about their own survival. They need lawsuits in order to survive, and their strategy is to promise you the world, but all they are really doing is creating animosity and conflict between parties, to survive (and enrich!) themselves.

Some (most) lawyers are war-mongering, soul-less parasites and leeches that fan the fire flames of conflict, blow the horns of war, and feed off the bloody conflict and carcasses of their clients and victims.

The parties are of course all human, and are motivated by greed, and paralegals/lawyers/attorneys/advocates capitalise on this, and abuse this aspect of human nature to their own advantage. They sell lawsuits to greedy clients with the implied promise of massive gains, and so they lure their unsuspecting clients/victims in. In the end, the parties all walk away empty-handed, owing a lot of money to the law firms, with the only winner being the paralegal/lawyer/attorney/advocate, causing the client to be a client (slave) to the law firm for life.


Harassers say and do subtle things to get you to give them extortion money.

Conscious decision / dolus eventualis

If you ask the harassers to stop harassing you, but they continue to do so, it means, deep down, they know what they are doing is wrong and illegal. They don’t think deep down that what they’re doing is right/moral/ethical/justified, otherwise they would just stop harassing you when you ask them to stop, as you would do if someone asks you to stop doing something.

The reason for the above is simple: If someone asks you to stop doing something wrong and you keep doing it, it means you are aware that it’s wrong, but you still consciously choose to keep doing it, despite knowing that it’s wrong. So, right there, is the intent of the harassers and organised crime syndicate to do wrong, because they can distinguish and appreciate right from wrong, but they still choose to do wrong, despite knowing that it’s wrong.

The harassers know what they are doing is wrong, and they consciously and freely make the choice to be criminals.

That means, they are afraid of getting caught and going to jail, because they know what they are doing is wrong. You can’t do wrong and not be afraid. The harassers’ central nervous systems and “fight or flight” responses won’t allow them to. They know they are wrong. You are not in a strong position when are you at odds with the law, and not even an almighty and all-powerful organised crime syndicate is immune to that fact.

Conspiracy theory

“Conspiracy theory” is a way to shut down and cancel criticism, by criticising the criticism, by it (“it” being an insulting label, a negative epithet/connotation) that the organised crime syndicate attaches to concepts, incidents, worldviews, etc. to discourage the general public and legal system from taking it seriously and to discourage serious investigation into its merits.

To say the words “conspiracy theory” is an attempt at blame-shifting and misdirection by giving a strawman argument. It creates a scary boogie man to control people’s fears. It’s like saying “racist”, “patriarchy”, “feminist”, “privilege”, “climate change”, “transphobia”, “pedophile”, “communist”, “conspiracy theorist”, “politically correct”, “politically incorrect”, “non-vegan”, “anti-abortion”, “pro-life”, “neo-Nazi”, “far-left”, “far-right”, “anti-semitic”, “pro-semitic”, “supremacist”, “colonist”, “discrimination”, “homophobic”, “cultural appropriation”, “diversity”, “multicultural”, “woke”, “hate speech”, “bigot”, “body positivity”, “anti-christ”, “nationalist”, “mansplaining”, “equality”, “social construct” or “male fragility”. By attaching an insulting label to something, you make it taboo, and therefore, by default, it becomes untrue, because it “would be morally invalid and reprehensible” for it to be true.

So, say you have a piece of information called X. X is True, and (Not X) is False. X can be anything, a piece of evidence, a feeling about something, a discovery, an experience, it can be anything.

To make X false, to make it untrue and turn it into a “lie”, here is what you do: You say that X is not just itself, it is not just X. You say that X is actually X and Y.

Now, to make Y true, is very simple. You just say that Y is: “X is a conspiracy theory and thus X is false”.

Thus, Y = (Not X).

So now, because X = (X and Y), which means X = (X and Not X), it becomes X = False.

And thus, X is false, by conjugation with Y, which is false.

It is a logical fallacy, but the problem is that people often cannot distinguish between X and Y because things are not always so clear cut and simple to reduce/isolate/categorise/quantify/symbolise into variables. But the organised crime syndicate does quantify things, and they do their little X = (X and Y) trick, and so people get fooled/brainwashed/shamed into believing that the truth is a conspiracy theory.

Simply let facts speak for themselves without emotion or dogma, and consider everything with a sober mind, then the artificial bonds between X and Y will disintegrate, and X and Y will be separate again, and the truth will be set free and become clear.

Contacting family to spread rumors

Harassers will contact your family, pretending to be the police and social services, asking personal questions about your background and insinuating that you have sexually-deviant inclinations. This is to make you feel uncomfortable and off-balance, and to make themselves appear to have authority, so that you will give them extortion money, because you will think it will make the feelings of unhappiness and discomfort go away when you do, but it will just make them worse.


The organised crime syndicate rely on fear to control everyone. When people are not afraid, the syndicate has no power.

Do not be afraid. You have all the power.

Controlled opposition

The ultimate strategy of betrayal.

If you are sued and you appoint an attorney, your attorney informs the plaintiff’s attorney that they are representing you (the defendant). The two attorneys then do “dark law” and your attorney sabotages your case to ensure the court will not find in your favour.

Your attorney sets it up so that it appears in writing as though you had instructed  them (them being your attorney) to take certain actions. However, your attorney would have verbally guided you in that direction, without written proof, as they will have ensured from the start that there is no evidence that they did so.


Couples are often targeted for harassment, since they have more money pooled together.


The court is a circus theatre, a depersonalised charade, a place with  imposing bricks and mortar on the outside, yet the most brittle and unstable feelings on the inside which can be instantly and deeply hurt by you at the drop of a hat/word, and for which you need to be constantly in danger of being arrested and put in contempt for hurting that poor strong court’s feelings. Nothing that happens at court is real, people at the court (the “public”, “criminals”, “plaintiffs”, “defendants”, “attorneys”, “advocates”, “clerks”, “judges”, “magistrates”, “policemen”, “jury”) are all hand-picked, aliased or nameless mask-wearing puppets, actors playing a part. It is just a street theatre show that runs along a screenplay, designed to gaslight victims and achieve certain psy-ops goals by implanting ideas into victims’ minds. The pattern of ideas to be implanted into your mind by the street theatre is as follows:

  • Create panic
  • Decrease trust in own intuition
  • Realise own disadvantage
  • Realise extorter’s advantage
  • Surrender the battle
  • Settle with the organised crime syndicate

Covert threats to family

When harassers think you are on to them, trying to catch them out, or they think you are going to expose them, they will fall back upon good old threats to your family/parents/siblings, to get you to stop inquiring into the harassers’ backgrounds, so that they can keep harassing you and try to extort money from you.

Creative solutions

This is jargon for the abundance of sleazy lawyer tricks that a law firm will use on you to try and pressure and coerce you into settling a lawsuit with them.

One of the most often-used tricks is to stir conflict between a party and their significant other, to try to cause unnecessary stress in a party, so that the party will settle the matter they are involved in, instead of continuing with the matter, and to eventually coerce the party to sell their house to physically escape the matter.


A usurped government racket run by a government that has stirred up racial conflict, causing homeowners to move into security estates for fear of their lives. CSOS in reality controls the management of all security estates in the country through each estate’s Home Owners Association (HOA) in order to extort levy money from homeowners, and launder money from other rackets and operations, via homeowners, into the organised crime syndicate’s bank accounts.

CSOS also creates fake judgements/verdicts/rulings/adjudications to pressure homeowners into paying levy money and doing what the organised crime syndicate tells them to do.

A CSOS “verdict” (CSOS calls it an “adjudication”) is not legally valid, because it is not a “court order”. A warrant of execution cannot be granted based on it. Only a judgement made by a “real” judge in a small claims court, magistrates court, high court, supreme court or constitutional court, is legally valid, and can be enforced by a sheriff.

Dark Law

When two opposing clients/parties in a matter each have their own attorney, those attorneys are actually on their own side against those parties, and they are, quite frankly, on very friendly terms with each other, since they are simultaneously getting paid to “represent” their clients. And who doesn’t like getting paid, right? So they will talk to each other “off the record” and actually decide who will win and lose, way before the matter ever even gets to court. This is called Dark Law, and this is why you can never trust a lawyer (or a paralegal, or an attorney, or an advocate). They will pretend to be on your side, to gain your trust and to keep you paying them, but they already stabbed you in the back from day one.

As mentioned, the plaintiff and defendant’s attorneys decide at the beginning whether it will be the plaintiff or the defendant who will win the case, depending on which one will bring in the most money for them.

When you start getting involved in legal action with the organised crime syndicate and with the harassers, they will tell you multiple times that you need to get a lawyer (or an attorney, etc.). Comments like “you think you’re a lawyer”, “there’s a huge legal bill coming”, “we will apply for a cost order for your unnecessary emails”, etc. They say all of this to you, not because you need a paralegal/lawyer/attorney/advocate, but rather very much on the contrary, it’s because they need it, so that they can work with your lawyer/attorney against you and ensure that your lawyer/attorney charges you a lot of money (i.e. extorts you on behalf of the organised crime syndicate) and messes up your case, so that they can share in the profits.

Death threats

“I will kill you”, “I have two black guys watching you”, “I have connections to the FBI/CIA/Hawks/Interpol/EFF/political party” etc., these are all lines harassers use to make you think your life is in danger, so that you will pay them extortion money.


Everyone involved in the organised crime syndicate deserves to be decapitated, and their heads impaled on pikes in your front yard.

They have no qualms or scruples to destroy your life. So does that mean, they are allowed to destroy your life, but you are not allowed to destroy their lives, because they have more rights than you? Who decided that?

The headless corpses and internal organs should be fed to animals and the money and property they stole, returned to their rightful owners.

Also, remember that children are not stupid. They know what they are doing. Children who take part in organised crime should be crucified upside down, their heads decapitated, most of their blood drained to flow down the street (some blood may be saved for drinking) and have their limp little corpses ritually butchered and sacrificed as an offering to Lucifer. The flesh should then be eaten, and whatever remains of the carcasses are left over, should be dumped in a field and ejaculated and urinated on, for animals to finish off.

Surely, that is what you deserve, so surely, that is what they deserve.


Harassers will accuse you of sexual deviancy in public, especially on social media, which will activate a barrage of fake social justice warrior accounts to make you think you committed some or other heinous crime. They do this to make you think that, if you pay them extortion money, the accusations will be withdrawn. They won’t.

When you have been defamed, follow this process:

  • Send the harasser a letter of demand
  • Send the harasser a summons
  • Arrange a pre-trial
  • Arrange a trial
  • Do not call any witnesses to the trial, they will be turned against you
  • Request actual evidence from the accuser in the trial. Their evidence will be verbal only, and of a “he said she said” nature, without any actual evidence, since no evidence exists. You can rely on the principle of “he who alleges must prove”, and if someone that makes a defamatory claim can only “speculatively prove” what they are saying without any actual evidence, then you will win the case (even if they fabricate a verdict that shows you lost the case), and restore your good name.
  • Testimony, affidavits and allegations against you will all be, in legal terms, of a “hearsay”, “same facts” and “previous consistent statements” nature, which are inadmissible under the law of evidence, as it is not real or direct evidence, or even circumstantial evidence. It is slander and defamation dollied up and disguised as evidence, which therefore, legally speaking, is not evidence, so you thus don’t have a bad character and you are not a criminal because of it, a there anyway never could have been admissible evidence that you filmed children or that you are a pedophile, since that evidence does not exist and therefore had to have been fabricated, for there to be anything like that in existence at all in the first place, to construe as evidence of the false allegations against you.
  • The organised crime syndicate will bribe the clerk of the court or even the judge to hide your true verdict (court order), and replace it with a fabricated verdict, but you will have achieved the purpose of going through the process of taking legal action against them, to restore your good name.
  • A fake verdict that indicates you lost the case, and a fake cost order for legal fees, will be sent to you some time after the trial, perhaps after many months and years, by the organised crime syndicate. Ignore all of it. Don’t pay them a cent. Don’t settle with them. Don’t negotiate with them. Don’t buckle under the pressure. If you pay them, your harassment will just get worse and worse again, because they will then finally have found a way to finally extort you. It will not help to hire an attorney to tell you whether their fabricated documents are real or fake. It’s fake. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or a lawyer to know that. Just common sense.
  • Even if they do manage to “legally” attach to your property, assets and bank accounts – just let it go. It was never worth it, especially if they were able to take it that easily. Don’t fight it. Let them blacklist you, let them take all you have. Let them call you a Dick. Let them vandalise you. Let them attach to all your personal sentimentally-important possessions and sell it at auction as junk. It’s all earthly possessions, and you will make a plan. You will live. You will carry on. Life will go on. The legacy you leave to your descendants does not have to have monetary value. You will be stronger, and these criminals will always be scum from hell, and you will have proof of that.


The organised crime syndicate and harassers dehumanise their victims to justify their crimes as not being crimes, since the victim is “bad” and not even “human”, and the victim “deserves it”, therefore it is OK for them to destroy and ruin the victim’s life.

Dehumanising someone is a psy-ops strategy.


Demoralisation is performed upon members of a society in order to control them, by destroying the fabric of society – the basic foundation of security, trust, culture, genetics and future hope in that society.

For example, through harassment, war, crime, cruelty, the threat of wrongful arrest and imprisonment, being sued, laws encroaching on our lives, legal delay tactics, false accusations and insults, deterioration of public areas (i.e. road potholes, dangerous parks), inflation, de-economisation, destruction of the farming community and middle class, closure of industry, unemployment, not receiving basic municipal services, corruption, theft and bribery by government officials, useless police, unsafe streets, and a general feeling of it being unsafe and futile to be alive – through such actions, the organised crime syndicate demoralises victims.

The purpose of the above is to cause despair, mental fatigue and paralysis, and a fear of movement and a fear to act entrepreneurially, causing hope for the future to be lost, thus controlling the population in the society through hopelessness and the fear of death, since the organised crime syndicate stays in control as it does not demoralise itself by its own actions.

Detention without charge

The organised crime syndicate will create fake charges to have you arrested. Your fingerprints will be taken and you will be booked, everything will appear legal, but you will not be informed what your “crime” was, and the docket will disappear, thus eliminating their records that you were unlawfully detained.

It is important that you get and keep the detainment slip they give you. That slip, along with video evidence of the arrest, is what you will have to prove that you were unlawfully detained.

Do not admit or confess to anything, do not say anything for that matter, except, do say fuck you a lot, even if the interrogators say you are being filmed and that it will damage the perception and value judgement that people will make of you (hint: it won’t). Doing this will save you time and make the unnecessary interrogation end quicker. Anything you say is simply irrelevant, since nothing happened, your arrest is based on fake charges. How are you supposed to know what the fake charges are and what you didn’t do? They don’t have to tell you what you “did”, and you don’t have to confess to what you “did”, since, well, you don’t know what you “did”, so how are you supposed to confess to “it”. The person interrogating you doesn’t care about you, and in any event, they have been bribed to pretend that you committed a crime, knowing full well that you didn’t. So, don’t co-operate when they are trying to frame you for anything. Just follow the essential process of providing your name, but provide no statement beyond that, and do not give them any information about yourself. The information will simply be fed back to the organised crime syndicate.

You will spend the night in a police jail cell, and you will be taken to court the next day. Right before you are to appear to plead (i.e. guilt or not guilty) in front of a judge in a courtroom at court, your charges will be dropped/withdrawn, you will be released from custody, and the police docket will disappear, to hide the evidence of your unlawful arrest. This will be done over and over and over, to try to scare and irritate you into submission and to pay them extortion money and to settle any legal disputes you are involved in.


Don’t accept unsolicited deliveries for orders you didn’t make. The delivery will most likely contain something to implicate you in a sexual crime, such as girls’ underwear. They will film you opening the package and taking out the girls’ underwear, and then they have evidence of you stealing girls’ underwear, thus making you a pedophile.

Dies non

The South African courts are allegedly closed each year from 16 December, to 15 January the next year.

This new year holiday period is said to be “dies non”, which is Latin for “blank day”.

Any day that a court is not open, such as on a public holiday, is called “dies non”.

The organised crime syndicate will use the fact that this December-January “dies non rule/period” exists, as a way to try to convince you that they therefore do not control the courts, since by referring to the existence of “dies non” and it “therefore” being out of their control, they can imply and “prove” that they thereby do not control the courts, since if they did control the courts, “dies non” would obviously not be a hindrance to them (because, why would you, in your right mind, create a hindrance for yourself, and if you did create a hindrance for yourself, you could reasonably and presumably just simply remove the hindrance for yourself), and since it thus “is” a hindrance to them that they “cannot remove and have no control over”, they thereby “prove” that they “definitely” do not control the courts.

“Dies non” is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming excuse to pretend that organised crime does not have the courts (and the police and the government and the state and everything else) in their pockets.

No no, I hear you say, that MUST be a conspiracy theory, clearly only a completely deluded, insane, mental, crazy, schizophrenic, twisted, psychopathic mind which has lost all touch with reality, a madman whose parents had failed dismally in their upbringing roles and who most likely molested and abandoned the person at birth, a person who derives sexual pleasure from murdering and torturing others and disposing of their bodies, could dream up such a crazy and impossible scenario, to say that the courts are controlled by organised crime. There is absolutely, absolutely no possible way that it could ever be possible, how could it be?

Can’t argue with the facts and logic though. Well, you can try.

Dirty looks, blank stares and tailgating

Be ready for a barrage of daily dirty looks and soulless blank stares (i.e. “if looks could kill” gazes and facial expressions) coming your way, all the way from next-door neighbours, right down to complete strangers, as soon as you leave your house, coming from all around you, from everyone on the street, including “pretending to be surprised and worried glances” from random harassers driving past your house (they are doing stalking drive-bys), from your harasser neighbours (chameleon-disguised crypto-neighbours) in gardens right next-door to you, to seemingly complete and total strangers in random places, for absolutely no reason other than to try to force you to feel guilty for nothing (i.e. mind games), to get you to move away from your house!

When you return to your house in your car – be ready for someone waiting you in and tailgating your car as soon as you arrive, and pretending to leave or arrive at the same time as you!


Dogs are not an effective security measure against the organised crime syndicate.

Harassers will simply come into your yard when you’re away from home, to give food to your dogs and befriend them, even if your dogs are extremely vicious rottweilers that will rip their heads off and eat their entrails/intestines.

