The Jews

Jews are afraid of dying and becoming extinct, because they are aware thereof, that if other races were to come to the full realization that the Jews are responsible for all the hardship and misery in the world, that those other races would then immediately take up arms and completely wipe out the Jews, and go on with their lives.

Therefore, all the misdirection and hiding the Jews do – everything the Jews do to hide themselves – is to prevent this one eventual consequence of their actions.

So, other races need to be convinced that it will be better not to murder and exterminate all the Jews, and therefore, on the contrary, that it is better for other races to be slaves to the Jews and to be exploited and extorted by them, than to wipe the Jews out once and for all.

Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

If you want to know who rules you, simply ask who you are not allowed to criticize.

Only Jews are human, and non-Jews are non-human, hence, only Jews have human rights, and so, only Jews can be defamed, i.e. only a Jew’s right to a good name can be transgressed against, and a non-human’s rights cannot be transgressed against.

Non-Jews are, essentially, animals who do not have any rights. Animals do not have human rights.

For example, a straight white male (the “partiarchy”) is not a human being and he does not have any rights.

Which brings us to the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL for short.

The ADL was created by Jews in 1913 (the same year the Federal Reserve was created, wow what a coincidence) when another Jew, by the name of Leo Frank, was killed by a lynch mob of white men to “avenge” the murder of a white girl named Mary Phagan, who was killed by Leo Frank.

It is possible that Mary Phagan’s murder was a false-flag psy-ops operation, and not purely done for psychopathic reasons, but to distract and draw attention away from other important events that had to happen under the radar, events which the Jews did not want the general public to pay attention to at the time.

The ADL was allegedly created in response to the above event – to help protect Jews whose rights are transgressed against.

Now, since Mary Phagan was not Jewish, she was Goyim, she was a Gentile, she did not have any rights at all, and so, she had no human rights, either, for that matter. In other words, it was not possible to “murder” Mary Phagan, because she was not “human”, because she was not Jewish, as only Jews are human.

Mary Phagan was a “shiksa”, a Yiddish word that means “abomination” or “prostitute”, a word used by Jewish men to refer to a non-Jewish female. The moral values of a person, and what goes on in their psyche, for them to be able to casually assign such epithets to someone, is self-evident. Remember that Jews claim to be God’s Chosen People, that only Jews have souls, and that Jews abide by the Noahide laws (Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 56a-b and Tosefta Avodah Zarah 9:4). Yes, those things are of course untrue, just lies created to fool the gullible Gentiles. Jews are the creators of Communism. The rulers of the world. When you rule the world in secret (or even in plain sight), you obviously somehow have to justify your illegal reign with metaphysical claims. When you choose sides with the Jews, remember who you choose sides with.

In legal terms, just by Leo Frank blaming the murder on someone else, he was able to cast enough reasonable doubt on himself, in the eyes of the court, so as not to be found guilty, and to not be convicted of murder, i.e. he used a false accusation (he ironically defamed a black man, stating that the black man committed the murder, and not Mr Leo Frank himself) to get away with murder, which his lynch mob clearly did not appreciate. So the purpose of the ADL (allegedly created in response to Leo Frank’s lynching) and their attorneys is effectively to make sure false accusations are upheld in court, so Jews can get away with murder. Furthermore, the “Anti-Defamation” League is a misnomer for Leo Frank’s situation. He was not defamed. It was the actually quite the opposite, it was he himself, in fact, who defamed someone else. You can only be defamed if a false statement about you is circulated. No false statement about Leo Frank was circulated, hence, he was not defamed, hence, there was no “defamation” that an “anti-defamation” league can be opposed to.

It’s hard to miss the similarities between Miss Mary Phagan and Miss Jacoba “Bubbles” Schroeder, mentioned elsewhere in this article. Victims of Real Estate Harassment are also victims, not murder victims, fair enough, but victims nonetheless, from the same type of minds who murdered (and also harassed) Miss Phagan and Miss Schroeder.

It is possible that the murder of Jacoba “Bubbles” Schroeder was also a false-flag psy-ops operation.

Even though Leo Frank took Mary Phagan’s life, it was not murder, because Mary was not human, since a white person is not human. You can “kill” an animal, but you cannot “murder” an animal, since you can only “murder” a human being – that is, someone who has human rights. An animal does not have human rights, so you cannot commit the “crime” of “murder” against an animal. You can “kill” a white person, but you cannot “murder” them in the legal sense of the word, by Jewish law.

If you ritually rape and butcher a white person in a kosher ceremony, and eat their flesh and dip your matzah and bagel in their blood and drink it and lick that blood off your fingers (finger lickin’ good!), cantor leading the singing of Im Hashem Lo Yivneh Bayis, it is not rape or murder or racism, since a white person is not human.

Leo Frank was a Jew, so he had human rights, and his human right to life was taken away from him when he was “murdered for nothing” by the mob of white men.

Now, in that sense, the mob of white men also did not commit the crime of “murder”, because animals cannot commit crimes, and so they are not criminally liable when they kill a human.

Absurdity aside, the truth, however, is much more simple, and that is, that the Jews are simply a race of people, the same as the whites are simply a race of people.

It is not the case that the Jews are non-humans, and whites are humans. Neither are only whites non-human, and only the Jews human.

Since the dawn of time, humans of all races have competed for resources.

The creation of the ADL, and the plethora of other Jewish organisations, were simply created for the benefit of the Jewish race of people, and to strengthen, increase and ensure the Jewish race’s survival, in the same way that, if whites had created all the same organisations that the Jews have created, it would have been to strengthen, ensure and increase the white race’s survival.

Looking at the ADL’s conduct, it is fair to say that it was created in order to conceal crimes committed by Jewish individuals, by  pressuring (and harassing and terrorizing!) people into not revealing the details of the Jews’ crimes, so that they can basically get away with murder.

Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein

There was a video of him on YouTube, suspiciously removed after I mentioned it to my wife in my house, in which he menacingly smirks and smiles during one of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s speaking engagements at the Gardens Shul (Cape Town Hebrew Congregation) synagogue.

He knows the Jews control Ramaphosa, South Africa’s state and government, and the world, and he was gloating. A rare glimpse of truth.

Mr Warren Goldstein has a PhD in Constitutional Development, which means, he has a PhD in “corruption of the court system”. Helen Zille, Jewess and well-known leader of the Democratic Alliance and a previous premier of the Western Cape Province, also regularly frequents the Gardens Shul synagogue.

The leader of the ANC and the leader of the DA frequenting the same synagogue. Who do you think rules you?


It is likely that the children used by the organised crime syndicate are orphans (or Jewish children pretending to be white orphans, for misdirection), and the adult harassers were also orphans (ditto) when they themselves were children, and in that way, harassers are groomed, as children, to become adult criminals in the organised crime syndicate.


See Harassment.


A religion created by Jews to extort money out of white people.

Christian foundation for underprivileged children

Your harassers will all claim to be good Christians and that their only concern is for the well-being of poor defenseless children, and that their only wish is to help you accept Jesus out of the goodness of their Christian hearts.

Statistically speaking, all of the harassers are Jewish crypto-Jews who gaslight you to think they are white. If you knew they were Jewish from the start, you wouldn’t have made friends with them and the “relationship” (read: parasitic dependence) between you couldn’t have deteriorated, because there wouldn’t have been a relationship to deteriorate in the first place. The only way you would have “trusted” them was if you thought they were also white, and that is why they have to keep their Jewishness a secret, in other words, they hide who they are, to hide the crime.

The leaders of all races simply wish to impose their worldview onto other races. Whites “enforce” democracy and individual liberty, Jews enforce communism and kibbutzim and state control, blacks enforce violent conflict, Asians enforce the status quo, and so forth.

If the harassers really were such good Christians with such big Christian hearts, and truly were so concerned for you, then why the Hell do they keep pestering you and why don’t they just leave you alone? Because (newsflash!) they are not “good Christians”! They are Jews. Their god is money, and they WORSHIP it. They are not even atheist – their religion IS money. They do not want to help you at all. All they care about is to help themselves to your money.

