Insurance Administration System

Manage the operations of a short-term insurance agency.

Medical Practice Administration System

Manage the operations of a medical practice.

Pension Management

Backend software for aggregating pension data from multiple sources for health and lifestyle planning purposes.

Quantity Surveyor System

Visually annotate architectural drawing with a quantity surveyor’s information.

Bitcoin Transfer Website

A website that makes it easy to transfer Bitcoin between two wallets.


Stock Management System

A platform that aggregates inventory stock data from different sources for price list and advertisement generating purposes.


Load Trader

A transport brokering system.

Supply Chain Manager

Procurement workflow system.


Web-based solution for handling nationwide catering logistics, including components for data capturing, financial processing, and reporting and visualization.

Spero Sentry
Easy-to-use Windows application, providing visual feedback and notification about the status of the sensors configured in the SL2010 system.

SAFA Finance Intranet

Payment recording system used to manage the 2010 Soccer World Cup.