Harassers will make sure your dogs are pacified and become ineffective for your security, and that they do not alarm you in the case of actual danger or a real security threat.

Furthermore, harassers will simply provoke your dogs to make them bark for no apparent reason, in order to file noise complaints against you, to coerce the police to come to your house to investigate you and your dogs.

Late at night under the cover of darkness, harasser neighbours (chameleon-disguised crypto-neighbours) go out on to your front lawn, then cough and spit as a “legally-valid and perfectly-innocent excuse” to make noise (allowed because it’s a public area) which “just so happens to also accidentally” provoke your dogs and elicit a reaction from you, by making your dogs run around and bark at the “danger”, and waking you up and alerting you, all done as a “prank”/”practical joke” to irritate you, so that you will eventually get fed up and abandon your house and move away. Nothing about this behaviour/encounter/event/incident/aggression is normal or accidental or coincidental. Every action and movement is planned and executed methodically and strategically, in line with Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The more a security estate is advertised as secure, the more such “security” incidents as mentioned occur, to anchor and chain events, and to induce cognitive dissonance within you.

If you have been outside in your garden, doing maintenance, cutting grass, pulling weeds out, etc., harassers will then afterwards come into your garden, at night when you are asleep or when you are away from home, and move your dog houses around, in order for you to discover that harassers have been in your garden without your knowledge and moved your property around. The purpose of moving the dog houses (and other property) around is to cause conflict within the victims’ household, to make victims “blame” each other for being “at fault” and make victims think they themselves are the “cause” of the harassers coming in to the victims’ garden and moving items around, so that the victims will move away from the house in order to resolve the conflict. This routine is gaslighting to make victims think they are somehow responsible for criminal harassers who trespass on their property.

Drug smuggling and money laundering

The harassers are initially funded by “dirty money” (venture capital to seed operations) from drug smuggling proceeds and foreign investments that originate from all over the world and managed by investment banks.

Funds from international organised crime syndicates are funneled into other countries as “overseas investments” by investment banks, where the funds in the new country are used to set up harassment and extortion rackets using the “dirty money” to begin the operation, in order to start turning a profit on the dirty money used as capital.

The harassment and extortion then starts to generate/convert “clean money” out of the “dirty money”, which is then laundered back as “profit” and “investment dividends” to the countries where the “dirty money” came from, and in this way “overseas investors” can launder their money and make a profit at the same time, thanks to yours truly, the harassment victims.

Element of surprise

Your harassers will definitely not tell you when or what they plan to do to you next. Therefore you need to expect the unexpected, and never react.

Practice stoicism. Look beyond the here and now, look to the future, fill yourself with the sense of wonder of life’s interesting mysteries. Expect traps, but do not bother yourself when the traps are sprung.

Harassers are boring and predictable, and their only purpose in life is to try to irritate you so that you will give them money.

There is more to life than to be irritated into giving your money away.


The organised crime syndicate will provoke you into doing things that they can construe as proof that you have broken the law. Do not react to anything they do. It is simply a waste of time to react to them. The reason they try to provoke you and entrap you into a crime, is to irritate you and waste your time, and get you to think they will stop when you pay extortion money to them. They won’t stop, it will just become worse. They will go away eventually when they have tried everything and you don’t give in, since they can’t go on harassing you forever for nothing. It’s lost opportunity for them where they could have harassed someone else with more opportunity to score extortion money.

Escape / Getaway

The harassment will end just as abruptly as it started. The organised crime syndicate already made their escape plan long before the harassment against you even started. You’re just victim #12345, the next victim is #12346. The harassers feel they are in control, and therefore they feel confident enough to do what they do, because they think they are invincible and can get away with it, they believe they are above the law, that they can evade the law and the legal system, and they feel a fake sense of security that they cannot be caught by police because they are “smarter” than the police or that the police have been bribed enough to look the other way.

Even if you win, you lose

The organised crime syndicate will forge the final verdict/judgement to be in their favour, even when you have clearly won a legal matter. This is a simple psy-ops trick to demoralise you and make them appear more powerful than they are. The organised crime syndicate and the harassers are insignificant termites and lice.

If you just plainly lost a legal battle, why would they need to forge a verdict for it?

Why would they need to forge a verdict in their favour if they could just defeat you fairly?

Because: they cannot defeat you.

Consider it the other way around – it’s not pointless for you, because you will not win. It’s pointless for them, because they will not win. Even if they win, they lose. You may not win, but you will not lose. Neither will they. Nobody will win, and nobody will lose. Pyrrhic victories all around.

Everything happens for a reason

There are no accidents or coincidences. Every “accident” has a perfectly logical explanation for why it happened.

Every motor vehicle “accident”, airplane crash, volcanic eruption, earthquake, cancer, infidelity by your partner, thunderstorm, hurricane, monsoon, stock market crash, crime, act of harassment, birth of a child, every word of scripture allegedly handed down from God, every tree, every ant, every speck of dust, every atom, can be perfectly explained.

Most things that happen in life are planned, or can be predicted. They just appear random because you don’t know what the reason is, who planned it or how to predict it.

“Reason” doesn’t mean there is a higher power that controls fate and destiny, but who keeps the “real reason” for why things happen, a secret in all their majesty.

“Reason” means we live in a universe of cause and effect. When you see an “effect”, it means there was a “cause”.

Every effect has a cause. There are no effects without causes, and no causes without effects. If there was an effect, it means there was a logical and identifiable reason and cause for the effect.

To deny this or to say otherwise, is to say that God did not care enough to create a logical universe.

Even in self-reflection as I write this, and as you read this – there is a reason for this too, for why I write this, and why I am writing about writing this. And there is a reason why you are reading this, too. There is a reason for everything.


The organised crime syndicate exploits people who are in vulnerable situations.

Children, anyone trapped in debt, the elderly, the poor, the hungry, the unsuspecting, single mothers, single fathers, prostitutes, pedophiles, the drug-addicted, the mentally-incapacitated, the disabled, trade union workers, gang members, God-fearing church-going people, regular people without legal knowledge, the impoverished, the under-privileged, the over-privileged, the previously-disadvantaged, the previously-advantaged, illegal immigrants from third-world countries, the list is endless. Anyone who can be threatened and manipulated into giving them money or to make money for them.

Whether you are Prince Harry, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Jesus, Satan or just a regular joe on the street, you are fair game to be exploited for money by the mechanisms of harassment and its comrades.

The schpiel is always for the organised crime syndicate to portray themselves as the saviour of the underdog, the defender of the disenfranchised, the warrior for social justice, and in so doing, they “steal from the rich and do not give to the poor”.

Ultimately, the organised crime syndicate is a parasite that wants to enslave the entire human race. Do they fear life and love death? Is their only reason for existence to cause suffering to others? Whatever it may be, it is a cult, and all cults are pyramid schemes that eventually come crashing down in the end, whose temporary purpose was to enrich the upper echelons at the expense of those beneath them. When the shit hits the fan and it comes crashing down, those at the top silently escape away on their jet planes and yachts and leave the mess to those below them.


Your harassers will try to convince you that you will be happier if you pay them extortion money.

If it really was so that making someone else happy would also make you happy, then would it not also have made sense for your harassers to stop harassing you, which would make you happy, and so they would also be happy for making you happy?

They are happy when you are sad. They are unhappy when you are happy.

This proves that, making them happy, will not make you happy. Making them sad, will make you happy. So, they are trying to convince you of a logical fallacy.

The fact that the harassers do not stop harassing you (and thus make all of you happy), proves that making someone else happy will not make you happy. In fact, making someone else sad will make you happy, in this situation.

Therefore, make yourself happy by making the harassers sad, by not paying them extortion money.

If you pay them extortion money and you make them happy, then you will be unhappy.

So make yourself happy, and make them sad. Never pay extortion money.

Facial expressions and body language

Much of the communication between the organised crime syndicate and yourself will be through non-verbal facial expressions and body language.

Facial expressions and body language are used to hide the crime of harassment, since it cannot be used as “proof”, like verbal and written evidence can be used, and the right facial expression and body language at the right time can convey very strong emotions to the victim.

Lifting eyebrows, making eyes bigger, eye rolling, looking the other way, head shaking disapprovingly, looking away from you while they are talking, looking down at you ominously/angrily, smiling out of place, shrugging their shoulders, staring in a direction to attract your attention somewhere, ganging up around you in a group to glare intimidatingly, the list goes on.

The facial expressions are all pre-planned to convey certain Neuro-Linguistic Programming concepts to you, to implant specific ideas into you, and to misdirect and guide your focus to where the organised crime syndicate wants it to be.

Everyone, from judges in court, to policemen, to low-level harassers on the street, will utilise the strategy of facial expressions, to communicate with you.

Faith like potatoes is codeword for crime

In the story of “Faith like potatoes”, a “farmer” takes a risk to plant crops of potatoes underground, invisible from view, hidden in secret where only he knows. Only the “farmer” knows they are there – he planted them there, watering and feeding them, ensuring they become ready, for the purpose of capitalizing and profiting from them later. But until then, they lie hidden, dormant but slowly growing, beneath the surface, ready to be harvested when the time is right. The farmer takes a risk – he makes a gamble and a bet – in planting the potatoes a long time before he can harvest them. But he needs to take the risk to plant them, in order for him to eventually be able to make a harvest, for which he will be greatly rewarded.

And so it is the same with real estate harassment. “Faith like potatoes” is codeword for “real estate harassment” and “crime”. Houses are prepared (farmland is prepared) and people are recruited (seeds are sown and planted) a long time before the harassment (harvest) is performed, so that the house (the potatoes) would have had as many advantages as possible for a successful harvest, in order for the criminal (farmer) to optimise the odds of maximizing the profit he can make from the house (the potatoes).

When someone says that they are involved in “Faith like potatoes”, they are in fact saying, that they are involved in crime.

Fake identities

To spread the risk and hide the crime, harassers will all have many fake personas in real life, as well as fake accounts on social media, in order to make themselves appear larger and stronger, and to have more support, and to be more numerous than they really are, to get you to feel outnumbered and pay them extortion money to avoid their “wrath”.

They will create fake profiles everywhere, even creating fake female egg donor profiles with egg donation service providers, you name it. If it can be faked, they will fake it.

Fake tension between neighbours to conceal house flipping

To make it seem that disputes between neighbours are normal and random, and not a concerted harassment effort for the purpose of real estate theft, the organised crime syndicate creates staged conversations on social media (Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.) whereby “neighbours” do a form of “written street theatre” by posting scripted conversations wherein they portray themselves to be overly-obnoxious, and pretending to be bickering and nit-picking about utterly trivial things such as dogs barking, walls being scratched, being indifferent, etc., to make it seem that it is “an absolutely normal occurrence” for neighbours to be irritating each other, and that it is not, for example, being done to conceal the crime of real estate harassment and house flipping.

Making up fake conversations is busywork and misdirection to achieve the goal of inducing certain emotions in a victim – meaning, to want to cause panic where there is happiness. The perpetrators likely suffer heavily from personality disorders, jealousy, inferiority and self-hatred.

It’s really this simple: for example, getting two groups of people, one group who likes pineapple on their pizza, and another group of people who don’t like pineapple on their pizza – to artificially create tension where there is none. Who cares if one person likes pineapple on their pizza and someone else doesn’t? Exactly. Personal preference. Nobody cares. It doesn’t matter. But, staging fake conversations about “pineapple on pizza”, for example, can create an illusion that there really is tension, where there actually is zero tension, and thereby, tension over nothing can be induced, out of thin air, by simply creating fake issues and making fake conversations about those fake issues.

What can be inferred from this, is that the organised crime syndicate is highly concerned about being exposed – otherwise they wouldn’t have planted such excessive evidence to try to conceal their crimes.

Ask yourself the following when you observe such behaviour on social media:

Q: Why are neighbours airing dirty laundry in public?
A: In order for you to read their fake conversations and thereby convince yourself that the harassment upon you is not systematic crime, but rather “just an isolated event of which you are the cause and guilty party since it is normal for neighbours to fight”, thus implanting the idea that “reasonably one of the neighbours (i.e. you) need to move away, and then the situation will be resolved”.

Q: Why would someone behave obviously unreasonable and mean on purpose?
A: They wouldn’t. They do so for a specific reason, for a specific goal. People who post fake conversations, prey on a victim’s naïve desire to want to conform to social norms, such as wanting to believe what they read people saying on social media, to want to believe what appears to be the “majority or popular opinion”, what is “politically correct”, what is  “officially stated”, wanting to follow the trend and the “wisdom of the crowd”, wanting to believe that “good triumphs over evil”, and that the influence of group pressure will have a positive outcome.

Q: Why don’t the neighbours seek private legal advice, rather than doing name-calling, mud-slinging, bullying and trolling online?
A: Because the purpose of staged conversations is for you to be exposed to Neuro-Linguistic Programming. There cannot be an effect of Neuro-Linguistic Programming upon you, if you are not exposed to Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the first place. How else can the organised crime syndicate affect your thoughts, if they do not expose you to their thought-altering propaganda.

Q: Why are wealthy, intelligent, hard-working, grown-up, adult people, behaving in an arrogant and childish way?
A: Because they are bottom-feeding harassers who are not wealthy, intelligent or hard-working. They are just pretending to be upper-class. They may perhaps be physically grown-up adults, but they are criminals whose only way to survive is by acting as if they are “just an arrogant child with hurt feelings”, in order to hide the fact that they are criminals who are committing house flipping and real estate theft.

Q: Why don’t they get protection orders against each other?
A: Because that would be a semi-resolution to the problem, and they need the problem to “exist” (to be “unresolved”), to prove that there “is” a problem and that the fake scenario between neighbours is not just artificial hot air and a staged storm in a teacup.

Q: Why wouldn’t rich people have access to legal advice to quickly solve their problems?
A: The harassers’ controllers do indeed have access to expert technical legal advice, and their legal advice is in fact exactly on how to create artificial problems, and how to avoid facing criminal action for doing so.

Q: Why wouldn’t “rich” peoples’ legal advice be on how to avoid and distance themselves from problems with their neighbours?
A: Because the organised crime syndicate cannot make money if they do not create artificial problems and tension. They can only make money if people are convinced to abandon their houses, due to “real and actual” disputes and threats from neighbours.

Q: Why do they not just ignore each other?
A: Because they are controlled opposition, so the whole purpose is for them to pretend that they are fighting with each other. Ignoring each other would of course be a workable solution to the “problem”, but you need to be convinced that, ignoring is not an answer, and that the only solution to the problem is to abandon your house.

Q: Why don’t the “neighbours” provide verifiable polygraph lie-detection test results (so that you know, within reason, who is actually lying and who is telling the truth), instead of just providing irrelevant unverifiable arguments for why they are right?
A: Because that would instantly and reasonably show that a fake conversation is taking place, thus solving and eliminating the non-existing problem (because there isn’t an actual problem that needs a real solution, it is all made-up drama), and the organised crime syndicate is a racket of which the precise point is that there needs to be a “problem” for which the only “solution” and resolution is for you to abandon your house so that they can take ownership of it.


Harassers will sow seeds of distrust within your family, to try to break your family bonds apart, and to get you to pay them extortion money.

Do inform your family that you are being harassed. These are the only people who won’t think you are crazy and who will be 100% supportive. When they also start being harassed, then they will also be better prepared and equipped to understand how to respond and how not to respond, to the harassment, themselves.

Your family will also be victims of harassment, “due” to you. Basically, if you cannot get to someone, then go after their family. Harassers will throw bricks at your family’s houses’ glass windows to break them, call your family members on the phone to discuss your “mental health problems”, break into your family’s houses and steal items, shine lights into your family’s houses, monitor your family’s movements, make construction and building noises near their homes, release animals to go into and near their homes and make noise at night, install listening devices in their homes and cars, send them nuisance mail/SMS/Whatsapps, etc.

The key is to break the silence and muster all your strength and resources against the organised crime syndicate. You can be sure the harassers will, from their side, respond in kind and also do their level best to prevent you from succeeding, in exactly the same way you put things in place to prevent them from succeeding.

Famous quotes

“We know that they are lying, they know that they are lying, they even know that we know they are lying, we also know that they know we know they are lying too, they of course know that we certainly know they know we know they are lying too as well, but they are still lying.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” –  Edmund Burke

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” – Epictetus

“Men are disturbed not by things, but by the views which they take of things.” – Epictetus

“Life is full of challenges. How you handle these challenges is what builds character. Never be afraid to be who you are.” – Erin Brockovich

What does not kill me makes me stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

“Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself in your way of thinking.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true, the other is to refuse to accept what is true.” – Soren Kierkegaard

“The tyrant dies and his rule is over; the martyr dies and his rule begins.” – Soren Kierkegaard

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor Frankl


This is the most popular tool in the organised crime syndicate’s arsenal. If you can convince people to be afraid, you can control them, and they will do as you say, such as paying you extortion money.


You will be afraid at all times. So what? Who cares? You are alive, aren’t you? If you could only choose between either being alive, or to be dead and not live in fear, which would you choose? To live in fear, or be dead without fear? Would you honestly choose death over life? How and why would an organised crime syndicate have control over your personal decision, whether to live in fear or to be dead without fear?

Financial incentive for neighbours to harass you

Since money is always tight and every extra cent counts, the organised crime syndicate approaches neighbours of a targeted house, offering them commission and rewards to do very small and seemingly innocent tasks, such as dropping off fake mail, posting messages on social media, standing/parking/driving/playing in front of a house, and walking straight towards and past someone and glaring at them with an angry/upset/frowning expression on their face to pretend as if they are approaching to cause a confrontation, all tasks which, individually considered on their own, may seem insignificant and unrelated, even downright funny/humourous/hilarious and deserving of a good big old laugh, since it could be argued that it is just someone getting pranked, just a victim “getting a taste of their own medicine” (and since the victim “deserves” it, mob justice is “therefore justified”, and neighbours getting paid to do “justice” “proves” all the more how “justified” they are to do harassment) but all together it forms part of a large, coordinated and hidden harassment onslaught to harass victims out of their houses. To minimise the threat of detection, it will initially be hidden even to neighbours as well.

Neighbours may convince themselves they are just doing a small, useful, “legal” task for extra money, and all they can see is money coming into their bank accounts, and “what is good for the goose is good for the gander” they figure, and so, people get lured into becoming real estate harassers. This behaviour becomes normalised, and neighbours are blackmailed and put into debt slavery to perform bigger and bigger crimes, such as stealing, house burglary, prostitution, money laundering, drug smuggling, weapon smuggling and even murder, until they and their families cannot escape the clutches of the organised crime syndicate ever again.