Because you will be accused of pedophilia, your natural reaction will be to prove that you are not a pedophile, and what better way to prove you are not a pedophile than to donate money to a children’s charity? And this is exactly why harassers accuse you of pedophilia in the first place (it serves a dual purpose of provoking you to assault them and to extort money from you), and then they also conveniently run a foundation for “underprivileged children” (yeah right), so you can easily and conveniently pay them your extortion money, because it would be natural for you to justify paying money into a foundation for children to “atone” for your “sins”, while the organised crime syndicate laughs behind your back, since extorting you was, ironically, like taking candy from a baby (or money from a Christian).

Computer games

The following games are controlled opposition, i.e. psy-ops, or NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), that play off each other (pun intended). This type of marketing trick and marketing campaign is called counter-programming.

  • Harry Potter “Hogwarts Legacy” (released 2023) – Jews portrayed as goblins – you are anti-Semitic if you like this game.
  • Baldur’s Gate 3 (released 2023) – in-your-face LGBT characters that cannot be removed – you are transphobic if you don’t like this game.
  • Starfield (released 2023) – ditto above.

The “community” encourages/allows “gamers” and the media to criticize the first game as anti-Semitic, as it portrays bankers (Jews) as Harry Potter-style goblins, but individuals in the community are condemned as transphobic if they say they don’t like LGBT characters in the second game.

The takeaway is that it is OK to say something is bad if it is “anti-Semitic”, but it is not OK to say something is bad if it is homosexual or transgender. It is OK to condemn white Christian Europeans, but it is not OK to condemn Jews. It is hate speech to condemn Jews, and it is anti-hate speech to condemn whites.

Gender differences are simply gaslighting to take the focus and discourse away from racial differences.


The South African Constitution was written by Jews long before 1993-1996. They first had to implement apartheid in 1948 which artificially created racial tension between blacks and whites, where whites were coerced into leading artificially-created, prosperous, ideal consumerist lives, and blacks had to perform most of the hard labour and live impoverished and much less affluent lives (while Jews have always lived in their sand castles and ivory towers of gold, even in their ghettos, regardless of anyone else), culminating in the handover of the country to the ANC in 1994, at which point they could then officially implement the Constitution as the unquestionable law of the land, and label anyone who questions the real purpose of the Constitution as racist, homophobic, anti-feminist and anti-Semitic.

The so-called interim Constitution of 1993 was a fabrication and marketing ploy to pretend that the “final” Constitution of 1996 hadn’t already been drafted long ago.

The convoluted interpretations of the South African Constitution is the same as the convoluted interpretations of the “Communist ideologies” of the Russian Soviet Union. It is the same as the policies of North Korea, the so-called “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”. It is the same as the Mexican cartels controlling the Mexican government.

South Africa, Russia, North Korea and Mexico are all controlled by organised criminals.

There are just different tools and methods and tactics used in different places, but the reason is always the same: control of the Jew over the non-Jew using whatever means necessary.

Critical race theory

Hot air, noise and distraction disguised as academic, intellectual thought, but created by Jews with the sole purpose to blame-shift their crimes on to white people.

In other words, it is a gaslight attempt of theirs to convince non-Jews that it is not Jews who run the organised crime syndicates of the world, but that it is whites who run the organised crime syndicates of the world.


Jews pretend to be white and speak Afrikaans, they adopt fake Afrikaans/English/German/Dutch names, i.e. they change their names and use aliases to hide their real identity, they give you pancakes and “vetkoeke” (as opposed to falafels and bagels and latkes), they arrange a community “braai”, they pretend to have Christmas celebrations (instead of Hanukkah), they pretend to go to church (not synagogue), they say they are against farm murders, they create fake feuds and conflicts among themselves to pretend they’re not all Jewish, they Photoshop their photos to try to remove their rodenty Jewish features, and they dye their hair, do plastic surgery, eye surgery, nose jobs and botox to appear white.

A leopard never changes its spots, and the Jew can’t change its Jew. Their psychopathic personalities are still there, no matter how much they try to hide it.

Jews are actually just insignificant. They are, and they know they are, totally inferior to whites. That’s why they have to try so very hard to convince you otherwise.

Jews do all these things to hide their crimes, to hide the organised crime syndicate, that they are harassing you, that they have conspired against you and are working closely together against you.

They pretend to be white in order to gaslight you into thinking their bizarre behaviour is normal. If you knew they were Jews, their bizarre behaviour would just make sense, because they are Jewish, they are not white. But because they pretend to be white, it throws you off into thinking you are the problem, and not them.

Whites and Jews are embroiled in a racial struggle. The Jews have figured out that they can win the whites more easily, by being crypto-Jews, by pretending to be white.

Oh you’re feeling Christian today? Let’s be Christian. Feeling Muslim? Let’s do that. How about Chinese today? Cool. Ni hao! Oh let’s do farm murders today, yeah let’s do that.

Jews do not have any underlying moral values, they are shifty, shapeless, empty vessels.

Jews  simply always “are” whatever they need to “be”, at any given point in time for any given scenario, in order to gain your trust, to commit crime and to hide it.

For example, Herman Charles Bosman was a crypto-Jew who pretended to be Afrikaans. He murdered his stepbrother and wrote various stories that mocked Afrikaans people. In reality, his stories reflected his own reality of being controlled by Jewish women, and he transposed that onto Afrikaans people, as if it were Afrikaners who have the problem, and not Jewish people, such as himself. Mr Bosman was a classic example of the Jewish megalomaniac psychopath.

Dirty looks / tailgating

Just think about it calmly, logically and stoically – is it normal by any means for hundreds of people around you to give you dirty looks and drive up close to you, without even one of them coming up to you to say what the heck their problem is? Of course not! Come on. If you don’t like someone, do you then go close to them and give them dirty looks? NO! FUCK NO! You stay the hell away from someone when you don’t like them, you avoid them like the plague! (The Black/Bubonic Plague which, incidentally, was introduced into Europe by the Jews during the Dark Ages, which, incidentally, was also caused by the Jews after the fall of the Roman Empire). Jesus. Seriously. If you were revolting or evil, people would rather just avoid you. It’s called human nature! We avoid things we don’t like! Why would a large group of people that allegedly don’t like you, actively come close to you to show you that they don’t like you? THEY WOULDN’T DO THAT IN A MILLION YEARS! They are trying to make you feel uncomfortable on purpose! You didn’t do anything wrong! They are doing something wrong! They are harassing you! They are criminals! They are part of an organised crime syndicate!

Deep Fried Man (Daniel Friedman)

They’ll cut your white cock off with a panga?

They’ll cut your Jewish cock off with a panga.

And no, your circumcised foreskin doesn’t count, it won’t cut it.

It’s fearmongering and psy-ops to stir racial tension between blacks and whites, to make whites sell their property and lose money to organised crime syndicates.

Existential crisis

The problem is that everything is in your imagination. Your id, your ego, your superego.

You are not real, the organised crime syndicate is not real, your situation is not real, the Jews are not real, the white race is not real, your consciousness is not real.

Reality is not real. It’s in your head.

The mother bird kicks the weakest chick out of the nest to protect the stronger ones. Is it cruel? Does the mother bird care what you or God thinks about her? Do you care what the bird or God thinks of you? So the bird has no soul, but you have a soul? How do you know? You have a soul because you wouldn’t kick a soulless baby bird from its nest?

Does it matter to someone who obeys Jewish law when they break Roman law? Does it matter to someone who obeys Roman law when they break Jewish law? It only matters if someone receives or loses a benefit due to the mattering of it?

Nothing matters.

If anything mattered, then it would have mattered, and it doesn’t matter.

When you realize and accept that there is nothing, everything that you think is real or important, will just be yourself thinking it is real or important. And that is the only reality that can be real. Anyone or anything else is simply in denial or in doubt.

Everything is nothing, nothing matters, nothing will ever matter, because there is only nothing, and it is nothing.

Even if something is something and it is not nothing, if you compare something to nothing, it is close enough to nothing, so as to not be anything.

But even so, you are alive. Being alive is nothing, but that is the only difference between something and nothing, and even though it is nothing, it is only something that you make of it.

These words you are reading are not real and they are nothing. There is no truth or lie. The truth and the lie, and something and nothing, and good and evil, and anything else, exist only in your head, it is only what you make it.

You decide what is nothing and what is something.