Almost all crime recruitment works this way, by luring in unsuspecting people to do tasks that may perhaps raise a slight eyebrow or be frowned upon somewhat, but not obviously illegal or criminal, and then, through blackmail, those tasks escalate into crime, and in so doing, this becomes the entry point to recruit criminals and harassers into a life of crime in the organised crime syndicate for house theft and other crimes.

Firearm confiscation

Firearms are useless against the organised crime syndicate.

Martial arts are more effective – and of course, you will then be accused of being aggressive and dangerous to children, because you know karate, but, you know, it is what it is.

The organised crime syndicate will create completely false, fabricated, trumped-up charges against you that you are harassing them (see “Protection order”), and they will request the court to grant an order for the police to confiscate your firearms.

This is to give you a sense of hopelessness, and to get you to pay them extortion money. They will not withdraw the false allegations or the protection order, and they will not return your firearms to you, because at the end of the day, they are actually very afraid that you will use your firearms on them.

Confiscating your firearms is not just to disarm you because they are afraid of you, but also to send you a message: “We have shown you that we can, and have, unfairly taken your property. Therefore, we are also going to take your house, and therefore, it will be better for you to give us your house, rather than us having to take your house by force, like we took your firearms”.

Therefore, the organised crime syndicate will not return your firearms, because it would be counter-productive and prove that your firearms were wrongfully confiscated, and in doing so it would reveal and expose the pattern of organised crime perpetrated against you and other victims.

There will only be war, if they want there to be war, if they can profit from war. If they cannot profit from war, or if they will somehow make a loss from war, then they will confiscate weapons to prevent war and ensure there is no war.

When the financial loss suffered due to the confiscation of your firearms is compared to the financial loss you would have suffered if the organised crime syndicate were able to harass you out of your house, then the loss of the firearms is negligible compared to the loss of your house, and thus, the loss of your firearms is of no financial consequence. Just think of it as a tradeoff, it was either your house or your firearms, so it was better that it was the firearms, rather than the house.

In any event, it is almost certain that your confiscated firearms have already been smuggled by SAPS (South African Police Service) into gang land, and thus, it is most likely not possible to ever get your firearms back – hence, do not hold on to false hope of ever having your property returned to you – your firearms were a mistake, and it is water under the bridge.


The organised crime syndicate has a flowchart that was meticulously thought out that describes the process and steps required to extort money from victims.

You can be sure that you are on a flowchart, just like the one scammers use when they call victims from a dedicated scammer call centre.

At any given time, a victim is somewhere on a flowchart, which determines what has been done to the victim, and what the next step should be, such as sending them scam messages, loitering around their house, sending them legal threats, defaming them, etc.

The flowchart is created by the management of the organised crime syndicate, to systematise their operation and make the process predictable and repeatable. The flowchart is executed by low-level harassers who don’t need to think creatively about what they are doing. They just follow the instructions as per the flowchart.

Fragility and guilt

There is no point to complain about or lament the power of the organised crime syndicate.

It exists, and your insignificant feelings of injustice, and your inability to do or understand anything about it, and simply not seeing the world for what it is and having it move in the direction you would prefer it to, simply proves how powerless you are.

What makes you fragile and guilty, is your inability to accept that life has always been full of deception and untruth.

You will only have feelings of fragility and guilt if you have a misplaced sentiment about something.

Yes, the lie is weak and brittle and insecure. Yes, you are strong and dominant.

So, being angry at the lie, is the same as being angry at the wind and the rain. It is there, and it will either destroy you because you curse it, or, it will make you stronger as it does what it does while it beats you down relentlessly – you are not fragile and you are not guilty, and you will withstand, no matter the might of its opposing force.

And in its turn, let the wind and rain curse you, to berate itself as fragile and guilty, for not being strong enough to make you succumb to its force. Let the wind and rain show you its full might and glory, may it bring you to your knees, enslave and command you, rule over you, demand your obedience, and try to make you beg for its mercy. And still you will withstand – for it is only wind and rain.


The harassers will convince, bribe, manipulate and coerce your friends to turn into flying monkeys for them, to extract information from you, and feed it back to the organised crime syndicate.

Ganging up / gang stalking

Apes together strong. The harassers will always come at you in groups, to pretend that “you are crazy” and not them, since you are alone and all their support agrees with them that you are crazy, and hence they must be sane and right. The wisdom of the crowd, the power of numbers, and might is right, right?

This is similar to a witch hunt and a kangaroo court. Just ignore them and do not get involved in their traps.

They are not using military-grade weapons to harass you. They just pretend to, to make themselves appear stronger, and to make you appear crazy.


Every sphere of the organised crime syndicate is a distinct gang, each a unit individually, but working together as subsidiary businesses under a head crime group.

The police is a distinct gang. The harasser neighbours (chameleon-disguised crypto-neighbours) are a distinct gang. The court is a distinct gang. A security estate is a distinct gang. A security company is a distinct gang. A law firm is a distinct gang. A prostitute and pimp is a distinct gang. A government is a distinct gang. Political parties and factions are distinct gangs. The state is a distinct gang.

Who or what sits behind it, that individual or animal or machine, or combination of it, or just an ideal, a thought even, at the core of it, Mister X or Mrs X, who designed the system and is ultimately responsible and ruling over it all, that we will never know. We can only see the tentacles reaching out from it, manifesting as gangs. We might only judge what that person is like, based on the glimpses we can see and understand. That person, persons, or thing, has completely hidden and obscured itself from view, from known existence, only some of its manifestations are visible.

Gangs all work together and support one another, but there are no free lunches. Each gang must pay the other gang for services rendered, in cash or otherwise. If one gang cannot sustain itself anymore, the said gang will be eliminated and taken over by another gang with more power.

Anyone can be a victim – even a criminal. I daresay, especially criminals can be victims. Money makes the world go round, it’s all about the bottom line, and maximizing profit and minimizing loss for whatever is at the core of the organised crime syndicate.

Garden services

Harassers will get your garden services to stop mowing your lawn and maintaining your property. You will then be forced to abruptly start cutting your own grass, and when you do, they will stalk, mock and harass you while you work in your garden.

If you share a boundary wall with a harasser neighbour (chameleon-disguised crypto-neighbour), and a tree’s branches grow from over their property on to yours, they will make sure to say that you destroyed their tree and their property, when you trim the branches hanging over on your side.

It is all just gaslighting of course, since the more reasonable response would be to sue you for civil damages, if they did indeed suffer any damages.


A manipulation tactic to get you to doubt yourself and your reality, so that they can control you into giving them what they want, which is extortion money.


The harassers will initially give you gifts to create a false sense of trust and friendship, so that they can later control, manipulate and gaslight you into doing what they want, which is to give them extortion money.

They will later just break into your house and steal items to give to their next victims as gifts, which is probably how they also obtained the gifts they gave you in the first place.


The government doesn’t care for you. Never has, never will. You are a slave and you are the property of the government. You exist to sustain the government. Not the other way around. The government COULDN’T CARE LESS for your well-being. Couldn’t care less. Take this to heart: THE GOVERNMENT HATES YOU.

Would you want to take care of millions of crybabies? Could you even, if you somehow wanted to?

Nobody on earth cares, or ever cared, about anybody but themselves. Not Jesus, not Robin Hood, not Mother Teresa. Not even the government.

“You will own nothing and be happy. You will eat ze bugs and like it.” – World Economic Forum

Only the elite are entitled to own anything and be happy.

Grow up.

Government usurping

The organised crime syndicate installs government officials through cronyism and cadre deployment, or bribes them, to turn a blind eye to the plight of victims, in an attempt to control the law and profit from their victims.


The organised crime syndicate will certainly try to hack into your home Wi-Fi network, your computers, laptops, email accounts, cellphones, social media accounts, bank accounts, clone your bank card, online stores / wallets / payment accounts (e.g. your Apple, Google, Amazon, Paypal, Microsoft, Netflix, internet hosting accounts, anywhere and everywhere that your credit card details are stored), etc.

Secure your network, accounts and devices, encrypt your personal data on your computers and hard drives, install two-factor authentication on all your website accounts, and ensure your credit card is linked to your bank’s mobile app, so that nobody can use your credit card, even if they have your credit card details. Or better yet: don’t have a fucking credit card. Get rid of it. Better safe than sorry.


To “harass” means to “draw attention to”. It’s not fun to harass someone, there is always a sinister motive involved, such as to get you to pay protection money, and extort your house and investments out of you.

The fundamental purpose of harassment is “survival”. At the most fundamental level, to a criminal, “survival” means to gain an unfair advantage over a victim. This advantage, in the present day, is ultimately to get money. Before there was money, the advantage criminals would have sought would have been whatever form money was in back then. But essentially, at the very core of harassment, the reason why criminals do it, why they premeditate it and do it, is to gain an advantage over someone, more so than to purely “just” get money out it, although money just happens to most usually be the “output” of criminal harassment activity, because money is what is required in the present day to “survive”. Harassment is not done for the sake of doing the harassment itself, but for the sake of the advantage that can be gained by doing the harassment, with the advantage usually being money that can be obtained from it. “Money” can take the form of any tangible or intangible financial reward, such as having a job or prestige over someone else, taking someone’s assets, taking actual cash from victims, taking relationships away from a victim for oneself, taking life’s opportunities away from others so that one may have it for one’s own gain, etc.

Harassers run fake businesses as money laundering fronts

This is for the organised crime syndicate to have legitimate bank accounts into which victims can pay extortion money, and to hide the real benefactors when houses are flipped, property transfer occurs, and legal fees are paid, to obscure the identities of the people and the real reasons behind the selling of a house that was targeted for real estate harassment, to hide it behind the facade of a “company” instead of the names of the actual criminals who are personally responsible for the real estate harassment.

Haunted houses

“Haunted houses” that we always see in movies and hear about in urban legends, were houses that were targeted for real estate harassment long ago.

The “haunted house” phenomenon is actually just defamation and a public smear campaign conducted on the house and its occupants.

Residents of the house, and the public, were made to believe that the house was haunted, that it had “paranormal activity” and that ghosts and demons were roaming around in it, and that flickering lights and sounds and strange apparitions were caused by these ghosts and demons.

In secret, it was all done and controlled by the organised crime syndicate.

There never were any haunted houses or demonic presences. The “demonic presence” in the “haunted house” was actually just the presence of loser harassers doing tricks like flipping switches on the house’s power distribution board, making traps, breaking glass, loosening wooden boards and tiles to make creaking sounds, moving items around, leaving strange items lying around, writing and leaving “scary” notes, and making ghostly noises and placing speakers to make creepy sounds, all to try to gaslight the house’s residents into moving out of the house.

Heads of argument

A document emailed to a judge after a trial is finished, via the clerk of the court, which is a summary of your evidence and recommendations to the judge on how to write his/her verdict for the case.


The harassers use every opportunity to subtly and not so subtly convince you to pay them extortion money.

Whatsapp messages, SMS text messages, phone calls, fake articles, following you around, using something they recorded you saying on their listening devices and incorporating it into messages, etc.

History of the house

Before you buy a house, get the previous owners to put in writing (i.e. on the “Offer To Purchase (OTP)” contract or Title Deed) that they never experienced any type of harassment from their neighbours or the Home Owners Association (HOA) while living at the house. If they don’t want to do that, it’s a major red flag, and you can assume you have been targeted for harassment, and that you will certainly be harassed by your neighbours and organised crime, for their extortion passive income operation.

When you sell the house again (if the house doesn’t get attached and sold at auction), do put in writing that you have been harassed while living there. That way, if the house’s owner after you (who also might be a harasser) also gets harassed (or they pretend to get harassed) by your neighbours, like you were harassed, then that homeowner cannot afterwards make a civil lawsuit claim against you for damages. If it comes out that you were harassed in the house and that you “withheld information” or failed to disclose the “problem” with the house before selling it to them, they definitely have a strong case for fraud, since you then would have essentially committed fraud.

Do not perpetuate crime, it will come back to you.

Illegal betting / illegal gambling

It is possible that you and your house are unwittingly the subject of illegal betting, and you are an unknowing participant in a “sport” (a bloodsport even), where “investors” have gambled and bet on the odds of how soon you will be harassed out of your house and when you will abandon it. In this way, your real emotions and reactions are simply reduced and quantified to “depersonalised and impersonal” numbers factored into the betting odds, like cricket betting, chicken fighting, and dog/horse racing.

Illegal eviction

Harassers will make you think they are entitled to evict you from your own property.

So, even though you purchased your property, you are 100% the owner, you have the title deed proving that you and nobody else are the legal owner, even so, by gosh they will STILL try to gaslight you into thinking that somehow THEY are the owner of YOUR property, and that they have the right to evict you from your own property, or that they control some aspect of your property. You can only control a piece of property if you own it. You cannot control a piece of property if you don’t own it. Simple.

Making the above clear, putting it in writing and sending it in an email to the harassers is a good legal idea, as evidence for when a dispute about who owns your property ever goes to court, when the organised crime syndicate comes at you with the half-baked argument that they have some claim or right over your property when you try to sell your house.

Illogical women

Probably the main reason why this type of harassment exists, is because the organised crime syndicate and the operation thereof is run by women who are married to man-children, that is, men who do not financially (or emotionally) take care of their wives and children, and as such, they do not provide security to their families (and their wives in particular), hence, the wives keep trying to fill the void in their marriage by seeking security to make up for the lack of security provided by the husband, in the form of money, by engaging in more and more harassment, to try to satisfy the insatiable emptiness left by insecurity and unhappiness in her relationship, which she wants filled by her loser husband, but which can never be.

The women justify their actions on the premise that life has treated them unfairly, and that the dehumanised harassment victims are just a means to an end, and the end justifies the means for their security-devoid lives.

Women are exceptional at networking, working together and social influence – things that men completely suck at, due to ego and pride, and because of how mens’ brains are wired. An organised crime syndicate is pure networking. It is pure female.

The women who run these organised crime and harassment gangs/cartels/rings/syndicates are crazy man-hating feminist bitches. But, it is a facade. They are still women deep-down who, due to nature and biology, need and desperately want and desire a man to provide for them, to provide them with security. These women behave like men, because the men around them, do not behave like men, they act like little boys, so the women have to compensate for the men. That’s not to say that it’s the mens’ fault entirely, but it definitely is due to poor partner choices and bad life choices in general from both sides, and even just due to pure evil.


The puppets and figureheads that the organised crime syndicate install are incompetent idiots who know just enough to help them commit crimes, but are too incompetent to be a threat to the syndicate, to be able to expose or overthrow the syndicate’s power, since the incompetent idiot is ruled by fear, which the syndicate manipulates.

Intrusive thoughts

These thoughts will eventually help you to realise that you are being harassed and scammed by an organised crime syndicate.

One of the organised crime syndicate’s main tactics is to gaslight you into believing you should doubt yourself, and believe that you are evil for having the intrusive thoughts that you have, but, that is only done to try to prevent you from putting two and two together and figuring out that they are criminals and that you are a victim.

The sum of your intrusive thoughts are greater than the parts, and every thought you have, no matter the nature of the thought, whether sexual/criminal/suicidal/altrustic/murder/legal/scientific/politically incorrect/nothing/whatever, will eventually come together and aid you in beating the organised crime syndicate.

Criminals working in the organised crime syndicate will, just like you, also have intrusive thoughts of their own, and the organised crime syndicate will also gaslight those criminals to doubt their own intrusive thoughts, the exact same as they do to you, to strike fear into those criminals, so that they will not expose the organised crime syndicate.

Irritation and getting under your skin

The organised crime syndicate bombard you with harassment, to make you irritated and irritable, so that you will move from your house and give them extortion money to rid yourself of being irritated.

Solution: Don’t be irritated. Suck it up. Enjoy your life. It’s the only life you have.

Understanding WHY they are doing it and that they are indeed purposefully doing it for the exact reason that you think – to irritate you so that you will abandon your house – will help you to not be irritated by them trying to irritate you, because you will understand that, being irritated, is indeed exactly the reason why they are irritating and harassing you.

It’s about the house

Attorneys use divorce matters (i.e. harassment) to extort houses out of clients.

The purpose of divorce cases for attorneys, is to obtain real estate for themselves.

Attorneys don’t care about the divorce itself, they have no feelings or remorse, they just use it as an excuse and a way to get a new house for themselves.

If they can’t use a divorce, because in the situation there’s no marriage contract to use as leverage for the divorce, such as between neighbours, they will use other methods, such as protection orders and contracts with HOA’s, to “effectively create a relationship and divorce” in order to still be able to extort house ownership from a homeowner, the same as they would do under regular divorce circumstances.

It’s all a joke

The gaslighting, the harassment, the pedophile and privacy invasion allegations, it’s all a big joke to the management of the organised crime syndicate.

Their schpiel is that you are the only one who actually thinks they are serious, while they know full well of course that it’s all just a little ruse, a dupe, that they are pulling the wool over your eyes, to get you to pay them extortion money, because you genuinely feel threatened and you really believe their empty threats are serious.

Job offers

Be prepared to get bombarded with many fake and mocking job offers, promising you great salaries. Ignore it, it’s all sent to you for busywork by the organised crime syndicate.

Judges / magistrates

Judges and magistrates are puppets. They are not real judges, they are actors and actresses, and they are simply bribed to act as though they are real.

Ever seen LA Law? Ally McBeal ring a bell? Legally Blonde? Jury Duty?

King of the Trash Heap

Harassers compete among themselves for control of more houses and areas to harass, to bring in more money for the organised crime syndicate than their “co-workers”, to get more “respect” and rewards from the boss, to live in nicer neighbourhoods and drive nicer cars, get nicer cellphones, for bonuses and commission, etc.

Harassers are beggars, and beggars can’t be choosers, so they compete with each other within that sphere of their mutual impoverished existence.

Harassers always show off and try to fit in, because – they don’t fit in. They are placed where they are, and they do not organically belong there. If they did fit in, they would just fit in, and that is why they must try so hard to fit in, and try so hard to gaslight and convince you that they are the ones who fit in, and that you don’t fit in where you obviously fit in.


When a freshly graduated law student makes their first brave steps out of the halls of their university – where their thoughts were cradled and their knowledge cemented, forever cherishing the memories of their alma mater forged in blood, sweat and exam anxiety, fresh-faced with rose-tinted glasses and excited for the career ahead of them – they are starry-eyed and full of ideals, and they plan to put their law degree to good use for meaningful change and impact and to make the world a better place.

However, they soon discover the dark, cold, bitter and sinister reality of being a lawyer, that it is a cut-throat, psychopathic, dog-eat-dog-world, kill or be killed place, where you have to harass victims and be part of organised crime, just to survive.

Lawyers are often closet alcoholics who hate their lives, and have multiple drug and emotional overeating problems. Female harasser lawyers who don’t have a husband to support them will often be grotesque, childless, elephant-size, walking wrecking ball juggernaut behemoth whales who struggle to make it up and down the stairs at court. In fairness, nobody can love such monstrosities, they can’t even love themselves. That is why they always have a bleak expression on their faces and look bleary-eyed.

Stay away from paralegals, lawyers, attorneys and advocates, they will only take your money, and leave you with more problems. They will actively work to provoke, discredit and ruin you. They will make you end up as a destitute criminal – and that’s if they feel just even a tiny bit of pity for you (pro tip: they don’t). You can and should solve your own problems yourself. There is no problem you can’t solve. Your problems are not as big and insurmountable as you think they are or as they “appear”, or as you are made to experience them through psy-ops techniques. Break your problems down into parts, and solve them yourself.

Also see “Dark Law”.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is a controlled opposition racket run by the court system and legal system for the organised crime syndicate’s own gain. Legal Aid is only available to poor people (as in, they don’t own a lot of money) who just, quite frankly, do not have enough money to be extorted, and Legal Aid is not available to middle-class people who do, quite frankly, have a lot of money that can be extorted.

In this way, middle-class people who are not poor enough for Legal Aid, yet not rich enough for an attorney, are extored by the organised crime syndicate into settling the matters in which they are being legally harassed by the legal system and the organised crime syndicate.

Littering and leaving trash on your yard

They litter and leave all kinds of trash on your yard. Ignore it, let it stay there. The harassers will pick up after themselves, since the ignored trash symbolises their ineffectiveness and that they do not have an effect on you.

Trash will be trash.

Legal power

It is what harassment victims are most afraid of, and what they are most likely to listen to and respond to, so harassers make use of real and fake lawyers and attorneys to manipulate and pressure you to extort your money out of you.

Also see “Dark Law”.


Related to “Legal power”, legal professionals use their “learned” language of legal gibberish and jargon, disguised as Latin legal phrases, to instill fear into you.

The use of legalese is frowned upon in practice, exactly and precisely because it is confusing and lawyers use it to obscure and obfuscate what they are saying and to make the meaning of their words unclear on purpose.

It’s Latin for goodness sake! You can learn about Latin if you are interested, but practically, it is a dead language – nobody on Earth “speaks” or “thinks” it anymore. People spoke Latin back in the Roman Era, and the meaning of these strange-sounding Latin legal words were very clear back then, unlike now, because back then, at the time, Latin was the actual language they spoke, “Latin” was simply the actual sounds their voices made as the sound came out of their mouths, just like we speak English now (or whatever language you speak).

Latin was not handed down to us mere mortals by some supernatural force with superior intelligence. It was made by us, for us, for the purposes of the time.

Latin phrases are from a bygone era. We live in the present, not in the past. And judges (who are not bribed and/or corrupt) can see right through those sneaky lawyers and attorneys who think they are clever (they’re not) and who try to look smart by using archaic legalese words that are not in use by regular people, so they can sound smarter and more impressive than they really are.

The fear of “going to jail because they used evidence against you in a court and you didn’t have the legal knowledge to defend yourself against them” is another big one. I know, I understand, really. The glimmer of hope I can offer you is that, if you are right, you don’t need to use fancy words. Just speak the truth as it is. Just lay the truth bare and set it free. The truth will defend itself much better than a greedy fast-talking lawyer ever could. You are innocent until proven guilty, and your guilt would need to be beyond reasonable doubt. If there’s even just the smallest bit of doubt in your guilt and in their evidence, you are free – granted that the judge is not bribed, of course, but in that case, there’s nothing you can do anyway, and that’s a travesty of justice that you would need to come to terms with. The use of legalese is just a tactic to get you to pay extortion money to the organised crime syndicate.

Listening devices

The organised crime harassers will install listening devices in your homes and cars, to gain a better understanding of you, find out what you are afraid of, and how best to harass you, to get you to give them money.

They are not voyeurs, driven by sexual desires to see you naked. They don’t want to see or hear you take a pee, although they probably regularly do just that. They are not interested in your private life or your family relationships. They do not spy for the sake of spying. They listen critically to what you say, to find out how to optimise their harassment and psy-ops against you.


After you cancel the “both existing and non-existing” contract/agreement with the Home Owners Association (HOA) because they harass you and don’t provide you with security and other contractually-agreed services anymore, they will keep sending you invoices and statements to charge levy money, as if the agreement between you isn’t canceled. The reason why they do this is to harass you to move out of your house, so that they can buy it for cheap and sell it high, to make a profit, and to extort money out of you. They pretend to be ignorant of contract law and the law of delict, justifying that your contract with them cannot be canceled, because they inserted themselves (without your knowledge) on your title deed, that you require the HOA’s permission to sell the house, and therefore that you are in a “slave contract” with them.

Thank goodness one cannot legally profit from crime, otherwise they may have been able to extort you!

Load shedding

A scam to extort money out of people by coercing them to buy solar panels, in order to get rid of the inconvenience and discomfort of not having any electricity supplied to their home for a few hours.


Harassment can and does happen anywhere they can get away with it.


Harassers will loiter around your house and work.

They often bend over forwards with their back to you, and pretend to pick something up off the ground, as an excuse to show their bum to you and make you feel uncomfortable.

Loud music

Organised crime harassers will play loud music with huge speakers right into your house to get you to complain about them and to assault them, so they can file assault charges against you and get you to give money to them to stop doing it.


The organised crime syndicate is simply the end result of what Nicolo Machiavelli describes. Individuals and groups who want to take control, will do so through crime and deception. They do so because they “want to” and because “they can”. So, why not do it? It’s not like God, or any other god, or anyone else is going to stop them, presumably. Except their victims maybe, though, when they find out what’s really happening.

The problem is just that what these people do is not sustainable. It’s like being the last surviving snake in a pit of snakes who all fight and eat each other. It’s a short-term strategy. At the end, nothing remains of Machiavelli or of anyone or anything else.

That’s not to say you must not fight against evil. Fighting against evil is sustainable in the long term. Fighting against good is not sustainable in the long term. Machiavelli was of course being serious, ironic and absurd in his writing, all at the same time – he didn’t say you must deceive to rule. He says you can deceive to rule. Not judging or prescribing – he was just saying “A will cause B” – “cause and effect”.

That is why the organised crime syndicate encourages others to be peaceful and religious and pious – so that they themselves can be warlike and non-religious, and have all the control.


The organised crime harassers are a mafia. They will organise themselves in various ways – gangs, groups, rings, associations, etc. – all to avoid detection.


Harassers will steal your hand-delivered mail from your front door and mailbox. Contact your service providers to stop sending you physical mail, have everything sent by email. If your email is securely setup, it’s unlikely the organised crime syndicate will have access to it, although it’s not impossible, so in that case, all you can do is to setup your own private email server. I would not recommend you to do that though – accepting that you don’t have privacy, and that it doesn’t matter because they will just find ways around it, so it’s not worth fussing over and much better to let it go, because who cares anyway, is much easier and wiser.

Moreover, if you have cancelled all your physical snail mail to your home address or post office box, and replaced it with email, you will effectively then instantly know that, when you do receive something in the mail, it can’t possibly be for you, even if your name is on it, or the allegedly previous homeowner’s name is on it, so you already know you can just safely ignore it as soon as you pick it up, since it could only have been delivered to you by the harassers, because one of your actual service providers couldn’t and wouldn’t have been the sender.

Harassers will often steal important mail delivered to your door, and not steal less important mail, so that you do still “receive” “useless mail letters”, but you don’t actually get the “important mail letters” that you actually do really need. For example, they will steal your car’s yearly license disc renewal paper, sent by mail from the municipality, to “force” you to have to go in to the municipality to get a re-print of the paper and license disc. It won’t help to email the municipality and request them to mail you a re-send of the license disc paper again, because the harassers will just steal that re-sent mail also. Solution: scan a bitmap/JPEG image of one of your old license discs into your computer, edit and change the text on the image to have the current year, and print out your own “new” license disc. If the cops pull you over, no problem – after all, the car’s license itself is 100% renewed and paid, so you’re not driving an unlicensed vehicle. If the cops’ license scanner device says the license disc is invalid, as it probably will, then they can just manually check your registration on their computer system, which will confirm that your car’s license is up to date, so it’s not your problem that their scanner device doesn’t recognize your license disc. So at the end of the day, the harassers don’t achieve anything by stealing your mail.

Make-up and filters

Female harassers are unhappy with their lives, and will go to great lengths to use make-up and hair coloring products, and photo filters, to make themselves look younger and better. These females are most often disgusting and grotesque, hence the need for their use of cosmetic products to hide their ugliness.


Profiting from organised crime works by convincing you to give them money.

If they can tell enough lies, and pressure you to doubt yourself enough, the organised crime harassers will have successfully manipulated you into giving in to their demands, and they will most likely extort money from you, which is the reason why they manipulate you in the first place.

Medical professionals

Harassers will pretend to be reasonable, intelligent, respectable, professional, upstanding members of society, decent citizens and human beings, such as a doctor, in order to avoid suspicion and detection of the fact that they are just common harassers.

The harasser’s purpose in doing this is to provide credibility to themselves when they eventually accuse you of being dangerous, unstable, unhinged, aggressive towards children, that you are unfriendly towards your employees, a pedophile, a rapist, a groomer, a racist, a psychopath, a narcissist, that you spy on and film children, that you did property destruction, etc.

You will of course be much more taken aback and confused by such allegations, when it comes from an alleged doctor, rather than clearly from a harasser (since you would most likely just ignore it if you knew the person was just a harasser), so you would want to clear up the misunderstanding and sort the matter out, to avoid your reputation from suffering from such accusations coming from a “doctor”, since you would reasonably believe the “doctor” really does have a belief that you are a pedophile, rapist, racist, etc.

Basically, this is an argument along the lines of pathos, i.e. it is an appeal to your “better judgement”/opinion of the person (as opposed to logos and ethos), by gaslighting you into thinking the person did not cruelly defame you, but that they have an actual concern for and belief in the accusation they are making.

You would not suspect a “doctor” to make up false allegations, and hence this is a form of manipulation to get you to take their allegations seriously, as you otherwise wouldn’t have taken the allegations seriously if you knew it was coming from a harasser or a street whore.

The lie is so big and blatant, which convinces you that it cannot be untrue.

Doctors are “good people”, and harassers hide behind the facade of a good person to pretend that they are a good person, in order to get away with committing organised crime.

This is done to manipulate you into thinking you can simply pay them extortion money to “atone for your sins”, but it is just a little ruse to squeeze money out of you.


Show no mercy. Take no prisoners. Pain is for the weak. Never surrender.

Military weapons and misinformation

Harassers plant misinformation on the internet by pretending to be victims of “gang stalking”, namely “Targeted Individuals” (TIs). This is another form of gaslighting. The “victim” will say that they are targeted by military-grade directed microwave weapons, and other nonsense. This is done so that when you, an actual victim, finally expose the actual crimes, you will sound crazy because you yourself will then downplay the actual crimes being committed against you, and also focus on non-existent irrelevant fantasy details about things that have “happened” to other “victims”, which will just make you look crazy, and cause nobody to believe what you are saying is real, and thus to not take what you are saying seriously, and thus, the organised crime syndicate hide their crimes by gaslighting the actual experience of what they are doing to you.


Harassers will mimic your actions and movements to draw your attention, as well as to test you to see how you react to being mocked.

People do not like to be mocked, and mimicry and mimicking are done to “send you a message”. Again, as always, nothing that your harasser neighbours (chameleon-disguised crypto-neighbours) do, should be taken personally, as they are just doing their job, they are just following a script – it’s just business.

They are basically ordered to “go and mimic the victim”, and that’s what they do. They do not care why they must do so, they just know that it’s their job and they have to do it, to earn a salary.

For example, when you leave your driveway in your car, your harasser neighbours, will pretend to just be leaving their driveway as soon as you come back home, to “mimic” you and thereby mock your actions, to irritate you and coerce you to move away and give your money and property to them.


Mocking is the name of the game for the harassers. Your every move, gesture and word will be copied and mocked in a “I know you are but what am I?” fashion.

When you go to a park for a picnic, and you lie down on the grass, the next time you see them they will go have a lie-down on the grass in front of your house, pretending to have a picnic.

When you ask the clerk of the court if a verdict is available yet for your defamation lawsuit, the clerk will respond that there is an “admin issue”, and the next time you go to court, their attorney will also, within earshot of you, “ask” the clerk for the same judgement, using your exact words, to mock you and show you they have bribed the clerk to hide the verdict from you, and they have spies listening in on your conversations. It’s irrelevant anyway, since the verdict (court order) was already fabricated long ago, before the trial even started. The organised crime syndicate will just delay sending you the fabricated verdict, to pretend and hide the fact that they themselves were the authors of the fabricated verdict.


Some movies to watch that show the process of harassment and gaslighting playing out:

  • Saw X (2023)
  • Hot Fuzz (2007)
  • Hostel (2005)
  • Duplex (2003)
  • The Matrix (1999)
  • Pacific Heights (1990)
  • They Live (1988)
  • Zardoz (1974)
  • The Trial (1962)
  • 1984 (1956)
  • Gaslight (1944)
  • Der Ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew) (1940)

Mister X

This is the moniker of the person at the top, the brains behind the operation,  pulling the strings to make the organised crime happen, and profiting the most from the crimes. The “Godfather” or “Godmother” as it were who gave, and keeps giving, the thumbs-up for you to be harassed.
This person is your nemesis. They are the bad guy. The antagonist. The person in charge of the organised crime syndicate and the mafia. They decided to destroy you and your family in order to steal your money. They are a cancer that must be eradicated. They are not smart, but they are street smart. They operate on raw logic, with no emotion whatsoever. They are the bloodthirsty (more likely money-thirsty) CEO, and most likely a psychopath, controlled by their reptile brain’s instincts, unable to let others live in peace. They have the will to power to control all others, and they will not rest until they achieve world domination. An alien bent on taking over your life. They have no feelings, no conscience, he/she/it does not care about anything other than itself. They don’t know what “care” means, and they don’t care that they don’t care what care means. This “person” must be destroyed at all cost, if your harassment is to ever completely go away and for you to go on with your life.

Choosing to ignore this “person”, will effectively have the same effect as totally and utterly destroying them. This just speaks to how useless this “person” ironically actually is. It would be better, but exceedingly more difficult and illegal, to completely kill and dispose of this “person”.


Harassers will create multiple legal cases against you at the same time, with the same charges, to put more pressure on you than only one case would, since you then need to defend multiple cases at the same time, instead of just one.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) Ponzi scheme

The organised crime syndicate’s harassment hierarchies and networks operate like a multi-level marketing Ponzi scheme. Harassers enter the scheme and are awarded for their harassment work, and for getting people below them to do harassment for them on their behalf.

Multi-pronged attack / shotgun method

Harassers will try everything on you at least once, to try to find that one specific thing that will unnerve you the most, and make you react the most. When they find out what methods you are most reactive and responsive to, they will focus their energy on those methods, as those will have the greatest chance of success to make you pay extortion money. They use different methods and people to harass you, so as to maximise their chances that something will work and that you will pay them extortion money.


Harassers have narcissism and low self-esteem. They are, in fact, inferior to you, and that is precisely why they do harassment, and you don’t. They actually feel, and are, insignificant, and in their career as a harasser, they have found an outlet for their need to control others’ perceptions of them. When you do not allow them to control you, their narcissistic personalities and narcissistic rage come out.

The reason why female harassers do what they do, is because they have intense feelings of inadequacy. They do not have a strong man to support them financially or otherwise, and they themselves are not educated or skilled. They are eternally unhappy, and their only means of survival is to harass victims for scraps of extortion money.

The pitiful narcissism especially comes out when you hear your harassing female neighbours endlessly slamming their car doors shut outside their house out of frustration. Slamming car doors shut does not bring in extortion money, and it is even less effective than applying useless make-up to their ugly faces to try to hide their narcissistic feelings of inferiority.

The tactic of entrapment is also very common in insecure women who have narcissism. It is a typical abusive strategy to gain power and control over victims, and it is on glorious display in the crime of property harassment.


Never negotiate with, settle with, or give in to the point of view of the harassers. Do not rest until there are zero harassers left, no matter the cost.

Neighbour harassment

Harasser neighbours (chameleon-disguised crypto-neighbours) are terrorists who pretend to be actors, playing the part of harassers. Or vice versa, it’s irrelevant “what” they are, the fact is that they do it, no matter what their job titles or personal convictions are. They themselves are also victims of the organised crime syndicate, but they voluntarily choose to take part in the madness, like gang members.

Harasser neighbours will move in on all sides of your house, to increase the harassment and surveillance on you. They will do things to initiate contact with you, and provide gifts to put you at ease, so that you don’t suspect their motive, which is to steal your money and assets.

Their Whatsapp messages and behaviours will become more and more desperate and out of place, as the management of the organised crime syndicate puts more and more pressure, fear and legal threats into the harassers themselves, to push and motivate them to get you to pay extortion money to the organised crime syndicate.

Harasser neighbours are actors who are cast for their roles. They are often picked by “casting directors” in the management of the organised crime syndicate, to have similar facial features as their victims. They are trained to have the same body and face mannerisms, gait (way of walking and movement), volume and tempo of speaking, and to have the same “mindset”/”concerns”/”interests”, based on observations of the victim.

Harassers work off of a script and they play their part, for they are also being constantly recorded, just like the victim.

No-go zones

The organised crime syndicate changes safe public areas into unsafe no-go zones, by changing the demographics of an area from one racial group to another, usually from a  peaceful to an aggressive racial group, in order to “herd” the less aggressive racial group away from one location to other, in order to profit financially and politically from the movement of people to “newer and safer” areas.