Judaism is ruled and controlled by Jewish women. They pretend that it is Jewish men, emasculated/circumcised Jewish rabbis, and Jewish men in government and the media running it, that it is everyone EXCEPT Jewish women who make the rules, that it even is the evil white patriarchy (actually the evil Jewish matriarchy – it’s why Jews claim they are Jewish based on matrilineal descent, they are Jewish because their mother was Jewish – the father’s DNA doesn’t matter) whodunnit, that Jewish women just very much by circumstance happen to be unbelievably overbearing and neurotic and controlling but nothing else and that they wield absolutely no power, to hide the crime that it was Jewish women behind the scenes running the show all along.

The race of the women who started feminism was Jewish.

So Jews aren’t a race, I hear you say? So if you have large amount of Ashkenazi Jewish DNA then that wouldn’t mean that you belong to a Jewish race? So for example, if you had a lot of Eskimo DNA or Nigerian DNA, etc. then your race still also could not be confirmed, your race could be anything, who knows what it could be? So what’s the point of DNA testing then? In order to have fun and enjoy yourself, to spend some time relaxing, drinking a nice glass of wine and doing a completely pointless and non-sensical DNA test? Or is it just for you to see if your DNA matches a certain group, to see where you come from originally?  As in, the point of DNA is just to see what your race is? Haha.

Jewish women hide behind an ivory tower facade of social justice and correctness, and that only they are the heralds of God’s true wishes (actually just their own psychopathic wishes because they don’t believe in God, they worship money and themselves). With this lie, they coerce the world to obey them, to bow down before them, and to be controlled by Jewish women.

When one culture takes over another culture and begins to dominate and subjugate it, the dominating culture will begin to replace the subjugated culture’s norms and practises, with the dominating culture’s norms and practices.

As white civilization is replaced by Jewish culture, it is Feminism and transgenderism that stands out most prominently, the tools of the Jewish woman.

The destruction of white civilization is the takeover of white men by Jewish women.

Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka was a Jewish lawyer who wrote a novel called “The Trial” in the early 1900’s about a man, called K, who is arrested and put through a lengthy legal process, but the book never explains what “crime” the man committed, neither in civil  law nor criminal law. The only thing K “did wrong” was that he had a successful career, he had money, and he had an above-average income. The man didn’t do anything wrong, he was just targeted by  an organised crime syndicate, who secretly coerced him into a lawsuit to extort legal fees out of him, by working on his psyche to induce feelings of fear and guilt inside himself.

When you, a Goyim, a Gentile, read “The Trial”, you will feel as though you are K, the main character in the book, living his life page by page – it explains everything I have mentioned in this blog article in story form. “The Trial” is a template, a blueprint, for how to commit legal fee extortion, and in general on how organised crime syndicates need to operate to gaslight ordinary people to extort money out of them. To you, K is the protagonist.

When a Jew reads “The Trial”, they experience it very differently to how you do. Reading the novel makes them feel good and superior, to experience knowing how their people outsmart and exploit white people. To Jews, K is the antagonist.

Towards the end of the novel, K visits the studio of a court portrait painter called Titorelli. Titorelli tries to sell court portraits to K, while random (orphan?) children hang around the studio listening in on their conversation. These children, on the surface obviously, allude to how Jews use white children as sex slaves, and they also signify the situation where children are used to carry and launder protection money paid by victims, over to the syndicate, for the sale of severely overpriced “court portraits”, which is just to hide the crime of protection money being paid as a bribe, under the guise that something was attained for the money that was paid, so that it can’t be said to have actually been paid, in reality, as an extortion bribe paid for protection.

The moral of the story is, whenever you feel that you are in an absurd situation, it is your body’s gut feeling telling you that you are presently a victim of organised crime (i.e. the feeling of absurdity is your subconscious telling you that you are in a strange and therefore potentially dangerous situation), and someone is obscuring your reality to try and hide the fact that they are committing a crime against you.

Franz Kafka was a Jewish lawyer, and his (very Jewish) day job was to convince companies to pay overpriced insurance (read: protection money) in order to (allegedly) cover the (alleged) legal and medical costs of (alleged) work-related accidents. So Kafka basically extorted protection money out of companies for a living. It is reasonable that Kafka was involved in staging accidents to coerce companies into buckling under the artificial feelings of pressure that he applied on them, and giving in to his tactics and just paying their extortion money, to be relieved of him. Since Kafka was Jewish, he had inside knowledge, and a genetic predisposition, into how Jews operate their criminal enterprises – he was even operating one himself.

“The Trial” was probably not written by just Franz Kafka himself. Like Shakespeare’s works, there were likely many people involved in their writing, and in this case, many skilled Jewish writers who had organised crime and enslavement of the white race on their minds.

“The Trial” is a manual written for Jews and by Jews, which explains, in story form, how to use psy-ops and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to harass victims.


Jews don’t believe in God (they worship money and themselves), but they claim to believe they are God’s chosen people (i.e. they were “chosen” by themselves for themselves, but don’t we all do that for survival though, the mother “chooses her child” to nurture, her children are “The Chosen People”, you’re welcome to disagree you filthy and disgusting, revolting, “chosen” Jews). How can there not be a God, but you can be God’s chosen people? It’s absurd, and therefore, it is to hide a crime.

The holocaust against Jews didn’t happen, it is a holohoax. There were no six million Jews, no gas chambers, no ovens at Auschwitz, no concentration camps, no lampshades or bars of soap made of the skin of Jews, and Schindler’s list is all made up.
The Jews actually committed the holocaust against white people, killing over 100 million people during the 1900’s. Jews fabricated the holocaust against themselves, to pretend that they were victims instead of being the perpetrators of the crime, so that they could hide the fact that they were the ones who committed the real holocaust against white people, instead of the other way around. The “holocaust” is basically victim blaming, i.e. the holocaust is harassment.
In some countries, e.g. Germany, if you say the holocaust didn’t happen, then you are put in jail, allegedly because it’s hate speech, a hate crime, and anti-Semitism. Why is it a hate crime to tell the truth or to question an allegation?
The reason why telling the truth or questioning an allegation is a hate crime, and why the fabricated story of the holocaust is perpetuated in the media, is in order to portray Jews as victims and white people as evil, to control white people and to extort reparation money paid by white people, paid to Jews, for nothing. The holocaust is a racket.
Jews are allowed to proudly display their Satanic Star of David hexagram on their flag of Israel, while the beautiful Nazi swastika flag and pre-1994 South African flag are hate speech, and displaying them are hate crimes. Why would only a Jewish flag be considered holy and only a white flag be considered hate speech? Why not the other way around? Why is the Hatikvah (Israel’s national anthem) pure and holy, but South Africa’s previous national anthem, “Die Stem”, is hate speech, and playing it is a hate crime? Why? Because only conspiracy theorists would question it? Why would it only be conspiracy theorists who question it? Because we are living in the Middle Ages and you are a heretic if you question the church? So we use the label of “conspiracy theorist” like we used the label of “heretic” long ago, it’s a way to threaten people so that they are afraid to question who controls them? Could be?

Israel-Palestine conflict

Fake news to make Israel look like the good guys. All fake, propaganda, like the Russia-Ukraine war.

“Israel is deeply, deeply sorry.” Yeah right.


A race of people who own and control all the governments, banking systems and media organizations on earth.

“Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”  – Gutle Schnaper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild

“We have heard that half a million [Iraqi] children have died. I mean, that is more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it? (Lesley Stahl) I think that is a very hard choice, but the price, we think, the price is worth it.” – Madeline Albright, Jewish US ambassador to the United Nations

“Man Muss Immer Umkehren” (You must always invert, spin it around) – Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi, Jewish mathematician

What did Jesus say about the Jews? “Ye are of your father the devil” (John 8:44). Jews are the devil’s children. Let that sink in.

Hava nagila! No thanks. ERIKA! for the win. And Hans, get the flammenwerfer, pre-heat the ovens and prepare the Zyklon B.  No concentration camp safe spaces for you to hide and cower and lounge in this time, while Dresden gets bombed. This time, it’s for real, and this time, no mercy.