Noble Virtues / Odinist Values

  1. Courage
  2. Truth
  3. Honour
  4. Fidelity
  5. Discipline
  6. Hospitality
  7. Self Reliance
  8. Industriousness
  9. Perseverance
  • Strength is better than weakness
  • Courage is better than cowardice
  • Joy is better than guilt
  • Honour is better than dishonour
  • Freedom is better than slavery
  • Kinship is better than alienation
  • Realism is better than dogmatism
  • Vigor is better than lifelessness
  • Ancestry is better than rootlessness

No respect for boundaries

Harasser neighbours (chameleon-disguised crypto-neighbours) have zero respect for your physical property or emotional and psychological boundaries. You are simply a job for them. They need to get you to pay the organised crime syndicate extortion money.


Constant, non-stop noise created by harasser neighbours (chameleon-disguised crypto-neighbours) from the early morning to late at night: purposelessly hitting bricks/wood/metal/objects together, heavy construction machinery noises for a few moments then completely disappear, hitting balls against boundary walls, cars and motorcycles speeding by your house, slamming car doors shut, edge trimmer scissors opening and closing, toilets flushing, cars idling in front of your house, fake conversations and idle noises of complaint/gossip/orders from their gardens and the street, children screaming out of nowhere, loud parties as close as possible to you, provoking your dogs to bark, and hooting their car horn at entrances and in front of your house.

Noise complaints

Harassers will provoke your dogs to bark endlessly, and then lay a noise complaint with the local municipality as if you are the cause of the noise disturbance.

Obviously ridiculous

Why must everything about the organised crime syndicate be obviously ridiculous?

Why must all their legal documents be forged and fabricated?

Why must they clearly officially just be busy mocking you and wasting your time, instead of really being serious about what they are doing?

Because, if they were provably indeed really trying to scam you, they would clearly be engaging in actual fraud, which is illegal.

As long as their behaviour can always be conveniently covered up and explained away as a joke o a misunderstanding or an overreaction on your part, or even “their legal right”then it’s not fraud, and then they were not trying to extort you – and then they were not at fault. Which means, thus, that since it was not their fault, it must logically have been your fault. In other words, you’re the one to blame, and not them.

If you (the victim) fall for their obvious bullshit, then it’s not because they committed fraud – then, it’s YOU who took their shit-talking seriously, in a legal sense.

They can’t force you to take their bullshit seriously – it’s you who decides to take it seriously, and who then acts on it.

And, they figure, it’s not illegal or their fault, if someone happens to be provoked by them and takes their bullshit seriously, and then pays them extortion money.

It’s only fraud if they were clearly lying and hiding the truth, which they don’t do, since they are clearly just bullshitting you, which you have a legal responsibility to be on the lookout for and not be gullible for.

And bullshitting someone, and having them fall for it, isn’t the same at all as clearly lying and hiding the truth from someone. Am I right or am I right?

The only way they can get away with fraud, is by being sarcastic, acting dumb, playing stupid, being provocative, bullying people, showing their camel toes and pretending that they are just expressing a personal feeling by doing so and not committing sexual harassment, sending out obviously forged legal verdicts and fake cost orders – in essence, by being obviously ridiculous.

Being obviously ridiculous is done to hide their crime, because they can both (a) pretend as if they are being serious, and also (b) later just write it off as them just being blatantly ridiculous – and that’s why they have to be ridiculous. If they are serious, it’s fraud. As long as it’s clearly ridiculous, it’s not fraud. Then, the onus is on you to be wary and vigilant of their scam – it’s not their fault for scamming you by being ridiculous.

The victim is always the fool, for taking ridiculously obvious things, seriously. The criminal is therefore not “guilty”, because it is the victim who has convinced themselves to pay extortion money to the criminals, since the victim was clearly not forced to –  because how could they have been forced? All that the organised crime syndicate did was to act stupid, play practical jokes, and say and do obviously ridiculous things, which the victim,  and only the victim, for “some or other reason”, decided to be mocked by, and to take seriously, and act upon, by paying extortion money to the organised crime syndicate.

Judges are more inclined to play along with the organised crime syndicate, and more willing to accept bribes for allowing obviously fake verdicts (court orders) to “go through” the court system, since they essentially do not risk their careers if the court orders are over the top ridiculous and not enforceable, such as dismissing a victim’s case where the victim’s neighbour publicly stated that he caught the victim filming his child (Luke Johnson) in a towel (thereby defaming the victim as a pedophile), and awarding a punitive cost order against the victim, with attorney and client costs, in favour of the neighbour who defamed the victim. If the judge did create actual fake verdicts which were enforceable, with the result being that money then gets stolen from victims, then they thereby commit actual fraud, which they don’t want to do openly, since that is illegal and they will most likely go to jail if it were discovered. But it can be argued that a fake verdict cannot be enforced, so it’s not illegal per se to create a fake verdict, since no direct financial damage can come from it, and therefore the judge does not commit a crime by creating a forged unenforceable verdict, in a strictly legal sense.

Thus, by being serious but then clearly not being serious, they can officially not be serious and write it off as just pretending to be serious – and thereby, get away with fraud, and not be in danger to having to face being guilty of committing fraud.

Who are these people, and who do they think they are, to think of themselves as above others, and therefore, that they have been allowed to keep harassing regular people for thousands of years, to be parasites, to repeat the process of harassment all over the world on different populations and then move on to their next victims?

Can the tables be turned, and the victims start harassing the organised crime syndicate? Who gave the organised crime syndicate the right to steal from others? What makes them different from you anyway? You also have the right to destroy them, kill them, and steal from them, just as they have the right to do so to you. So why not reverse the process, and give regular people the right to harass and steal and defraud the organised crime syndicate’s populations, just like they have done to regular people for thousands of years?

At the end of the day, the organised crime syndicate has no power, we have all the power, whether we realize it or not. The only way they can have power over us is by demoralizing us into handing our power over to them.

Ongoing permanent harassment forever

Harassers will maintain a continued harassment/provocation/irritation/presence/pressure/terrorism campaign against you, until you capitulate and give in to their demands (which may be never). It is just the nature of the beast. It is a battle of wills. They cannot stop doing it, because stopping would imply that you have won, and that their entire operation against you was for nothing.

The harassment was designed to last forever into eternity, or as close as possible to that. A permanent prison, a permanent torture chamber, a permanent state of panic. A cold war to sustain the organised crime syndicate as it feeds off its victims. For the sake of your children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children and beyond that – do something. Fight back forever. Be a thorn in their flesh. Do it for the future.

The harassment is not personal however, it is just business. Even though you personally appear to be the target, your house is the real target, and you just need to get out of the way. Even though the mockery and harassment is aimed at you and your family directly and aimed towards no-one else, it remains nothing against you personally, it is just about the organised crime syndicate’s bottom line, it’s for the profit of their criminal enterprise.

The harassers will maintain a continued presence of pressure against you, randomly spread across the following categories, all covertly connected to one another:

  • Street theatre (stalking/intimidation/mockery/noise/entrapment)
  • Communication (unsolicited nuisance propaganda by email/whatsapp/sms/telephone/mail/news websites)
  • Burglary (theft/damage of your property and personal information)
  • Legal action (civil cases, criminal cases and protection orders)

The organised crime syndicate’s overarching theme for the harassment will always be that you are the criminal and that they are the victims, and the above methods are used to “convince” you of that.

“They are the victims and you are the criminal” is the exact opposite of how it really is. The reason why they have to play the victim, is to hide their crime. Because, if you are seen as the victim, then they are clearly the criminals, and then they cannot profit from their crime. The only way they can profit from their crime is through hiding their crime, by pretending to be the victim, thereby “making” you the criminal.

Ongoing harassment – specifics

The following is a specific overview, just laying it bare, a no-nonsense, plain and simple list, of just what exactly is really going on every day, day to day, detailing the organised crime syndicate’s strategy, and ongoing continuation of harassment, trying to act/behave creepy, provocation, irritation, presence, pressure, monitoring and motives, from 2019 through 2024.

Street theatre:

  • Power tool noises made in Mariné Franken‘s garden at the same moment that Kleinbron Estate/Osro/lawyer sends an email.
  • Alaina-Jane Franken/Bongi Xotyeni walking around in front of 91 Frangipani Street. The allegation against Mr Theo Fitchat is that he films Ms Alaina-Jane Franken in her bedroom and bathroom, and that he took his rottweiler to Ms Bongi Xotyeni to attack her.
  • Tyrone Johnson standing in his driveway smirking at Mr Fitchat when Mr Fitchat drives past (after the no-contact protection order was obtained against Mr Johnson).
  • Tyrone playing in park in front of 91 Frangipani Street, pretending to be afraid, and the next time he appears, not displaying any fear at all.
  • Luke Johnson audibly playing in swimming pool, i.e. “Luke is in a towel”.


  • Kleinbron Estate Facebook group – alluding to “naughty children in the estate”.
  • job offers (1) same as my job at CCS, (2) job offer received pertaining to a card payment business matter that I had discussed with a colleague.
  • Scam emails (Hong Kong, Nigeria, etc.).
  • Employment agents (Whatsapp/Email).
  • Property agents (trying to buy/sell property at 91 Frangipani Street).
  • Delivering fake mail letters containing invoices and statements, to 91 Frangipani Street.
  • FreeDNS subdomains.
  • Account password reset emails (Facebook, Unisa), hacking into Gmail and Apple accounts and ordering an “airplane cooking” game just before Mr Fitchat‘s flight on a family trip (who comes up with this crazy nonsense?).
  • Emails from “Elizabeth Brown” and SMS’s for “Tumedi”.
  • Using the same word in one email and then again in a follow-up “unrelated” email (e.g. the word “transparent”), used in a “we are making a Freudian slip and using a Shibboleth” manner.
  • Viewed property on, thereafter received an SMS from Rawson Property about “continuing the property search”.
  • There are always two seemingly unrelated actions done and connected to each other to try to make it appear as if connections between things are unrelated and irrelevant, i.e. “nonsense” connections are purposefully made between actions, so that when two actions are actually reasonably connected to each other, so that those connections can then also be “nonsense” and not “an indication of organised crime and coordination”, i.e. if you “make” all connections pure coincidence, so that there “is no coordination between any two different actions”, in that way they try to hide that there is actual coordination between actions, by causing you to doubt yourself when you notice a connection between things and then “convincing yourself” that there thus is no connection (i.e. psy-ops).


  • Car license disc mail stolen.
  • Opening/stealing letter envelopes delivered to house.
  • Firearms confiscated.
  • Knives stolen from in-laws.
  • Interfering with deliveries and delivery drivers.
  • Mrs Sonet Fitchat’s parents were registered as residents of 91 Frangipani Street. Kleinbron Estate (Mr Alex van Niekerk) removed their residence access from the estate’s access control system, thus preventing her parents from being able to enter as residents and going to the house where they stayed. After the access were revoked, her parents were not able to stay in Kleinbron Estate as residents anymore.
  • All the above happening under SJC Security’s ambit and supervision.

Legal cases:

  • Protection orders are in place.
  • Firearms are confiscated, potentially smuggled or stolen by SAPS, Wildman Cape Gate (Jacques Odendal) contacted SAPS about the firearms, SAPS did not want to discuss the matter.
  • Court and judges bribed.
  • Forged verdicts are in place.
  • Sealtek Cape case ongoing.
  • Kleinbron Estate delict case ongoing.
  • Kleinbron Estate levy case ongoing.
  • Osro keeps sending statements after contract canceled.
  • Tyrone Johnson – fabricated bill of costs taxation.
  • Threat of current or future homeowner’s arrest at any time (e.g. unable to use security cameras, for threat of police arrest for “recording children” with the security cameras),  house cannot be put into the property market or sold (e.g. unable to tend to garden, Kleinbron Estate stopped providing gardening services to 91 Frangipani Street in April 2023, and Mr Tyrone Johnson, since then, harasses the owners of 91 Frangipani Street when they try to resume doing the garden maintenance themselves, despite protection order against him).


  • Get out of bathtub – go to kitchen – Tyrone Johnson appears in park in front of house.
  • Surveillance inside house.
  • Unable to leave house (91 Frangipani Street) unattended by itself due to break-ins when nobody is home, unable to use the garden due to harassment and surveillance by Mr Tyrone Johnson from his garden and house at 19 Kleinbron Avenue.


  • Pure Jewish greed.
  • Lesbian/bisexual women married to gay/homosexual men, to have children with, acting war-like (not feminine), making plans to make money underhandedly because their husbands cannot function normally in society (as a provider with a job).
  • Collection of people with shared/common interests/outlooks/perspectives/realizations, who realized a passive income pyramid scheme is possible by populating an area with people and extorting them, i.e. by conducting street theatre (harassment/agitation) in an area to push people away from one area, to buy property in another area (e.g. in a security estate), where they can be extorted in the other area (i.e. extorted in the security estate).
  • A hidden BlackRock-type investment firm owns Kleinbron Estate and all the houses in it. The houses in the estate are bought and sold as hidden investments by hidden investors, who derive profit through homeowners’ levies (i.e. rent) through Osro Investments, and who use real estate harassment to coerce unwitting homeowners to repeatedly keep selling their houses, for a sustainable profit for the investment firm.
  • House theft (i.e. to steal the property at 91 Frangipani Street).
  • Shell companies (shelf companies) registered to facilitate laundering/transfer of property:
    • E-VOLVE FILING SOLUTIONS, director: Tyrone Buchanan Johnson, close corporation, enterprise number: 2009/032587/23 (B2009032587), date: 19 Feb 2009, address: 19 KLEINBRON AVENUE, KLEINBRON ESTATE, BRACKENFELL, WESTERN CAPE, 7560.
    • E-VOLVE FILES, close corporation, director: Tyrone Buchanan Johnson, deregistered due to annual return non-compliance, enterprise number: B2011074966, date: 17 May 2011, address: 50 SCHABORT STREET, EVERSDAL, DURBANVILLE, 7550.
    • AEON FACTORY SHOP, private company, director: Tyrone Buchanan Johnson, company number: K2021747127, date: 16 Jul 2021, address: 50 SCHABORT DRIVE, DURBANVILLE, CAPE TOWN, WESTERN CAPE, 7550.
    • AEON FOUNDATION, non-profit company, director 1: Tyrone Buchanan Johnson, director 2: Marianne Johnson, company number: K2022591619, date: 15 Jul 2022, address: 19 KLEINBRON ROAD, KLEINBRON ESTATE, CAPE TOWN, WESTERN CAPE, 7560.
    • GLOBAL CREATIVE STUDIOS, private company, director: Frans Johannes Cornelius Cronjé (brother of deceased cricketer Hansie Cronjé), company number: M2005016879, date: 23 May 2005, address: 89 FRANGIPANI STREET, KLEINBRON ESTATE, BRACKENFELL, WESTERN CAPE, 7560
  • SARS unpaid tax / tax evasion.
  • Political views.
  • Sealtek Cape – trying to coerce settlement.
Organised crime
An operation designed to extort money out of victims and hide the evidence of the crime.

The management of an organised crime syndicate see themselves as the masterful conductors of a majestic, awe-inspiring symphony orchestra, leading their army with “all the right hand movements” to coordinate the group and ensure everything happens at exactly the right moment, to produce the desired outcome for themselves.


The members of the organised crime operation, together operate like individual parts of a single organism, working together to satisfy the organism’s urges, needs and goals, in order to stay part of the organism so that they will not be rejected by the organism for not serving a purpose to the organism anymore.


This is how the organised crime syndicate is able to eventually make you give in and pay them extortion money, so that they can hide the crime and pretend that you gave them a gift, and that they did not coerce extortion money out of you.

Overreaching is when Person A pressures Person B so that Person B will give more money/favours/stuff to Person A than Person A deserves, or when Person A gives less to Person B than what is fairly owed to Person B by Person A.

Park cars in front of your house

Harassers will park their cars in front of your house to draw your attention to them.

Patterns of behaviour

Organised crime is proven by identifying patterns of criminal behaviour. Identifying those patterns in the harassers’ behaviour help you at a psychological and legal level, because it gives you understanding, self-control and hope.

Pedophile accusations / innuendo

All the harassers’ interactions with you will be sexually charged, to maximise your level of discomfort and embarassment.

Female harassers will show you their camel-toes, they bend over forwards with their back to you to show you their bum, they will say you record children in towels, they will say you take nude pictures of yourself on your balcony, that a neighbour’s daughter found a dead rat’s testicles on your yard, and that you record their childrens’ bedrooms and bathrooms.

Persecution and prosecution

Persecution is a crime, and prosecution is a legal process.

Persecution is when a victim is targeted in order to obtain an advantage over them, for example, when an organised crime syndicate targets you to steal your money and property through intimidation.

Prosecution is when criminal charges are brought against someone and a formal legal process takes place, presumably in order for justice to be served.

Personal harassment

Harassers will tell you that they will kill you, and they will get police to arrest you on totally false made-up charges, so that you will pay them extortion money.

Phone calls

Don’t answer your phone anymore. We live in the 21st century. Communicate through the internet (i.e. email) instead of via the spoken word.

Playing dumb

Harassers will be “the dumb blonde” or “the absent-minded doctor” to put you off guard and to not arouse your suspicions that they are harassing you and committing organised crime.

They will also tell lies to make you think they are stupid, so that you will underestimate them and not suspect that they are part of organised crime, and that they have profiled you as their victim.

Police bribery

Harassers bribe the police to arrest you on false charges, detain you unlawfully, and to make dockets disappear.

Pot calling the kettle black

The organised crime syndicate will claim to be staunchly against crime and criminals, and that they suffer greatly from criminal activity, and that they are aware of criminal individuals who are doing criminal activity external to themselves, and that they reserve the right to provide evidence to the police about the alleged criminal activity, all serving as propaganda and Neuro-Linguistic Programming “proof” to you, that “therefore” they “thus” are not criminals, because, “obviously” criminals wouldn’t complain about criminals, they wouldn’t complain about themselves. You wouldn’t complain about yourself if you are the cause of the complaint, if you are the committer of the crime you are complaining about – you wouldn’t complain about your own criminal behaviour, so if you do, that clearly makes you “innocent”, “not guilty”, and “not the criminal”, e.g. the Goulston Street graffiti which read, “The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing”, which, in the same sense, thereby “clearly” exonerated a certain group from any involvement in Jack the Ripper’s murders, since any accusation of them being involved would, by virtue of the absolutely true message in the planted graffiti, therefore “obviously” automatically turn any accusation of them, into a completely false accusation, given that they have become “the victims”, and a victim “cannot be” a perpetrator of crime.

It is basically always used for misdirection, such as when Leo Frank tried to blame his murder of Mary Phagan on to someone else (a black man), thereby insinuating that he was being being falsely persecuted and prosecuted by white people for Mary’s murder because he was Jewish, which even led to the formation of the Anti-Defamation League, which was even more of an attempt to try to misdirect and project certain crimes on to certain victims, i.e. from Jews on to whites.

And so, in this way, by the pot calling the kettle black (i.e. the organised crime syndicate complaining about the crimes they commit themselves), the organised crime syndicate uses their complaints about themselves as misdirection and a scapegoat to hide their crimes, since their portrayal of themselves as innocent, is “the proof” that they are innocent. This is, however, all just an attempt by the organised crime syndicate at making a strawman argument.

Practicality vs idealism

Do not be concerned about doing things perfectly while you are being harassed. Do not worry whether your responses are appropriate or inappropriate, or whether you have taken their feelings into consideration enough, or whether what you are doing amounts to a criminal act.

Everyone involved in the harassment are demonic spawn (in a figurative sense), they do not think or act like rational human beings, like you and me. You do not need to take harassers’ feelings into account, because they do not operate on the “give and take” level that you and I operate at. They are leeches and parasites that want to suck you dry and squeeze you almost to death – the more you can give them, the better. If you want to care for them, care only for them as much as you would care about a leech, in proportion to how much that leech would care about you.

This is not the time to worry about your situation and dwell, procrastinate and reflect upon the reasons and meaning behind your harassment, and if you can maybe resolve it amicably. It cannot be resolved amicably.

The harassers just want your money.

The harassers do not take your feelings into consideration and they do not care for your well-being. It is a war, it is not an ideal situation, and there will be “casualties”. Accept it as part of the experience and journey that you are going through. You will survive and get out of it stronger.


Harassers use various ways to pressure you into doing what they want, such as invading your privacy, giving you death threats, loitering around your house, posting defamatory messages about you such as you being a pedophile, turning neighbours and family against you, sending you legal letters of demand, suing you and having the sheriff deliver a summons to you, confiscating and attaching to your property and assets and bank accounts with fabricated court orders, etc.

This is all done to pressure you into giving them extortion money. They do not do it because they enjoy pressuring you. They do it because pressuring you is a way for them to get you to pay them extortion money.

Prison insurance

Local organised crime gangs and syndicates, such as the one or ones that have targeted you, are “licensed” to “operate” in a specific area, i.e. they are insured that they may safely conduct their criminal activities and not have to worry about facing jail time for it, as long as they pay their prison insurance, which is just a type of bribe that grants a criminal a license to commit crime in a specific area.

Through prison insurance, they can then evade criminal prosecution for running rackets, extortion, theft, fraud, smuggling, etc., but if, and only if, they pay their “prison insurance” to a “local authority” (disguised as a “political faction”).

So, criminals themselves are also extorted by even bigger criminals, who prepare areas in a legal sense for gangs to operate in, and they hide the fact that they are passively living off of the profits of smaller criminals’ crimes through “protection money” payments in the form of “prison insurance”, paid by  the smaller organised crime gangs.

For example: the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Mafia, the VOC (who established slavery at  Cape Town), Kleinbron Estate HOA/Trustees, Osro, the church, Scientology, any “New World Order” business (to name but a very few) are/were just extortion “companies”, who get money either through charity, or if you are identified as someone who will not pay for charity, then they harass you to extort you.

These “companies” all pay prison insurance to have an army (SJC Security, South African Police Service, the old Knights Templar, United Nations, etc.) to protect them so that they are allowed to commit crime and extort people in various places.

Thereby, the rabble commit the crime at the bottom, and at the top of the organised crime syndicate, the master provides protection to the criminals below.

The head of the organised crime syndicate organises the court, the Legal Practice Council, the police, etc. to protect the Freemasons/Illuminati/Mafia/Kleinbron Estate (HOA/Trustees)/Osro/church/Scientology when they sue someone or when they are sued, and/or they provide an army, or just confiscate their enemy’s weapons and firearms, when war is looming.

Privacy invasion

The harassers will invade your privacy, and they will accuse you of invading their privacy, to destroy your confidence, and coerce you into paying them extortion money. If you put security cameras up, they will mock you by saying you are spying on them and recording their childrens’ bedrooms and bathrooms, and they will lie and pretend that they have evidence that you are invading their privacy. This is all a ruse to destroy your confidence and for you to give them extortion money.

Privacy is an illusion. Unless you still live in the 10th century, on Mars, the Amazon jungle or high in the Himalayan mountains, or in a cave, there is no privacy anymore. We are all being monitored closely and constantly. Even the organised crime syndicate and the harassers are being monitored 24/7. There is no privacy anymore in this day and age.

Face it – your privacy cannot be invaded, because you don’t have any privacy!

So do not worry if harassers “invade your privacy”. Your privacy is in your imagination. You didn’t have any privacy to begin with. You only thought you did. And neither does the organised crime syndicate have any privacy, even though they may try very hard to pretend to have it.

Property harassment

See “real estate harassment”.


It is very likely that the female harassers have a background in prostitution, and they will try to seduce you to get evidence of infidelity, to blackmail you and break up your relationships, so that you will pay them extortion money.

Female harassers/prostitutes take their ill-begotten children to “play” in front of your house as a convenient and seemingly-innocent excuse for them to “just by complete coincidence and happenstance” be standing around in front of your house and to loiter, and to “just be playing there”. Actually, they very specifically choose whatever spot they stand in, where you can see them, and they tell their child to specifically play there, and they will pretend as if it was the child who picked that specific spot in front of your house by themselves (why would a parent take their child to play in front of a suspected pedophile’s house anyway?), to hide their crime. It was not a coincidence, even though they make it look that way. While the child plays, the female harasser then menacingly stares at you and glares into your house, from across the street. All completely by sheer coincidence, of course.

Typical harassment body language moves are having their back to you and then bending over forwards to pretend to pick something up from the ground, with their bum towards you, as an excuse to show their bum to you, i.e. they are “wiping their ass off on you”, to show you how little they care about you because you are not worth anything, I guess. (Logically, if you weren’t worth anything, they wouldn’t be wasting their time in the first place, trying to harass you for extortion money, so you’re definitely and most certainly of very much worth to them).

When you record them with your cellphone, loitering on your lawn, they will just shrug their shoulders up in a pretend-angry way, as if to say “why are you filming me on your lawn if I didn’t do anything wrong?”. Never mind the fact that they are literally busy LOITERING on YOUR lawn HARASSING YOU – no no, oh no, the very important gaslighting question here is obviously WHY ARE YOU FILMING ME, AN INNOCENT WOMAN? In other words, it’s an attempt to shift the focus and rewrite the narrative to: “why are you collecting evidence that I am harassing you, instead of paying me extortion money?”.

Screaming rape is the most common tactic for female harassers, but it’s as old as the mountains, and luckily we all know the story about the shepherd who cried wolf too many times.

Protection money

The purpose of the harassment is, among other things, for you to pay them extortion money as “protection” so that they won’t harass you. However, they will only harass you more if you pay them any money, for protection or otherwise.

Children (especially orphans) are often used to do the actual physical collecting of protection money from victims, since children can seem more inconspicuous while running around in the street from house to house and person to person, because it reasonably appears they are “just running around” and “playing”, and a reasonable person would not suspect that the child is busy “taking protection money that they collected back to the syndicate”, and so children are used to launder the extorted money into the criminal syndicate, distracting the attention away from the crime and from the criminals.

Protection order

When you finally expose the harassment you are enduring, the harassers will turn it around and create fake charges that you are harassing them. The cheapest way to do so is to go to family court and get a protection order against you, to get you to stop exposing them. This is finally an opportunity for you to state your case in front of a judge (a real one or not, doesn’t matter), expose the people harassing you, and find out if you are right or wrong. You are right, otherwise they wouldn’t have harassed you.

Only call family members as witnesses, who you can trust, who have been direct victims or witnesses of the harassment.

Legal action used to silence you are called SLAPP suits. SLAPP means “Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation”. A protection order that prohibits you from saying something, with the threat of jail time, is called a gag order, and it is a type of SLAPP suit.

Organised crime is in control of the courts and the law, so don’t be fooled into believing that what they are doing is legal. Sure, they control the law, and even though they “officially legalise” it and get away with what they do through bribery and corruption of judges, that still doesn’t make it right, lawful and just to commit crime and harassment, or to put a SLAPP suit on you in the form of a protection order.


Provocation is not illegal, so do not react to it, because that is the reason why they provoke you, to get an unnecessary reaction from you that they can use to harass you more.


An individual of any race can fall victim to organised crime. The organised crime syndicate only sees the color of money. To the harassers, it’s not about race, ethnic cleansing or political ideology. It’s not about winning or losing, control, dominance, influence, respect, reproduction, fear, mortality or morality. Its about stealing money from victims. It’s about unjustified enrichment. The organised crime syndicate may shift the focus and control the narrative on to certain races or genders or nationalities, but it is just misdirection to hide the crime, which is to extort money from victims.


Organised crime uses various rackets to generate income streams. Each type of income stream is called a racket. It is setup in such a way to lure victims in, receive money from the victim, get rid of the victim and hide the crime, and repeat the process on the next victim.

Real estate harassment

Your biggest financial asset is your house, your physical dwelling. After that, it is your pension, for the average person like you and me. Real estate harassment is a type of racket (fraud scheme) that works by marketing a property to an unsuspecting victim (i.e. you), getting you to purchase the property and pay a large amount of money for it, then harassing you and making you desperate to move away from the property, then getting you to sell the house for a low price, then they buy the house from you for a low price (because you’re desperate to sell and just get away from there), and then they repeat the process again by reselling the property to the next victim for a high price, and make the next victim sell for a low price again, over and over and over and over, each time making a profit from the difference in the purchase price and selling price. They rinse and repeat this process, hiding their crime and receiving a tremendous passive income from the property.

Victims are usually first-time home buyers with enough extra capital so that they are willing to suffer a tremendous loss by selling their property, because they are desperate to move away. This is how “real estate investment” generates huge profits for “investors”.

Home owners with newborn kids are also typically targeted. Newborn babies and young kids are very demanding, and basically very mentally-exhausting and emotionally-draining little mental patients, who act in mentally unstable ways (because their brains are still developing), and what do harasser neighbours (chameleon-camouflaged crypto-neighbours) then do to make your situation even more difficult than it already is? They then ALSO act in mentally unstable and obnoxious ways (like your children do) so that you don’t have to deal with just your own already-demanding children, but also with your childish, crazy and chaotic neighbours, to double-drain, triple-drain, quadruple-drain you mentally and emotionally and physically, up to your breaking point, causing you to “lose it” and have a mental breakdown, and then move away from your house and pay extortion money to get rid of the artificial problem.

Real estate investment

Codeword for “real estate harassment”. While there do exist legitimate “real estate investments”, in order to make good money out of “real estate investment”, there has to be a regular turnover of property ownership, which means that each new owner of the property needs to keep reselling the property, in order to keep turning a profit on the property, i.e. so that the property remains a good and sustainable “real estate investment” for “investors”.

Real estate sales

Real estate is primarily founded upon harassment. If nobody wants to buy or sell property, there is no real estate market.

How do you make people “want” to buy or sell property? The answer: Harassment.

Harassment is the dirty little secret of real estate that they don’t want you to know about.

The 4 D’s of real estate sales:

  1. Debt
  2. Divorce
  3. Desperate
  4. Death

To get someone to sell their house, you can compel them to: (1) have more debt than they can afford, (2) get divorced, (3) become desperate through harassment, and (4) cause death and death threats in their family.

Reductio ad absurdum and contradiction

“Reductio ad absurdum” is an attempt to “prove that a statement is true” (albeit a logical fallacy) by “proving” that the opposite of that “truth” would be absurd, and thus that the statement therefore “must” be true, as it “would be absurd for the statement to not be true”.

The “legal” arguments used against you by the organised crime syndicate all take the form of “reductio ad absurdum”, since they are criminals and what they are doing is illegal, to try to get you to convince yourself that you are wrong because you are “absurd”, and therefore that the harassers are right to steal your property.

Related to Kaballah – which means to “receive”, i.e. to “take everything”, to “oppose everything”, to “contradict everything”. See also “Chutzpah” and “Conspiracy theory”.


The organised crime syndicate attempts to isolate, control and enslave you by portraying your existence as being nothing in itself, and only being of significance relative to other things. So, all of your identity, all your clear thoughts, all your basic understanding of right and wrong, become fluid and relative, and nothing is absolute or sure anymore, as anything can be anything else, and everything can be changed and guided and determined by the organised crime syndicate, as no thought or concrete thing exists by itself anymore, since nothing exists, and everything can be brought in and out of existence by the whims of the organised crime syndicate, as they deem fit for their criminal needs.

The truth is that nothing is on a spectrum. If it was, then we could say that pink is a type of color, thus pink is a form of green. A horse is a form of car. A man is a form of woman. A psychopath is on a spectrum of brain disorder. A cake can exist without the cake’s ingredients.

If you take relativity to its logical conclusion, then we can say, because a planet’s size can be on a spectrum, tomorrow the planet can identify as a sun or as a cup of coffee.

Something can “look like” something else, but it doesn’t mean the thing actually is something else than what is, or that it is what it looks like, just because it appears to relatively look like something else. Things can be similar and related and compared, but it does not mean they are thus the same and equal.

Just because you are gaslighted into thinking something is a certain incorrect way, doesn’t mean that it really is that incorrect way.

Relativity is absurd. Relativity is “spectrum”. Relativity is mind slavery. Mind slavery is slavery. Slavery is a crime. Relativity is slavery and absurd. Relativity is a crime. Relativity is hiding a crime.

Brain disorders, feelings, crime, measurements, accuracy, precision, everything can be relative, nothing is fixed, according to the organised crime syndicate.

Even science – physics – has not gone unscathed by the organised crime syndicate. Quantum mechanics is an attempt to explain the wave-particle duality of light. Not even light is absolute anymore, because the “infinitely-smart and therefore right physicists” have decided it is both a wave and a particle, its existence is relative and fluid. Well what if there’s just a third form of existence that isn’t a wave or particle, and that we haven’t discovered yet? Why does light definitely need to be relative and fluid and “both at the same time”? Because: absurdity and hiding crime.

This is true: Just because the universe is absolute, it doesn’t mean that life cannot also be flexible and dynamic and interesting.

Relativity comes down to this: The victim has no individual rights, and the organised crime syndicate is the authority to which the victim must submit, because there are no absolute authorities or rights or crimes or laws, since everything is relative and nothing is fixed.

The takeaway from the above is this, and this is the truth: Everything in existence is only absolute, nothing exists on a spectrum, it is just our mind’s limited ability and understanding to discern the absolute truth of things, that makes things relative, because everything is definite, fixed and absolute, and everything is what it is, and it is nothing else than what it is. Everything can be known if you had the ability to know it. Just because you don’t have the ability to know something, doesn’t mean that it cannot be known – how else could something exist if it cannot exist.

Role players

  • Banks
  • Bribed company owners
  • Contractors/employees
  • Court employees (clerks and judges)
  • CSOS (Community Schemes Ombud Service, South African government)
  • Firearms resellers
  • HOA (Home Owners Association)
  • Insurance companies
  • Legal firms
  • Levy collection agencies
  • Neighbours
  • SAPS (South African Police Service), Hawks, Interpol (since the harassment is ongoing and the courts remain complicit, despite the authorities having been notified and informed – they can literally just come over and arrest them right now to solve the problem – but they don’t)
  • Security companies
  • Most international organizations with re-housing and re-settlement agendas

Ruby Ridge

Mr Randy Weaver stood up to the organised crime syndicate in 1992, which was hidden inside the United States Government.

Mr Weaver’s true offense against the organised crime syndicate (if he was not controlled opposition) was an unwillingness to pay tax. The media and legal system shifted the focus away from that, by portraying Mr Weaver as an enemy of the state.

His cabin home was located in Ruby Ridge, the name of a mountain region in Boundary Country, Idaho, where he was living with his wife and four children.

After a stake-out of 18 months, the US Marshals, FBI and ATF conducted a siege upon his cabin home in Ruby Ridge in 1992 due to his making and selling of a sawed-off shotgun to an undercover agent, and thus for conspiracy against the government.

The community that Mr Weaver lived in was safe. Mr Weaver was not aggressive and he did not pose any threat to the community, and his selling a sawed-off shotgun to an undercover agent, did not imply he was a dangerous criminal or a peril to society.

Mr Weaver’s wife and son were murdered, and the incident became known as the siege of Ruby Ridge.

Mr Weaver eventually surrendered, and stood trial for ten criminal charges, where on all but one charge he was acquitted for. The one charge he was found guilty on, was for failing to appear at court on the sawed-off shotgun charge. His defense was that he did not have the correct court date, and thus that he was not intentionally in contempt of court. He was fined $10,000 and spent 18 months in jail for this criminal charge.

Mr Weaver’s three living daughters were awarded $1,000,000 each, and Mr Weaver received $100,000 for the murder of his wife and son.

It is entirely possible that Mr Weaver was a double agent, that the entire Weaver family are/were actors, Randy Weaver wasn’t his real name, that his wife and son and dog did not die at Ruby Ridge, and that they were all working as controlled opposition along with the organised crime syndicate, pretending to be opposed to them, and that the Ruby Ridge incident was staged as psy-ops to scare and coerce the American public into submission and subjugation to the authority of the organised crime syndicate hidden inside the US Government, showing the public that their family members would be murdered and that they would go to jail, if they ever stood up to the government – as well as encouraging the public to ultimately make use of attorneys against the authorities, which just leads to legal fee extortion. One will never know Mr Weaver’s true intentions, that only he himself would have known, since one can only rely on the controlled media’s portrayal of him.

Scam advertisements and spam message attacks

You will receive incessant phone calls and mail up to the point that you effectively cannot use your phone or mailbox anymore. It is done to keep you distracted, preoccupied and in a state of panic from the one moment to the next, to draw your attention away from the “big picture” and figuring out that you are a target of real estate theft.