Jews are all the billionaires, they own all the property, own and run all mining operations, run all the governments, declare and fund all wars, provide weapons to commit genocide to kill millions of people, run all the economies, own and run the stock market (a pyramid scheme), make all the laws, make all the usury loans out of thin air, make all the fake news, print all the money, print all the books, collect all the tax, control the import and export of all goods, run all the organised crime syndicates, run all the child sex slavery rings, run all the prostitution rings, create all the school curriculums, and produce all the entertainment on the planet, including all porn.

Jews run each and every university, court, bank, company, government, military, legal system, television station, printing press, factory, Epstein Island, Ponzi pyramid scheme, e-commerce website, porn website, social media platform, and every political party.

Yes, Jews run both sides of the political spectrum, they run both the left and the right at the same time, all the conservatives and the liberals and even the middle-ground, all artificially opposing each other. Controlled opposition. Yes, they run the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the Libertarian Party. Socialists on the one hand, capitalists on the other. Yes, they run the feminists and the anti-feminists. Yes, they run Antifa and the alt-right. Yes, they are pro-abortion and anti-abortion. Yes, they support both BLM/defund the police, and the police.

Since they say you can only be either this one, or that one, but you can only be one of those, you cannot be your own thing, your own affiliation, they thereby control your mind, telling you and training you how to think, how to feel, they convince you that your own thoughts and feelings are incorrect. They are Orwell’s thought police. They control the narrative, they create and sell the protagonist and the antagonist puppets for you to choose a side with and believe in and follow. They create both the good guy and the bad guy, and tell you to choose one of the sides. Then there can always be conflict, and the Jew can always profit, always point the finger elsewhere, always shift the blame, shift the conflict away from them (that’s why they pretend to be in conflict with Palestine – because they’re not), and criminal spotlight away from themselves. Jews can always be the good guys, and the rest of the world can always be the bad guys.

Ever heard the saying, “history is written by the victors”?

Like how the proof that the holocaust happened was because Anne Frank’s diary was written about the holocaust with a type of pen, a ballpoint pen, that didn’t exist at the time when the holocaust happened?

How about the fact that the total number of Jews on Earth before World War 2 was the same as the total number of Jews on Earth after World War 2? Were six million Jews gassed with Zyklon B and burned in the Auschwitz gas ovens, and another six million Jews were born right after that? That evidence, that the holocaust happened, was most likely also written with a ballpoint pen. And even worse – fabricated with the bloody signatures of tortured German “war criminals”.

The truth is that no Jews were ever killed in any significant number during World War 2, or ever. They say that they were killed, so that they can pretend to be victims, instead of simply being known as the oppressors that they are. Hitler did not kill any Jews. Jews did not experience the holocaust. Jews did the holocaust, and they hid their crime by saying that whites did the holocaust, to Jews. The lie of the holocaust was invented by Jews to control you and profit from you. There were a 100 million white people killed by communism, and from 13 to 15 February 1945, the Bombing of Dresden killed up to 500,000 Germans. The Katyn Forest Massacre in Poland in May 1940 officially killed up to 22,000 people. Even the French Revolution in 1789, orchestrated by Jews, killed up to an estimated 250,000 people. And more recently, with mass immigration into Europe controlled by Jews, even more whites are being killed and displaced. This is the real holocaust that has been ongoing for centuries that the Jews try to hide, and which you are labeled a conspiracy theorist and a white nationalist for when you talk about, but which you absolutely do need to know about and tell everyone about. It’s like ignoring cancer and just waiting for it to destroy your body, instead of cutting it out and saving what is left of you.

And don’t forget about the White slave trade. Between 1530 and 1780, up to 1.25 million white people, white European Christians, were enslaved by Muslims (Moors? Jews?) and forced to work in North Africa, called Africa’s Barbary Coast. But remember, you are a white nationalist racist if you mention this. You are only allowed to talk about the enslavement of black people and the holocaust of Jews. Don’t you dare talk about the enslavement and killing of white people – how dare you, you sick, disgusting, filthy Goyim, how dare you talk about your white people being raped and enslaved, and not only focus on the poor, defenseless, persecuted Jews and black people. As a Jew, you disgust me, you white people, you disgusting white people. You should all be ashamed of yourself and pay us reparations immediately – because all you whites think you are so superior, but we will show all of you white nationalist racists, that it is us Jews who really are the superior race. Yeah OK. We’re not allowed to acknowledge that whites were also slaves and also victims, because if you allow the idea to exist that whites are also slaves and victims, in the same way that only Jews and blacks are the only victims, then you can’t convincingly sell the story anymore that whites are the great oppressors who must be destroyed. You’re either a slave or you’re not, right. The victim/slave cannot “be” the oppressor, and therefore whites are not allowed to “be” victims or slaves, they are only allowed to “be” oppressors, in order for Jews to profit from white people.

You can always identify when the Jew lies. They tell a second conflicting lie (such as the double-think that Anne Frank’s diary was both simultaneously written with a ballpoint pen, and that it was not), to make the first lie true, in that particular case, the first lie being that the holocaust happened becoming true due to the fact that Anne Frank definitely did write about it, albeit the only real question being with what type of pen she definitely did write about the holocaust, thus conclusively, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, proving that the holocaust really did in fact happen.

Jews own the US Federal Reserve, which prints all the money in the US, and which has never been audited since it was created in 1913. Jews own the International Monetary Fund, which creates all the money for all the countries in the world. Jews own Onlyfans, Netflix and Facebook, which all promote the extinction of the white man and woman. Jews planted Elon Musk to own Twitter (X), to pretend that Jews do not own all the media organizations, to “disprove” anybody who claims that Jews own all the media organizations.

Money is a fake creation by the Jews to control the masses. The real currency of the world is human beings, and it is traded only by the Jews. For the rest of us, us non-Jews, us consumers, us Goyim, us Gentiles, the Jews created paper and coin money for us to play Monopoly with, and more recently, digital money.

According to their religion, Judaism, Jews are God’s chosen people, only the Jews have God’s DNA in them, the earth belongs to the Jews, and all other people (Goyim/Gentiles) were created to be enslaved and killed by the Jews. Also, only Jews have souls. If you were to argue that, you also have a soul, even though you’re not Jewish, you would then be blaspheming God (and contradicting yourself), because you would then be saying that the Jews are wrong, and the Jews are God, so therefore, you’re saying God is wrong. If you argue then, but the Jews aren’t really God, they just pretend to be, then, well oh boy, what a can of worms you’re opening for yourself there.

The origins of Jews’ DNA is actually much less godly than you or they would think. Their DNA can be traced back to an inbred/incense mix of Middle Eastern, Khazar, Asian, African and European. Unless God also happens to be a mix of those, well then I suppose it could be possible that they have God’s DNA. Not.

Jews have distinct facial features that make them look like rodents. Shame, poor God, the mouse man in the sky. Hope he’s got that Tay Sachs of His under control? I’ll pray for Him to get well soon. Wait, who do I pray to for God to get better? To Myself? Did I just become God? Ah, right. Bow down before ME, Jewdom and Jewry and Judah, ye great (not so great) Lion of Judah and Zion, bow down before your GOD, G-d, YHWH, Yahweh, Adonai, Elohim, Allah, Odin, whatever, bow before me all ye little mouse-worshippers. Wait, I’m not a Jew so I can’t be God/G-d. Or can I. Oh My Godmouse/G-dmouse, how confusing. Anyway, you can still bow down before me. Do it or I will strike you all down.

If you say a bad word about the Jews and their criminal empire, their powerful anti-Semitic gears of war start turning, their tears of sufferink and nagging and agonizing howls and wails and shrieks of “oy vey” and “oy gevalt” fill the air, and their powerful propaganda machine, among which the Anti-Defamation League (the ADL) and an over-abundant array of “Jewish human rights organizations” and transgender social justice warriors, spring into motion to fuel the war flames of character assassination against you, to cancel and shut you up voluntarily, or otherwise just kill you to shut you up.

Jews disguise themselves as non-Jews, i.e. they are crypto-Jews, in order to blame their crimes on other people.

For example, Jews owned all the ships during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and they orchestrated World War 2/Communism/the Soviet Union that killed over 100 million white people, and yet they blame and scapegoat all those problems they created, on to white people, in order to stir hatred for white people.

A thing simply is so, or isn’t so, because a Jew says it is so, and you better believe it Goyim, do not question it, you filthy Nazi, you anti-Semitic filth. Kneel down before your Jewish master, Gentile, and obey His every command, unless you wish to unleash the wrath of your Jewish God and master.

Jews identify different groups of people in a geographic area, and then stir conflict between those groups, to create conflict, so that they can pretend to support both sides, and profit from the conflict.

Jews fund the Black Lives Matter organization, they, as the “neocons” (neo-conservatives) arranged the 9/11 Twin Tower terrorist attack and weapons of mass destruction hoax, they promoted Albert Einstein’s fraudulent work as his own, they promote transgenderism, they cry anti-Semitism when one questions whether (or denies that) the holocaust really happened, and they open up white countries’ borders for third world mass immigration.

The Jews are always the good guys, the victims, the Allies, and the whites are always the bad guys, the enemies, the Axis of Evil. In this politically-correct day and age of ours, it cannot be otherwise. It’s all hot air, though.

Jews have a single goal in mind – to exterminate white people from the planet, and to replace them with a race of brown people, which can be easily controlled by them, i.e. Jews want to be the only “white people” left, after the real white people have become extinct.

In reality, Jews are evil, psychopathic, sociopathic, Satanic payot-sideburn-and-kippah-cap-wearing, child-trafficking, child-raping, baby-offering, foreskin-sucking, little-boy-in-mikveh-fondling, kike-nosed, human flesh eating, blood drinking, racist, reptilian, pretentiously self-hating, self-deprecating, overbearing, supremacist menorah-lighting gefilte-fish-and-bagel-with-schmeer cockroaches, ratty rodents and thieves, who believe themselves to be superior mashiachs (i.e. they think they’re God), but they are plainly and simply just a race of criminals.

Read up on how many rabbis have been found to hide the skeletons of murdered children in the basements of their synagogues. Apart from Jews being pedophiles themselves, is it because Jews use synagogues as a “holy” front, a way to do corpse laundering, by providing a way (a service) for other pedophiles to hide their crimes, by helping them to bury and store their young victims’ corpses in the basements of synagogues, or burn the corpses to ash in a furnace under the synagogue, and thus get away with rape and murder, because that’s the last place on earth you would ever expect bodies to be hidden, in a synagogue? Do the Jewish rabbis then extort/blackmail protection money out of the pedophiles, in return for helping them to hide their crimes and for the use of their synagogues?

Read up on the pogroms (which were fabricated by the Jews to make Jews appear to be victims, so they can  get away with being criminals) when Jews were expelled from all the countries in Europe, and Russia, for their non-stop crimes against white people – it was, and still is, an unstoppable onslaught upon white people by Jews, stealing from white people, raping, enslaving, murdering them, without fail. Whites all over had just had enough of Jews. It’s only logical. It’s not anti-Semitism. When your existence is threatened, you secure your environment and your life. Whites secured their environments and lives, they expelled the Jews out of their sight. Jews are the only group that this has happened to in every country in Europe. Why are Jews the only group that this has ever happened to in every country in Europe? Not even the (eternally disadvantaged) blacks have ever been expelled from every country in Europe before. Who wouldn’t expel the Jews? You see the cancer, you cut it out.

Read up on how Israel used torpedoes to destroy the USS Liberty, a United States naval ship, in 1967, killing 34 crew members on board, and tried to blame the attack on Egypt, with whom Israel was engaged in the Six-Day War, to coerce the USA to enter the war on Israel’s side.

Read up on how Helen Suzman (Jewish leader of the South African Progressive Party) breathed a sigh of relief after Dimitri Tsafendas stabbed and murdered Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd in 1966.

Read up on how David Polliack and Hyman Balfour Leibman, the offspring of wealthy Jewish families in Johannesburg, murdered Jacoba “Bubbles” Schroeder, a 17-year-old white Afrikaner shiksa, in 1949. The Jews are never at fault. It was obviously her fault that they murdered her, and it was their legal right to do so.

Read up on David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam.

Israel is a haven for criminals – that is why they say Israel must be protected at all cost. They actually mean their CRIMINAL ESCAPE ROUTE must be protected at all cost!

Read up on how Jews send their children to summer camps to pledge allegiance to the flag of Israel, despite them and their children being parasitic citizens of their host country.

Jews are disgusting, loathsome, filthy, dirty, scummy, sewer-crawling, hand-rubbing vermin, lice, parasites. Jews are jealous and envious of other races, they do not wish for happiness, prosperity, wellness or good fortune upon anyone but themselves – and even so, they do not actually even wish for it upon their fellow Jews, although they pretend to as a matter of tribal survival, which is just a disguise for their sick and twisted individual survival.

For Jews, life is a last man standing competition, designed to be won by only the evilest, vilest, most despicable Jew remaining as the last person. Jews want to see all others in poverty and hardship, while only they live in the lap of luxury upon the toils of their slaves. If Jews cannot have that mastery over other races, their only solution is to kill everyone and destroy the world. This is also what Ayn Rand, a Jewess herself, had to say about the reason for Communism’s existence. She of course knew that Communism was simply created for Jews’ racial survival, so her words were misdirection of course, but with a grain of truth mixed with a harvest of lies, as Jews do.

While preaching for others to be tolerant, they are the epitome of intolerance and they commit the most defiling and inhumane acts of evil. Jews will torture and rape the most innocent young white virgin girls while nailing them upside-down to a cross. While they kill them, they cry “look how she is hurting me! I am the victim, she is hurting me! She is anti-Semitic! She is hurting me so much, oy vey, the sufferink! Oy, the six million Jews! Remember what WE had to endure, WE, US! We who are the Chosen Ones! At the mere hands of you stupid Goyim! Glory to the Jews!”.

What can Jews be other than than a disease upon the planet. With their Torah and Talmud in hand, and their forward-and-backward-rock-a-bye-baby-on-the-tree-top-movements at the wailing wall, what else are Jews but mentally deranged and insane. Jews both are, and pretend to be, a demonic menace, with fake Kaballah occult mysticism, designed to make themselves appear more menacing than what they really are, which is just a race of criminals.

When Jews defraud billions and billions of dollars out of victims with endless criminal schemes, like fake “binary options trading”, what else can you say but to judge a man by the fruits of his labour. Judge a Jew by the fruits of his labour. Zionist or right-wing, Ashkenazi or Shepardic, Middle-Eastern or not, Cohen or Levy or Rothschild or not, Crypto-Jew or openly Jewish, secular Jew or the most pious and religious Jew, Hollywood porn producer or university professor or lesbian feminist human rights activist or not, they are all but different faces and names of the same monster.

Jews do not do physical work, they live on welfare. The Torah allows Jews to cut diamonds and weigh gold, and to steal. Work is for Gentiles. Jews simply commit crimes and gaslight you into thinking God always forgives them, because they can just ritually transfer their sins and crimes to a chicken and then kill the chicken, thereby allowing the Jews to do their sins and crimes, since the chicken becomes the perpetrator of those sins and crimes in the eyes of God, and so the sin and crime is punished and atoned for in the eyes of God, by the chicken getting the blame for the sin and crime, and thereafter the chicken being killed. Jews are God, so they cannot commit any sins anyway, so, poor chicken. It’s absurd (i.e. to hide a crime), and all a joke of course, street theatre, the Jews know it. Jews also pre-emptively pray for “forgiveness” for the sins they will still commit in the future, so the chicken has already been forgiven for those future sins by God – so why then kill the innocent chicken for its sins that were already forgiven beforehand?

The real reason why Jews “pray for forgiveness for the sins they will still commit in the future” and why they “blame the chicken” is basically just to get their chutzpah and confidence in order, to prepare themselves mentally, to “create bravery”, by distancing themselves from their crimes beforehand, to try to strip away the inevitable fear that they will feel of potentially being detected by the Goyim, which undoubtedly decreases their chances of successfully carrying out and getting away with their crimes – there is always a great risk of detection when you have to actually go out and swindle and defraud people – so, the Jew (or anyone else who does it) has to do whatever it takes to keep a straight face, so as to hide and not give away their real motives. This is why Jews “pray for forgiveness” – it’s not that they want forgiveness. Not at all, not in the slightest. What they want, is the confidence to carry out their crimes without being afraid of detection.