Spam messages to distract you include among the following:

  • Funeral plan and insurance plan advertisements;
  • Job offers;
  • Pharmaceutical business partnership proposals from Hong Kong/Taiwan/Japan/Nigeria/Zambia/Zimbabwe;
  • Fake recruitment agent emails;
  • Solar panel advertisements;
  • Mail from the municipality that electricity maintenance will be done and you will be without power;
  • Messages from your bank requesting you to change your password due to possible hacking, and then follow-up emails “ensuring” you that your bank accounts and information is secure;
  • Loan offers from banks and credit providers, credit cards from clothing stores;
  • Fake messages to help you apply for a firearm license after your firearms were confiscated;
  • Mail addressed to previous homeowners, including telephone bills, hospital bills and clothing account credit cards;
  • Messages from cellphone providers about airtime and outstanding account payments;
  • Fake legal bills from fake law firms;
  • Fake HOA levy account statements;
  • Website revamp offers;
  • Emails that you won the lottery;
  • Fake training seminars;
  • Fake messages about deceased wills and estates;
  • Houses and property for sale or rent, messages from real estate agents inquiring if your house is for sale and if they can market it;
  • Messages from your HOA that there are burst water pipes and fines to be charged for dogs on the loose in your area;
  • Requests from employers to relocate for work on fake projects;
  • Thousands of spam emails arriving at your employers’ email servers on payday and to yourself on your birthday;
  • And more.

The messages are sent to you to extort money from you and to hide the crime. And make no mistake, spam messages are a crime, since it is an attempt to hide a crime. An attempt to hide a crime is called “staging a crime scene” and “tampering with evidence”.

Another trick is for scammers to create confusion among thousands of people (among whom you are one of) by sending an email to a “mailing list email address”, which has been pre-setup to automatically forward any email messages that it receives, back to those thousands of people, which also happens to include your email address. So, it parrots/echoes back whatever is sent to it. Thousands of email recipients then, in their confusion, start “replying to” the automatic forwarding email address, requesting to be removed from the “mailing list,” thereby unknowingly creating a massive self-perpetuating feedback loop of spam, caused by the unwitting recipients on the “mailing list” themselves, which was precisely the intent of the scammers’ original email sent in the first place.

School interference

Home school your kids, because, harassers will contact your children, your childrens’ schools, their  teachers, other parents, etc., claiming that you are a pedophile, a pervert, a rapist, a peeping tom, an abusive parent, a danger to children, aggressive to children, etc., and then you have to take your children out of their schools, over and over again, each time that the harassers make a false sexual claim against you. Trust me, your childrens’ reputations will be destroyed, they will be bullied because of you, and you won’t have any other choice but to take them out of school. They won’t be allowed to have friends, or participate in school activities,  and the spectre of pedophilia and its shadows of darkness will hang over them and haunt them throughout their school careers and most likely beyond that into their adult lives. It’s in your power to shield them from that – your children didn’t do anything wrong, and they don’t deserve that life.

This is done by the organised crime syndicate to harass you and your family, to extort money from you, and make you move away from your house.

The  stigma upon your children for having a parent who is an alleged pedophile will anyway make it impossible for them to learn and perform at school, so it’s pointless to put them in a school in the first place, it’s simply better to just home school your children right from the start, rather than waiting for the inevitable false sexual allegations to happen, and the knee-jerk reaction of moving them to new schools over and over again to keep escaping the false sexual allegations.

You will have to home school your children eventually – so do it sooner rather than later. Avoid the hassle and financial burden of temporarily relying on useless brain-washing institutions.

Men, work harder and earn more money to support your family on a single income. Women, stay home and raise your children. Men, do what you are good at – work your ass off. Women, do what you are good at – have many children and nurture them well. Single parents, it was your decision or your unfortunate fate, so you’re on your own.


Secrecy (and control) is maintained through blackmail and harassment, i.e. fear. If you reveal the existence of the organisation, you will also become a victim, so it is “better” for those committing the harassment, to not be snitches, and follow the instructions of the management of the organised crime syndicate.

Security cameras

If you install security cameras around your house, you will be accused of being a pedophile and of doing privacy invasion against your harasser neighbours (chameleon-disguised crypto-neighbours).

The neighbours, Home Owners Association, and the police, will launch legal action against you in an attempt to have your security cameras removed, by claiming that you use your security cameras to record childrens’ bedrooms and bathrooms.

Self Control

You must be the one who has the strongest will, the ability to be mocked and hurt, and just count to 10 and centre yourself, and maintain your composure, even though the harassers absolutely deserve all your scorn and wrath. It’s just not worth it to give it to them, rather let them exhaust themselves to death.


Harassers will plant ideas in your mind so you will harass yourself. That way, you make yourself worry and do their work for them, so that they don’t have to. The only thing harassing yourself will accomplish, is to help the harassers to harass you.

Selling your property

Do not sell your property until the harassment has fully stopped. Inform the next person of the harassers. When the house has harassment issues, it is best to sell the property to a police officer, paralegal, lawyer, attorney, advocate or judge, someone who is trained to legally handle harassment, and who will have professional means at their disposal to get rid of the harassers.

If you sell your property and move away while your firearms are confiscated, the organised crime syndicate will commit a crime with your firearms and frame you for the crime by saying your firearms were already returned to you when the crime was committed. Because you have moved from your house, there will be indirect circumstantial evidence that you tried to get away from the crime, and along with the police’s fake testimony, you will be found guilty and sent to jail.

Thus, do not move while there is any ongoing harassment, ongoing legal action, ongoing protection orders, or confiscated firearms.

Sense of despair

Retreat into your own world where you make the rules.


Never settle. Surrender is not an option. To settle is simply a sign of weakness. As soon as you want to settle, the harassers will simply take advantage of your vulnerability and seize the opportunity to pounce on you to extort you and destroy you.


Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex.

This simply cannot be overstated.

Sex is the main weapon mobilised against you, and it will be the constant theme of your life that the organised crime syndicate will continuously focus on, and implant ideas about in your mind through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, to maximise your distaste, discomfort and cognitive dissonance.

Penises, vaginas, dicks, pussies, extramarital affairs, camel-toes, rape, pedophilia, sex with children, prostitution, impregnating little girls by rape, privacy, penetration, sexual advances, sexual body parts, sexual stimulation, sexual reproduction, screaming rape, screaming that you are making them uncomfortable, porn, sexual deviancy, victims of sex, filming naked children, filming people in underwear, inappropriate sexual behaviour,  the innocence of children, abducting children for rape and torture, abduction of your child, inserting harasser individuals during time spent between you and your child in order to hurt and separate the relationship between your child and yourself, orgies, small p.p., gorilla noises during sex, homosexual sex, gay men, lesbian women, prison rape, murderous rape, murder and rape, feminism, patriarchy.

Sex (and racism, and legal action) is the unspoken-yet-extremely-very-much-implied “boogie man”, the “scary ghost that you must be very afraid of, or else” concept that the organised crime syndicate will torture you with non-stop, until you finally capitulate and surrender and abandon your house and give them extortion money, so that they will take the “sex” and “child rape” and “racism” and “legal action” propaganda away.

In a sense, harassment is “raping a victim’s mind”, it is “unwanted thought sex”, and hence, harassment and sex go together as a weapon to try to demoralise and control victims.

As the saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, confuse them”, through harassment and cognitive dissonance and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Shell companies (shelf companies)

The organised crime syndicate will register shell companies, with company addresses in close proximity to the targeted house, even at the houses next door to the targeted house, to facilitate the purchase, laundering and transfer of the ownership of the targeted house, to hide the crime of real estate harassment.

The purchase of targeted houses can then be reasonably explained away as “business ventures”, due to the “close proximity” of the house to the company addresses of the shell company/companies that purchased the targeted house for “business purposes”, e.g. to “start a guest house”, “for rental income”, etc.

Kleinbron Estate attempted to distribute the risk of the real estate harassment operation from being detected, by registering multiple shell companies in Kleinbron Estate on different persons’ names, and distributing the sale and laundering of property across those multiple companies.

When you unknowingly become a victim by buying a house targeted for real estate harassment, you will be able to detect that it is so, through a subtle hesitance and reluctance in the conveyancing attorney, when one starts to discuss options with them regarding whether the property should be purchased in the victim’s own name, in a company, or in a trust, such as was the case when Mr Theo Fitchat, the purchaser of 91 Frangipani Street, discussed those options with Mr Jurgens Tubb (MHi Attorneys) in March 2019. The reason for the reluctance is most likely because the organised crime syndicate is in a stronger legal position in terms of contract law, e.g. through will theory, as litigation upon a natural person (on whose name the property is) would typically yield better legal results, than to take legal action against a company or against a trust (a juristic person) on whose name the property is registered, since it is easier to apply pressure on a natural person who is alive than on a juristic person which isn’t “alive and breathing”, and so, victims should be guided to transfer targeted properties on to their own names, rather than into a company or a trust.

In summary, a targeted house can be identified when there are various shell companies registered in the surrounding area of the house, or registered at other addresses but by the same homeowners of houses in the surrounding area. The shell companies facilitate the property transfer of targeted houses, and the payment of transfer and legal fees, without revealing the real benefactors of the property transfer and real estate harassment.


The only legally permitted person to deliver a summons from and to the court.

They also execute warrants ordered by the court, like a “warrant of execution” to repossess money from you, for whatever reason – debt, alimony, maintenance, default judgments, etc.

But the main day to day work of a sheriff is to deliver a summons to a defendant. The summons is usually written up by an attorney, but technically and legally, anyone can deliver any document to anyone for any reason via a sheriff.

The sheriff is “licensed” to deliver documents on behalf of a given court. One sheriff can technically work for different courts, i.e. they can be licensed to deliver documents for one or more courts at the same time. A specific sheriff office’s only restriction is that their “court license” only allows the office to deliver court documents to a specific geographic area, in specific neighbourhoods and streets.

Just Google the sheriff offices/departments near you, to get their email addresses, and send them emails with your questions. They will help you after all, because they are a public servant and they get money for providing services such as delivering documents. They won’t say no to money, so they will be very inclined to help you – if they don’t want to help you and do their duty, they’ll just starve to death! As anyone else would. Or they can just give up and go into organised crime and become a harasser. But I digress.

Shining lights

Organised crime harassers will shine spotlights of blinding light into your house.

Smear campaign

The harassers will defame you in any way possible, on all social media platforms, to get you to pay them extortion money.

The accusations will be trivialities, but the amount of fake accounts that will come out in support of the false allegations, will give the sense that their accusations are legitimate and serious. They are not, since one would not simply put actual serious accusations on the internet, which would prejudice yourself and your case.

Social media stalking

You will be stalked on Whatsapp, Facebook and other platforms. Photos of your house will be posted. It is all for the sole purpose of getting a reaction from you so they can extort money from you.

Spelling words and names wrong

In documents and correspondence with the organised crime syndicate, they will purposefully spell your name wrong (like adding an extra “e”, “t”, “u”, etc. in between and/or at the end of your names and surname) and make other bizarre, “irritating” spelling and grammar mistakes (“you’re” instead of “your”, etc.), to pretend that they are “disrespecting” you, to provoke you, to get you to engage with them on a “petty” level, keeping you occupied with non-sensical grammar nazi busywork, but more importantly and more sinister, to hide their crime by trying to look “dumb” (and thus that they are not an intellectually-savvy organised crime syndicate who are targeting you), to distract you from figuring out that you very much are targeted by intellectually-savvy criminals, who very much are planning and coordinating their crime, and trying to hide it to get away with it.

Spiders, bees, cockroaches

Harasser neighbours (chameleon-camouflaged crypto-neighbours) will try to make you feel uncomfortable by saying there are all kinds of insects around your house, to get you to move away from the house (see “real estate harassment”).


The organised crime syndicate transcends their street theatre into sport as well, for example, the Rugby World Cup 2023.

Sport is a big money-making operation, it is a major extortion racket.

Modern sport is a television street theatre production for the purpose of propaganda, extortion and harassment, disguised as entertainment and gambling.

The “sport players” are paid actors, acting their part. The outcomes of matches are decided and agreed upon and fixed, long before the “match” takes place.

Players have no say in the outcome, the same as an actor does not have a say in a script – they can either follow the script, or they can quit.

And of course, it’s easier to go with the flow, become rich from playing your part, than quitting and not getting rich. It’s a no-brainer.

Reasons for why a specific world cup nation is chosen/declared to be the winner for a specific game, are to “prove” the superiority of one race over another, since each team represents a metaphoric “race”, and the game they play is a metaphorical racial battle.

In a Neuro-Linguistic Programming sense, the team that wins, represents the “race” that wins, which then instills the idea in the minds of television watchers that the team (“race”) who won, is the superior race, and that is how the organised crime syndicate can be covertly racist without explicitly saying that one particular race is superior to another – it is “proven” by the team/race taking the victory.


Organised crime harassers will install cameras around you and listening devices inside your house to spy on you. You will not have any privacy, and you will need to come to terms with it. Privacy is overrated. Live a life that you are not ashamed of, do not hide yourself. Then you will take away the reason for them to spy on you and harass you, and they will not do it, since there would be no point, as you do not have anything to hide and there is nothing to “spy” from you and no reason to harass you.

Spy network

You will notice cars following you when you leave your house, work, go to the mall, etc. You will notice people following you by foot wherever you go. You will notice people hanging around your house when you return there.

You are not crazy or imagining things. This is a hierarchy and network of people who are working together to harass and extort you. This is not random behaviour. This is organised crime.


You will be followed around everywhere when you go out of your house. You will even be stalked by next-door neighbours when you walk around in your own yard. Neighbours have most likely installed motion detection cameras aimed at your yard, to track and study your movements, to formulate their plans on how to best harass you.


Live in yourself, be calm, do not live for the praise of others.

Storm in a teacup

One of the main provocation methods of the organised crime syndicate is to make a huge deal out of nothing, to make you overreact for their benefit, and to blow your normal behaviour completely out of proportion, to portray you as insane for having normal feelings.

Whatever you do, remember that they are criminals and that they are wrong and you are right. You don’t have to prove it to anyone, least of all to the organised crime syndicate. You know who you are, and that is all that matters. Don’t overreact or consider what they are doing to be anything other than harassment. It is only harassment. And if you make anything more of it than what it is – then you are the one making more of the harassment than what it is – which is precisely what they want you to do and precisely why they are harassing you in the first place.

Strawman arguments

The harassers will make up the most ridiculous and absurd stories and accusations about you that rewrite the narrative of your actions and words, it will be implied that your actions and words fit the mold of some “strawman” (i.e. pedophile, rapist, racist, etc.) and they will use that as “evidence” to “prove” that you thus are that “strawman” because you allegedly fit all the characteristics and attributes of some strawman the harassers wish to portray you as. It’s all lies and mind games, even they know that it’s just strawman arguments. The joke’s on you for taking the strawman arguments seriously.

Also, harassers plant lies and misinformation in between truths to make you believe your situation is worse than it really is, and by mixing the truth with the lie in this way, “the truth becomes the lie”, causing the truth you tell when you expose them to also become a ridiculous lie along with the actual lies that they make up.

And this then is how the strawman argument works – since it is untrue when you say their lies are untrue, then it “must also” mean, by strawman logic, that it is also untrue when you say your truths are true.

Strong men

Strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times, hard times create strong men.

The harasser men and women are weak. They are the opposite of strong. They are harassers because they are weak. They can’t do a normal job, an honest day’s work, or fit into society, and that is why they behave abnormally – because they are abnormal, and in all likelihood, harassers suffer from various mental issues and drug addictions which cause them to be unstable, unpredictable and unreliable.


Harassers will monitor your every move, inside and outside your house.

They will find out who your visitors are, and contact them to get information about you.

They will bribe contractors to do incorrect work at your house.

They will follow you around in shops and on holiday.

They will install listening devices in your home to hear your conversations, and they will use information gleaned from it to tailor coercive messages to you to get you to pay them extortion money.

Surveillance: From which houses are they watching you

The organised crime syndicate will place watchers and cameras in houses around you with a wide field of view. In other words, if you live in a single-story house, the front and back of your house will be watched by double-story houses around you. The houses will have one-way windows and/or protective film on the windows, so that you cannot see the equipment used and harassers employed to film and watch you.

“Red herring” houses and harasser neighbours (chameleon-disguised crypto-neighbours) will be used to distract your attention away from the actual houses from where the hierarchical operations against you, such as intelligence gathering and attack coordination, are being planned and executed from. Basically, the entire organised crime harassment operation against you is an attempt to do the crime and hide the crime at the same time.

You (and the ground-level harassers) are of course not just watched from a distance from other houses, but you are also being permanently secretly monitored and watched from inside your own house as well, with hidden spy cameras and listening devices, in your roof space, inside light switches, light fittings, security cameras, garage motors, etc.

Your computers, webcams, phones, emails, sms’s, Whatsapps, motor vehicles, social media accounts/messages/likes, municipal accounts, financial/bank/investment/asset/tax/pension/employment information, customer purchases, consumer habits, credit/service accounts, political affiliation, religious affiliation, legal situation, criminal/traffic fine records, travel arrangements and movements, sleeping habits, family/friendship/employer/colleague/intimate relationships, medical history, drug addictions, mental problems, sexual/pornography/fetish interests, hobbies, gun ownership, search engine/video watching/music listening history, etc. are also permanently monitored, even assisted with AI and machine learning, to keep your targeted harassment profile updated.

Swimming pool

Neighbours harassing you will switch on their swimming pool motors at night time, precisely when you or your children go to bed. It is a common illegal eviction tactic to irritate you into moving, and paying them extortion money.

Harassers also rattle their pool cleaning equipment, like pool brushes/brooms made of metal/aluminium, to provoke you with clanging noises, and make your dogs bark and alert you for no reason. They do this in the middle of the night, at any random time, when they know you are busy or sleeping.

Remember that all harassment actions follow a “Flowchart”, so whatever they do, it will seem random to you, but it is not random to them, it was meticulously planned and scheduled for maximum effectiveness to disturb and harass you.

Targeted emails

The organised crime syndicate are able to find out to which newsletters and mailing lists your email address is subscribed.

Mailing list owners sell the email addresses they have collected – it is a very lucrative business called “direct marketing”.

The organised crime syndicate then requests the owner of the mailing list to write a targeted email to you, specifically, containing various Neuro-Linguistic Programming keywords and references relevant to you, based on their surveillance of you in your house, and from other conversations you have had with them.

To give the appearance that the email is legitimate, it is crucial that the email be sent from a trusted source, i.e. a mailing list that you have subscribed to and that you presumably trust, due to your personal outlook.