Jews are the spiders that sit at the top of the “web” of organised crime, pulling the cobwebs of their international criminal mafia network, injecting their poison where it’s “needed” to artificially keep controlling the slave planet they have set up for humanity, and for them to rule over and profit from.

Jews do all the above things to make busywork for you and keep you distracted from the real problem – the Jews themselves.

To Jews, the truth is anti-Semitic, or even “racist”. Ah, “racist”, that wonderful word. And with good reason – if those labels they hang around the Goyims’ necks ever lost their power, the Jews would lose everything.

Jews have always pushed their sick racially-motivated criminal agendas on to others, and hypocritically blamed others of doing the exact thing they were guilty of, while they themselves were indeed busy doing that exact thing that they were accusing others of doing. Think of Jack the Ripper’s Goulston Street graffito: “The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing”. The Jew is the epitome of misdirection, “sleight of hand”, “the pot calling the kettle black” and “the hen who cried first usually laid the egg”.

As the Jews say, by deception we shall rule.

Jordan Peterson

This “doctor” is controlled opposition, paid by the establishment to pretend to be anti-establishment. Probably by the United Nations or who knows. Probably not, who cares, eh.

Not all good, not all bad, not all psychology, not all political, not all legal, not all conservative, not all liberal, not all libertarian, not all left, not all right, not all academic, not all blue-collar, he is one of the puppets of the quasi-free-thinking arm of the organised crime syndicates of the world.

He wraps up the politically-correct narrative in a politically-incorrect package, in order to sell it to you. Odin ranting about Jesus. But it is what it is.

Why did he become so popular so quickly, with his politically-incorrect narrative? And why is he even allowed to discuss his radical ideas in the mainstream media? Simply ask where his money and support comes from. From certain type of men with certain types of personalities and a certain type of nose shape and a particular type of skullcap.


A religion created by Jewish women to extort money out of white people.


Kaballah is a library of legal maneuvers to commit and hide crime.

Kaballah is not a mystical method of invoking spirits, calling upon the undead, casting a spell with numerology, doing séances, conjuring up demons, doing necromancy, or of obtaining supernatural powers to control others by calling God’s phone on a higher plane of existence through some mumbo-jumbo voodoo incantations.

Take one guess why Jews hide what Kaballah really is.

Kaballah is a Jewish trick to create a “false god” for Goyim to “worship” and “obey” and then “pay money to”, because Goyim feel compelled to do so due to the false god’s authority, such as a state, a government, a court, a court order, a judge, a church, a celebrity, a renovation company, a security estate, a lawyer, a doctor, etc. In doing so, Jews extort money from Goyim voluntarily.

Thus, Kaballah is a means to stun and convince you to voluntarily give money to Jews, in order to hide the crime that they are, in reality, extorting it from you.

It’s busywork to distract the Goyim and passively get money from them. It has nothing to do with religion and it has nothing to do with Madonna, although she succinctly summarizes it.

“You know that we are living in a material world and I am a material girl.”

Also see Harassment.


Anything related to “kosher”, such as kosher food, is a racket, because Jews are not religious, they worship themselves. It’s a means to pretend and to convince you that they are religious, and to charge money for “kosher certification”.

Just watch a kosher cow slaughter being performed by Jewish butchers – you’ll see what I mean. The cow’s legs are bound, its throat is cut, and it is left to suffer and bleed to death, moaning and grovelling in its own warm blood pumping out of its gashed throat, until the animal falls unconscious and dies. There isn’t anything holy, godly, spiritual, “chosen peopley”, or “clean” or “better” about animal abuse.

But hey, if you can convince a Goyim that you’re the holy one while you’re actually making a Satanic sacrifice, it’s a win for the Jews.


You are either a white nationalist if you state anything positive about the white race, or you are an anti-semite if you state anything negative about the Jewish race.

In this way, opposition and its narrative is always controlled, by applying and enforcing labels on your enemies and victims.

Movies and books

Some movies to watch that show the process of harassment and gaslighting playing out:

  • Hot Fuzz (2007)
  • Hostel (2005)
  • Duplex (2003)
  • The Matrix (1999)
  • Pacific Heights (1990)
  • They Live (1988)
  • Beetlejuice (1988)
  • Zardoz (1974)
  • The Trial (1962)
  • 1984 (1956)
  • Gaslight (1944)
  • Der ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew) (1940)

You will also enjoy these novels that deal with issues of surveillance, harassment and total control.

  • This Perfect Day (Ira Levin, 1970)
  • 1984 (George Orwell, 1949)
  • The Trial (Franz Kafka, 1925)
A small selection of non-fiction:
  • March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race (Arthur Kemp, 2023)
  • Hard Times Create Strong Men (Stefan Aarnio, 2019)
  • A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind (Stephen Mitford Goodson, 2019)
  • The Fall of Western Man (Mark Collett, 2017)
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (Mark Manson, 2016)
  • Jewish Supremacism (David Duke, 2002)
  • Which Way, Western Man? (William Gayley Simpson, 1978)
  • The Riddle of the Jew’s Success (Theodor Fritsch, 1927)
  • You Gentiles (Maurice Samuel, 1924)


An extortion racket whereby white people are fearmongered by farm murders and “Kill the Boer”, “One Boer, One Bullet” chants into moving to Orania to “buy” property there at artificially high prices.

One cannot buy property in Orania, one can only buy “shares” in Orania’s “share block scheme”. The property will always belong to Orania.  The property they “sell” to you actually consists of “shares” that they borrow to you until you die, i.e. shares which are returned to them when you die. Allegedly, you may pass the shares on as an inheritance through your will/testament when you die, but, you’re not passing on your property – you’re passing on shares. Big difference. The property you “buy” will always belong to Orania, and in this way, they scam and con people who don’t know any better into giving them money for nothing.

Of course, it stands to reason that Orania does this to ensure the white Afrikaners’ hegemony and future, but can you really trust them, if they clearly deceive Afrikaners to get money out of them, by hiding the fact that they’re robbing you, they’re selling shares instead of property? Can you really, honestly, be really, truly and deeply concerned about someone’s racial and cultural well-being, while at the same time, being OK with deceiving them? Can you? Think about it. It’s either the one or the other. How concerned are they then, truly, for Afrikaners – why isn’t it possible that they are merely pretending to be awfully concerned for Afrikaners, as a front and disguise for their true nature, which is quite simply just to extort money?

The “leaders” on both sides of the political spectrum are controlled opposition, i.e. AfriForum, Solidariteit, the ANC and EFF all work together behind the scenes, and they just pretend to be opposed to each other for the show, to make the public buy into the ruse. Ernst Roets and Julius Malema are good friends, they pretend to be enemies, in order to stir racial conflict, and profit by extorting the public’s response to their shenanigans. They are all part and parcel of the (not so) hidden hand of the Zionist/Illuminati/Jewish/Freemason/organised crime/United Nations/Mossad/whatever nonsense – every organization you “see” or “know about”, no matter how allegedly “hidden” or “invisible” or “secretive” it is (oh the irony), anything that “gets the blame”, is a red herring, designed to distract you, to make you think, aha! Finally! I have discovered the ultimate and true one menace that has been behind this, all this time, so I need search no more, for I have found it once and for all! To divert your attention from the real thing that actually stands behind it all.

Organised religion is organised crime

“Organised religion” is codeword for organised crime. That goes for all “religions” – Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Catholicism, Scientology, LDS Church, Satanism, etc. Even atheism and agnosticism are quasi-religions predicated upon the premise of anti-religion and anti-spirituality.

There truly is no god/God. Friedrich Nietzsche said “God is dead”, but that isn’t quite right. “God isn’t” is a more apt statement. If God is, He may strike me down with lightning right here and now. I’ll be waiting, won’t keep my breath though.  I’ll probably receive my punishment from Him in the afterlife. Oh yeah, now I remember, I am Goyim and nowhere near a shabbos goy so I don’t have a soul, so no afterlife punishment to worry about. Nietzsche was right about the superman, though. Your racial soul is the closest you will ever come to having a spiritual soul. Jews know this too, and that is why they claim the Jewish soul was made of a completely different substance than the white soul. It indeed is. Well, yes, but no. Well, whatever.

All religions are scam operations, run by secret organised crime syndicates, designed to brainwash, gaslight, harass and scare victims into giving money to them.

They all pretend to be in touch with higher powers, be it God or Satan or whatever else, to prey upon your fears and to cause you to submit to them.

Ultimately, it is just about money. Not even power. The holy church part is just a front, to look upright. Church in the front, crime in the back.

Angus Buchan, Billy Graham, L Ron Hubbard, the Pope, Jesus, Joseph Smith, Joel Osteen, Heidi Baker, Ray McCauley, Donald Trump even (yes, he’s not a religious leader, but still a leader nonetheless – and his daughter Ivanka is married to a (homosexual?) Jew, Jared Kushner. Ivanka herself also has Jewish facial features, so whatever), all figureheads, and the list goes on! It’s ENDLESS! All low-life scammers, all criminals. The fact that you can visibly see them, publicly, means they are just puppet faces, the actual real leaders are invisible and unknown, the ones running the show are hidden for protection.

There is only one religion. Organised crime. All religions only pretend to oppose each other, but they are all secretly controlled by the same people. Different religions are just variations of the same thing. The same thing cannot be opposed to itself. It can only pretend to be.

Religion is just bait and switch. They advertise that they sell insurance for your soul, but it is just a ploy for them to easily extort money out of you.

Organised religion relentlessly harass people who expose the pretense and the actual organised crime behind the “church”.

They don’t care that you criticize their actions and “beliefs”. Just don’t mess with their income stream. That’s the bottom line. Whatever else anyone thinks about them is irrelevant.

There is no God. There are no actual religions or churches. There are no ways to achieve or come into contact with higher powers. There are no souls. It is all made-up fairy tale stories designed to lure victims in and extort them.

Church buildings of any religion are simply money collection centers. A church or religion’s leadership are puppets, figureheads. The real puppet-masters are hidden, hiding in secret in the organised crime syndicate.

Tom Cruise, and other celebrities, are used to whitewash religions and make them appear legitimate, and that they are not just simply all extortion scams.

Price of freedom

What are you willing to sacrifice, or not sacrifice, for freedom? What is your freedom worth to you? Your life? Your comfort? Your money? Your reputation? Your job? Your will? Your soul? Your peace of mind? Your privileged life granted to you by the Jews? Would you sacrifice your freedom, for your freedom? Would you laugh in your own blood? Would you sacrifice everything? Make a deal and swear with the Devil? Or would you rather be a slave? Where do you draw the line, and why?

That is the only choice you have to make in life. The rest will fall into place by itself.

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

A document fabricated by Jews to serve as controlled opposition and “proof” (but in reality just hubris) of the Jewish plan for world domination. Jews already rule the world, it isn’t something that “is only going to happen at a later stage and that we must work together to prevent, because if we don’t prevent it, it’s going to happen to us”. It is happening right now. Jewish world domination is already the reality. This document is simply gaslighting to hide the crime that it is already happening (because surely it can’t be happening currently if it will only happen at some distant time in the future, right?). The document fixates the Goyim’s attention on some “future plan” with no actual timeline, away from the actual current reality that the Jews are simply just already controlling the world, as we speak. The Jews’ plan for world domination was already set into motion long, long ago, thousands of years ago, before the time of the Egyptians, before recorded history.

Psy-ops and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is “Neuro-Linguistic Programming”.

NLP is just jargon for the art of persuasion, suggestion and sales.

NLP and psy-ops are flip sides of the same coin.

NLP and psy-ops can be summed up in one word: Lies.

Just big fancy words for LIES.


It is used by the organised crime syndicate to hide their crimes and to hide that they are criminals.

NLP is allegedly to make a positive change in your life, such as helping you to reduce your anxiety and stress, while psy-ops is to cause a negative change in your life, such as you giving all your money to the organised crime syndicate.

NLP is allegedly said to be ineffective and not based on scientific research, but that is a lie, it is a very effective weapon and it is being used against you.

NLP and psy-ops is targeted personal propaganda, it is a marketing campaign. It is words and actions designed to induce you to say certain words and do specific actions as per the goals and outcomes of the operation that was launched against you.

NLP and psy-ops are simply an inevitable consequence of the fact that you have money, and the organised crime syndicate wants your money.

The basic truth is that NLP and psy-ops are all a lie, it exists only for their benefit and your worst interest, and it is only ever bad for you – except if you can learn from it and become stronger because of it. NLP and psy-ops are designed to turn your attention away from reality and the truth. If you can stoically turn your attention again to reality and truth, the NLP and psy-ops against you will just simply fail.

NLP and psy-ops are absurd and busywork. When something is absurd, it is to hide a crime.

The only way NLP and psy-ops can work is if you give in to its pressure. If you ignore and resist it, NLP and psy-ops are completely useless.

This is why people plotting against you cannot outright break the law, they must maintain an illusion of justice, an illusion to convince you that they are good and that you are bad, because that is the only way for you to convince yourself to give in to them. If they outright break the law and clearly display that they are criminals, you will then know that you are right and that they are wrong, and so the NLP and psy-ops will then not work on you, because you will then not be convinced or fooled by it.

You can only be convinced or fooled by NLP and psy-ops if you believe that you are wrong and that they are right. If you believe/know that you are logically right and that they are logically wrong criminals, NLP and psy-ops cannot convince you to give in to them.

The main goal of NLP and psy-ops is a financial goal. It is to extort money from you. The organised crime syndicate will gaslight you to think otherwise, but hiding the fact that it’s all just purely about money, just proves all the more that money is indeed their objective and the motive of their crime.

“Street theatre” and “gang stalking” are forms of psy-ops. “Directed energy weapons” are psy-ops, lies designed to make you look crazy. “Fake astonishment” and “fake shaming reactions” at your words, actions, achievements and property is NLP. Covid-19 was pure psy-ops. “George Floyd” was psy-ops. “Fake news” is NLP. “9/11” and “weapons of mass destruction” were psy-ops. The South African “Constitution” is psy-ops. “Pedophile accusations” and “sexual/rape allegations” are psy-ops. “Fake conversations” to create rapport, and then that person doing “directed staring/glaring” into some direction to cause you to notice something and feel a certain way, are NLP. “Jericho’s walls” that fell in 7 days, was psy-ops. Scientology’s auditing process to coax you into providing Jews with your information so they can blackmail you, is NLP and psy-ops.

NLP and psy-ops were created by Jews to control earth’s population in their new world order (read: new world order = already existing current world order, there is nothing new or upcoming about it).

If Jews control your thoughts, they control your emotions, behaviours, responses, and, most importantly for them, they control your money.

“Strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times, hard times create strong men”. NLP and psy-ops fit into the “weak men create hard times” part.

Celebrity victims of NLP and psy-ops include Edgar Allan Poe, Buddy Holly, Marilyn Monroe, John F Kennedy, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), Michael Jackson, Ken and Roberta Williams, Britney Spears, Kirsten Dunst, Johnny Depp, and Till Lindemann. There are many more, and they are all victims.

Race mixing and the extinction of the white race

The white race must be finally eradicated either through outright murder, by not having children, or through race mixing, in order to get rid of white DNA and white characteristics.

When the white race does not exist anymore, they will then not oppose the childish jealousy of the Jews and their arrogant and neurotic desire to control the world anymore. The Jews will then “be” the white race, having absorbed some of the extinct DNA of the white race into themselves, similar to when Cro-Magnon absorbed the Neanderthal.

In addition to the above, the white race can also be systematically destroyed through economic control and mass non-white immigration, by imposing additional taxes on whites, high inflation, high food prices, low salaries, increased working hours, distracting women away from concentrating on a family to pursue a career, and not allowing whites to be employed in positions where they would have power and authority, i.e. in government positions in the public sector, and in the private sector with affirmative action and BEE (black economic empowerment) policies.

Furthermore, through feminism and the constant threat of sexual harassment accusations in the workplace, white men are held captive by employers (yes, exactly, they can just all get up and quit – what are those losers waiting for) and the legal system, unable to reach their full potential for the betterment of the white race and mankind, at risk of being labeled a toxic male, and thereby losing his means of survival, eventually being forced out of the traditional workplace and the traditional role as family provider.