In truth, the mailing list cannot be trusted, and the owner of the mailing list was paid to write you a targeted email, designed and crafted by the organised crime syndicate, to inform and convince you of whatever it is that they want you to think.

If you reply to the email you received, the response from the mailing list owner will be that they “have been made aware that spam is being sent from their email address”, to try to convince you that they did not target you.


Harassers do make use of technology to gain an upper-hand. They use social media, spy devices, phishing, scamming, identity theft, directed speakers, solar-powered spotlights, motion-detection cameras to turn lights and sounds on and off, automatic timers, spyware on your phones and computers, etc.

Tenacity / resilience

Harassers work hard to appear resilient and that they have tenacity.

It is gaslighting, all an illusion, because harassers are just rats moving around in the dark, they are deathly afraid of actual danger.

If you single out and isolate the individual harasser in the group, it becomes clear they are scared and weak, on their own they are useless and weak, and you are strong. They have to harass, because they are not good enough to have a normal job.

Harassers need to gang up on you together, because individually they are useless, and they stand no chance in beating you in an equal fight. You would destroy them in one-on-one direct combat, and that is why they have to gang up on you.

The meaning of words and phrases

Nobody “owns” words or the meaning of words, or owns ideas or the right to have and think and believe an idea or a meaning of a word. The belief that is held in a word’s meaning cannot change, even if the word is changed. Nobody can do so, because nobody owns words and ideas, and because the understanding of ideas is personally embedded, so nobody “owns you” or “owns your thoughts”, except you.

There also are no wrong ideas, because all ideas are simply the end product of an evolutionary advantage gained over millions and millions of years, ideas that simply were necessary and perfected by an individual and their ancestors, which aided them in their survival, when they held the idea in their minds.

You cannot eliminate an idea/thought/feeling by banning or officially changing a  word or phrase that is commonly used to refer to that idea/thought/feeling, because an idea/thought/feeling is actually a complex interplay and interaction between neurons and pathways in the brain. Your neurons don’t change, and your neurons couldn’t care less when a word, or the meaning of a word, is changed or banned.

If you ban someone’s religious belief, or change the words used to describe that belief, then that belief doesn’t just change or go away. It remains, because beliefs also are represented by neurons, pathways, and the interaction between them, and they don’t change when you belittle, label or ban a belief. And wouldn’t you just be a criminal oppressor and a bully if that’s what you tried to do to someone?

The color of the sky won’t change, if you change the meaning of the word “blue” or if you say that “it is a conspiracy theory that the sky is blue”. The sky will still be “blue”, no matter what name you give to the sky’s color, and no matter what other color you say the sky is. If someone truly believes the sky is green, it won’t make a difference if you show them the sky is blue, because they truly believe the sky is green. Similarly, if someone truly believes the sky is blue, it won’t make a difference if you show them the sky is green, because they truly believe the sky is blue.

Ask yourself this: Who is more wrong – the one holding a personal belief, or the one trying to oppress someone’s personal belief? Answer that first, and only then decide whose words you agree with.

The second lie makes the first lie true

Harassers use this verbal strategy in conversation, or in writing, to convince victims of a first lie, by telling the victim a second lie in which the victim has to presume the truth of the first lie, to maintain social cohesion with the harasser.

In this way, lies can be stacked on top of each other one by one, each new lie making the previous lie true, by acceptance of the newest lie.

It goes hand in hand with the fact that, when a lie is repeated often enough, it becomes the truth.

Even the most blatantly blatant of lies can become true if the lie is told over and over enough times and reinforced through enough channels.

Harassers even make completely unbelievable overblown claims, obviously not true, in an attempt to convince the victim to accept that the smaller lie therefore is true, since the bigger lie obviously isn’t true.

And contrary to the above, sometimes the more blatant the lie, then even the less likely the victim is to question it, as victims dare not fathom that someone would be able to concoct lies designed simply to persuade them into submission.

Call it what you will, but it is a simple yet effective sales/marketing/persuasion/psy-ops/Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique to get you to give money to the organised crime syndicate.

Thys van Tonder

Mr Thys van Tonder‘s role in the organised crime syndicate was “stigmatiser”, “oppression initiator” and “dehumaniser”, i.e. he “triggers” people, to get a reaction, from which the organised crime syndicate can profit through various means. To “oppress” means to take a victim’s basic rights away, in order to profit from the victim’s voluntary responses to stop being a victim. His allegations that Mr Theo Fitchat was “aggressive” and to “report him to the police and give the history” were fake social shaming reactions. The purpose of those were as an application of labeling theory and conditioning.

Mr Thys van Tonder claims to be the “CEO & Founder of Royal Heritage Commodities” and that he studied at “His People Bible School”. The filming of the incident of real estate harassment by Mr Thys van Tonder against Mr Theo Fitchat on 19 October 2021 is available here. More details of the incident are available here.

The steps to profit from a victim, by engaging with the victim as an oppressor through real estate harassment, are:

  1. Be an oppressor
  2. Stereotype the victim
  3. Control the victim through oppression
  4. Establish a victim mentality in the victim
  5. Exploit the victim

Stigmatic labeling (i.e. Mr Fitchat is “aggressive towards children”) justified the exploitation and criminalization of the victim, which then made it possible to reinforce and anchor harassment actions (i.e. (1) Mr Tyrone Johnson publicly stating that he caught Mr Fitchat filming his son, Luke Johnson, in a towel, after Mr Thys van Tonder claimed that Mr Fitchat is aggressive towards children, (2) Mrs Marianne Johnson corroborating Mr Tyrone Johnson that she witnessed Mr Fitchat filming her child in a towel, and that he is recording her children in their bedrooms and bathrooms, (3) Mrs Mariné Franken stating that Mr Fitchat recorded her daughter, Alaina-Jane Franken, in her bedroom, (4) Mrs Yvonne Viljoen stating that Mr Fitchat recorded her daughters in their bedrooms and bathrooms, (5) SJC Security indicating that Mr Fitchat is “paranoid and unfit to carry a firearm”, (6) the Kleinbron Estate HOA indicating they received reports that Mr Fitchat was recording a neighbour’s nine-year-old girl in her bedroom (i.e. Alaina-Jane Franken), and (7) the court finding that Mr Johnson did not defame Mr Fitchat when he stated that he caught Mr Fitchat filming his child in a towel, and granting protection orders to Mr Tyrone Johnson and Mrs Marianne Johnson that Mr Fitchat had harassed them – all indicating that Mr Fitchat is “not only aggressive, but also a pedophile and a harasser” – fake shaming reactions) and to elicit emotional responses from the victim from which to profit. In other words, through conditioning of the victim to react to situations, the victim therefore becomes exploitable for house theft. In summary, the purpose of Mr Thys van Tonder was to “create a harassment victim from which to profit financially”.

Title deed

The document that “proves” you are the owner of your property. When you buy a house, the organised crime syndicate will work with your conveyancing attorney to insert a paragraph into your title deed without your knowledge, indicating that you cannot sell the property without their permission. In this way, they attempt to hold your property ransom so that you will pay them extortion money. However, you cannot legally profit from crime, and since you didn’t agree to the contents of the title deed, they cannot legally withhold their permission or extort money from you to obtain their permission when you want to sell your house.

In legal terms, the “justus error doctrine” and the “Consumer Protection Act” (i.e. the consumer’s right to inspect goods related to a purchase before payment), and the fact that the title deed was reasonably withheld from you, will assist you in proving that the fraudulent title deed that you were made a party to without your knowledge, is not a legally binding contract.


You will experience feelings of trauma and PTSD, nightmares, and constant looking behind your back. At first you may think it’s insurmountable and that you don’t stand a chance against the mechanisms of harassment, but you will grow a thick skin and get used to it. Just like Neo who gets thrown out of the Matrix. He alone must stand up against the mind control mechanisms of the machines that hold him prisoner. He finally takes control of the Matrix, and causes it to break down and crumble. The organised crime syndicate also breaks down and crumbles when you rise above your trauma and take control of yourself, the enemy, and the situation.


When you remove a tree from your property, or trim tree branches hanging over from your neighbours’ side, the harassers will claim that you have “destroyed their tree with your bare hands” and that it was a “beautiful tree”. They will say this with a straight face at a protection order hearing, and think it’s too funny that they were able to convince the judge to grant a protection order against you for harassment and malicious property damage, and that the judge had given you and your wife a warning for destroying their property, and not given a warning to the harassers for harassing you, slandering you, and trying to extort and evict you. This is why they think they can get away with property harassment, real estate harassment, landlord harassment and neighbour harassment.

If anyone ever claims that you caused any damage to them, remember: He Who Alleges Must Prove. Tell the harassers to sue you for property damage to their tree or other property. The allegation of property damage will disappear in a puff of logic, because no beautiful tree was destroyed, and the harasser did not suffer any damages.

Always remember that you are the only victim who has actually suffered financial and psychological damage. Whatever claims of suffering they make, it is schadenfreude, to mock your suffering, and they are the ones causing the damage. They play the victim card to hide their crime and to try and extort money from you.


Harassers will come into your yard and re-arrange, destroy or vandalise items, to make you feel unsafe, so that you will move away and/or give them money.

Harassers will also chase you into your house and threaten to come into your house to harm you and your family. They will not actually do so, they will only threaten you, since doing so would mean they would be guilty of committing a crime, and their purpose is to use the threat of force to get you to pay them extortion money, without them having to actually commit a crime to get you to pay them, since you cannot legally profit from crime.

Unlawful arrest

Harassers will work together with lawyers, attorneys and law enforcement to open completely false and fabricated criminal cases against you, have you arrested and detained in police jail cells, take you to court, and then drop the charges right before you would appear in front of a judge. This is done to waste your time, so that you will give them extortion money, resume paying levies, or move away from your house, to get rid of them.

Unwanted attention

A harasser’s job is to make gestures at you with their arms and hands, like waving and pointing, by loitering around you and your property, and by talking to you and about you within your hearing or visible distance, so that you will notice them doing it and for you to be irritated by it, so that you will give them money to stop doing it. That’s mission accomplished for the organised crime harassers.


Harassers will enter your property and damage your home, cars, swimming pool, etc. They do this to make you feel unsafe and to stir conflict between you and your family members, so that you will pay the harassers extortion money to feel “safe” again. You won’t feel safe, they will just keep making you feel more unsafe and demanding more and more extortion money.

Harassers want to leave clues of their break-ins, to show you that they invaded your private space, and you know that they know that it is impossible for you to prove it was them, by breaking into your house when you are not at home, drilling holes into your tile grout, making scratch marks on the walls inside your house, jumping on your beds to damage the base mattresses so that it will become damaged and break earlier that it should, stealing your university certificates from your personal files, and stealing and disposing of your expensive swimming pool cleaning chemicals.

The solution to the above is to never leave your house completely alone, and always make sure that there is at least one person who stays behind at your house to keep guard when you leave your house as a family. This doesn’t break your family unit apart, but rather makes your family more resilient and grow a thick skin to resist organised crime.

Victim card

Harassers will always pretend that you are harassing them, and that they are the victims, in order to hide the fact that they are the ones harassing you.

They will sometimes concede to harassing you, but only on condition that you are both harassing each other, thereby “cancelling” each other out, and making you appear unreasonable.

This type of situation is great, because even though you yourself may then have been found “guilty” of harassment, they are then just as guilty as you are, if not more guilty than you are, and guilty is guilty, regardless of anything.

Victim complex

Even though you are victimised, being a victim is not who you ARE, being victimised is what harassers try to do to you, to make you feel that you are a “hopeless victim”. What you ARE and what you DO are two related but totally different things. So, don’t be a victim, even though you are victimised – rise up, be the strongest, the most resilient, the most flexible, warrior, and defender, and survivor.

Victim profiling

Victims are mainly individuals without legal knowledge, and who own an above-average amount of assets and receive relatively high income and salaries.

Victims are usually those who don’t have close family members staying nearby, so they are individuals who are isolated and who live far away from their family support structure.

Personal attributes of victims include being educated but naïve, successful, sensitive and emotional, but uninformed when it comes to various legal aspects of life, and with a short fuse and easy to snap (not good when being harassed, because your reactions are actively used against you). None of these attributes are set in stone though, and the organised crime syndicate soon discovers the hidden lion that lies dormant and sleeping inside their victims, which is woken up when the harassment starts.

Village idiot

Victims are almost always referred to as the Village Idiot, to try to destroy your confidence and so that you will not stand up to them.

Voluntary payment

Kindly follow along with the below circular reasoning.

Victims of harassment need to freely and voluntarily give money to the organised crime harassers, otherwise there would be evidence of the crime, and then they will not be able to get away with the crime.

For them to be able to legally get away with the crime, the extortion payments from you need to come from you completely “voluntarily” without a trace of extortion, and as such, you need to be convinced to give it to them freely, because otherwise, they extorted your money from you, and that is a crime.

So in essence, they will use force to convince you to give them money, but they will not take the actual money by force, since you would then have proof that they actually committed theft, which they do not want, since then they have legally (well, illegally) committed an actual crime.

The only way to hide the crime, and get away with it, is to make the crime “not happen” legally speaking, by getting you to voluntarily give them the extortion money that they want.

In that way, it can be argued, that their coercing you into giving your money to them, was not extortion, since you “voluntarily” gave them your money, so then there logically cannot be a crime, since the receiver of a gift is not committing a crime. No theft was committed, and so then they may get away with the crime of stealing your money – since there was no crime, because you “freely” gave them your money and in essence you cannot then state or prove that they stole it from you, since you “gave” it to them, so they technically didn’t steal your money.

Walking through the fire

You are walking through metaphorical fires, so – prepare to get burned. The alternative, walking away, will be much worse, however, than a few burn marks, a few reminders of the challenge you overcame.


A war (e.g. Anglo-Boer War, World War 1/2/3/4, Russia-Ukraine, Israel-Palestine, neighbour harassment, gang warfare, literally every war, etc.) is a racket that is artificially created, whereby two or more parties are coerced into fighting each other, and an external third party profits from the ensuing conflict and battle between the parties.

The organised crime syndicate creates conflict (war), and then profits from it through donations, legal fees, firearms/weapons, security upgrades, employment of soldiers/spies/harassers, insurance, extortion/protection money, etc.

War is also a marketing strategy to promote and portray one or both of the parties (i.e. a country or ethnic/racial group) as dangerous, mean, strong, etc., in order to bamboozle the general public, regular people observing the war from overseas, watching what’s happening internationally in the news (regular people like you and I being fed fake news to keep us preoccupied with nonsense), to convince us that inhabitants of a certain country or race are dangerous, and thus that you should therefore allow that country or race to extort you and let them demand the payment of protection money from you, because the alternative would clearly be worse – i.e. it would lead to war if you don’t pay them extortion money.

There are no victories in war, the parties in the conflict are too busy fighting each other, to “win” or “lose”. Only the hidden instigators are the victorious winners, and they decide who “wins” and “loses”, i.e. only they themselves win.

Wedding interference

The organised crime syndicate interferes with your wedding arrangements, to try to foment and stir animosity within your relationship at an early stage, which can be leveraged at a later stage, to induce arguments and divorce, and thereby get you to sell your house and give money to the organised crime syndicate.

Wi-Fi names

Harasser neighbours (chameleon-disguised crypto-neighbours) will covertly send you veiled threats by creating onerous-sounding Wi-Fi access point names, like “Fuck <Your surname>”, “Pedophile”, “Hackers”, etc., names which will get displayed by your cellphone and computer. It is possible to block unknown Wi-Fi names from displaying on your cellphone and computer.


Harassers use wordplay to feel clever, that they are “smarter” than their victim, and as a “thief sign” among themselves. For example, if a harasser’s child is named Luke, the harasser will shout “Look! (Luke!) for the ball over there by the wall”.


How can you win against the organised crime syndicate? How can you beat them?

You will break into spontaneous laughter and will want to kick yourself when you realise how simple and obvious the answer is.

The mind-bendingly easy answer is that you can beat them by simply switching off your emotions and enduring it.

Have a thick impenetrable skin. Ignore them. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be confused. Know that things are absolute and not relative and that there’s a definite single knowable reason for everything. Mind your own business. Give zero fucks. Forget about what is fair or unfair, what is right or wrong, what feels good or what doesn’t, what is justice or what is unjust, what is real or unreal, what is serious or humor, or what is important or unimportant. Don’t worry that you have moral values and they don’t.  Don’t worry what they think, they are criminals for goodness sake. Don’t worry what they will do to you, they will do it anyway. Don’t worry what anyone else thinks either. These things just affect you in your mind, they just affect your emotional state. Don’t have any emotions or feelings – by being neutral, not reacting, and increasing your own knowledge and self-awareness. And if you are willing, exposing the identity, nationality, culture and names of those who are harassing you – because you will help countless other people in doing so, and because they work so hard to hide it from you, and their weakness is you discovering and exposing the truth about them.

The organised crime syndicate will never offer the above to you as the solution, they will simply forever try to gaslight you into how you MUST have emotions and feelings, because, without your cooperation in the form of your feelings and reactions which can be manipulated, and in so doing to extort your money, the organised crime syndicate is powerless.

Trying to catch them out, trying to look for listening devices in your home, trying to predict their next move, trying to outsmart and out-maneuver them, mocking/recording/killing them, striking back at their weaknesses, burning all your money and demolishing your house, giving it all to charity, telling them they are criminals and exposing them, are all ineffective and futile busywork, and that’s not how to beat them.

I know that it is downright impossible to switch your emotions off, because you are human, but that is the only way you can ever be 100% immune to their cancer/poison/infestation. And they know it too. Dig deep inside yourself – switching off your emotions is the only answer. They prey on your emotions and use you against yourself. You are the weapon used against yourself. There are no directed microwave weapons. You are your own problem and solution. They can only affect you, if you can be affected. If you do not have emotions, they cannot affect you and they cannot do anything to you. Whatever they do to you will not matter – and therefore, the organised crime syndicate loses its means to control and extort you, and so too, its purpose.

To the organised crime syndicate, as long as their management are the ones doing the harassment and they themselves are not getting harassed, they will feel like they are in control. Let them feel in control, let them waste and expend all their money and energy on you. The organised crime syndicate will suffer the self-fulfilled prophecy of empty defeat, while you can just sit back and watch their world burn.

Names and photos of known individuals involved in the organised crime are available here.

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