Lastly, as a consequence of all the above, white women are compelled to further their education to compete with men professionally instead of dedicating themselves to motherhood, on a daily basis replacing their white values and culture with artificially-dominant alien civilizations, eventually leading to an even greater drop in the white fertility rate, until the eventual replacement and extinction of the white race.

The last blonde white person will allegedly be born in Finland in the near future, and after that, it’s over. That’s all folks. White race extinct. Dinosaurs. Forever lost. No more Adolf Hitler (chancellor of Germany and the Third Reich), no more Aesop’s Fables, no more Alexander Fleming (discovered penicillin), no more Alexander Graham Bell (invented the telephone), no more Alexander the Great (Macedonian-Greek empreror), no more Alessandro Volta (invented the electric battery), no more Andrew Jackson (US president who paid off the US national debt, the only man to ever do so), no more Archimedes (mathematician, discovered buoyancy and early calculus), no more Aristotle (Greek philosopher, laid the foundations of logic), no more Beatles, no more Beethoven (classical composer), no more Benjamin Franklin (discovered flow of electric charge), no more Blaise Pascal (mathematician, invented the syringe), no more Boere (inhabitants of South Africa since 1652), no more Brothers Grimm (European fairy tales), no more calculus (the study of infinitesimals), no more Cambridge, no more castles or knights, no more Charles Babbage (invented the first mechanical computer), no more Charles Darwin (discovered evolution), no more Charles Wheatstone (inventor of the telegraph), no more Christiaan Barnard (performed first successful human heart transplant), no more Christopher Columbus (discovered the Americas), no more Copernicus (pioneer of heliocentric theory in astronomy), no more Disneyland, no more Dixieland or Confederate flag, no more Edmund Hillary (first man to reach summit of Mount Everest), Edwin Howard Armstrong (invented FM radio), no more Eiffel Tower, no more El Cid (defender of Europe against Islam and Judaism), no more Euclid (authored Elements, included the axioms of geometry), no more Ferdinand Magellan (helmed the first circumnavigation of the Earth), no more Ferrari, no more Friedrich Gauss (mathematician), no more Galileo Galilei (pioneer of science and astronomy), no more Georg Ohm (discovered Ohm’s Law), no more George Boole, Augustus De Morgan or Claude Shannon (inventors and pioneers of boolean logic), no more George Washington (commander in American Revolutionary War against Britain/Rothschild, first president of the USA), no more Glocks (firearms), no more Golden Gate Bridge, no more Guglielmo Marconi (first long-distance radio transmission), no more Harvard, no more Henry Ford (invented the automobile assembly line, authored The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem), no more Icelandic sagas, no more inventions, no more James Clerk Maxwell (mathematically discovered electromagnetic propagation, predicted radio waves), no more James Watson or Francis Crick (discovered DNA), no more James Watt (invented the steam engine), no more Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir (invented the internal combustion engine), no more Johannes Gutenberg (invented the Gutenberg printing press machine), no more Johannes Kepler (discovered Kepler’s laws of planetary motion), no more John Vincent Atanasoff (invented the digital computer), no more JRR Tolkien (authored Lord of the Rings), no more Julius Caesar (Roman emperor), no more Ken Thompson or Dennis Ritchie (invented Unix and C), no more Koos de la Rey (Anglo-Boer War military officer), no more Laplace (mathematician), no more Leibniz (co-invented calculus), no more Leonardo Da Vinci (painted Mona Lisa, invented scissors, designed first flying machine), no more Leonhard Euler (invented imaginary numbers, natural logarithm, et al), no more Louis Pasteur (invented pasteurisation), no more Luca Pacioli (invented double-entry system of accounting), no more Marie Curie (discovered radium), no more Martin Luther (opposed the Catholic Church and indulgences), no more Michael Faraday (discovered electromagnetic induction), no more Michelangelo (painted Sistine Chapel), no more NASA (space exploration), no more Neil Armstrong (first man to walk on the moon), no more Newton (co-invented calculus, discovered Newton’s laws of motion), no more Niklaus Wirth (invented the Pascal programming language), no more Nikola Tesla (invented AC induction, motors and transmission), no more Oxford, no more pyramids (of Egypt and potentially also the Americas), no more Pythagoras (early father of mathematics), no more quadratic equations (invented by the Egyptians), no more refrigerators, no more René Descartes (known for the Cartesian plane, rationalism, and the quote “I think, therefore I am”), no more roads (invented by Romans), no more Roald Amundsen (first man to reach the South Pole), no more Roger Bannister (first man to run the mile in under four minutes), no more Samuel Morse (invented Morse Code), no more space exploration, no more Statue of Liberty, no more Thomas Alva Edison (invented the light bulb), no more Tim Berners-Lee (invented the World Wide Web), no more transistors (electronic switches), no more Ur-Nammu (wrote the first legal code and laws), no more USA, no more Vikings (established the Germanic way of life across the world), no more Volkswagens, no more Walt Disney (pioneered animated films), no more Wernher von Braun (designed the Saturn V rocket, took man to the moon in 1969), no more William Shockley (invented the transistor), no more William Wallace (Braveheart, warrior for Scottish independence), no more Wright brothers (invented flying). No more white babies. No more white people. No more you and me. No more anything. The end. Congratulations.

In contrast to the achievements of the white race above, you have the useless Jews, who never produced anything, even though they have mixed with the white race and received some of their DNA, who spread their Satanic Jewish money-loving, life-hating culture everywhere they go, who use and abuse the talents of others, and who harass and enslave everyone they encounter, wherever they go.

The above was all engineered and methodically executed by the Jews for the purpose of their childish, psychopathic jealousy and sick desire for survival and world domination. See Jews Menachem Begin and Barbara Sprectre, among so many countless other Jews who are and were hell-bent on the destruction of the white race.

Yes, fine, survival of the fittest, as always. Perhaps Jews are more fit for survival than the white race. Perhaps the parasites are more fit for survival than the host. Time will tell.

Ruby Ridge

Mr Randy Weaver stood up to the Jewish organised crime syndicate in 1992, which was hiding behind/inside the United States Government as the deep state.

Mr Weaver’s true offense against the organised crime syndicate was an unwillingness to pay tax. The media and legal system shifted the focus away from that, by portraying Mr Weaver as a white nationalist, and thus that he was morally guilty of being an “evil anti-Semite”.

His cabin home was located in Ruby Ridge, the name of a mountain region in Boundary Country, Idaho, where he was living with his wife and four children.

The US Marshals, FBI and ATF conducted a siege upon his cabin home in Ruby Ridge in 1992 due to his selling of a sawed-off shotgun, and thus for conspiracy against the government as a white nationalist.

Mr Weaver’s wife and son were murdered, and the incident became known as the siege of Ruby Ridge.

Mr Weaver eventually surrendered, and he stood trial for ten criminal charges, all of which he was acquitted for, except one. The one charge he was found guilty on, was for failing to appear at court on the sawed-off shotgun charge. He was fined $10,000 and spent 18 months in jail for this criminal charge.

Mr Weaver’s three living daughters were awarded $1,000,000 each, and Mr Weaver received $100,000 for the murder of his wife and son.

The Ruby Ridge incident was psy-ops to coerce the American public into subjugation to the authority of the Jewish organised crime syndicate hidden inside the US Government.

The fact that is allowed to exist, that it has not been taken offline permanently, and that Mr Don Black, its creator, has not been arrested and jailed for life, proves that is controlled opposition. is secretly run by the Jews themselves as controlled opposition.

I can appreciate the ironic contradiction therein that I also have not been arrested and jailed and “taken offline” and “canceled” for exposing the Jews, for being an “anti-Semite”. Please do not construe this as proof that is therefore not controlled opposition, or that I actually also am controlled opposition, a shabbos goy or a crypto-Jew pretending to be white.

You are welcome to contact me in real life and decide for yourself.

I don’t have any Jewish connections. I’m not a crypto-Jew. I’m not part of the Jewish organised crime syndicate. I’m not part of any organised crime syndicate. I’m just me. I can’t and don’t want to personally expose you when you contact me, and that is also not the purpose of why I wrote this article.

I believe  the reason for is precisely for that purpose, it was setup or infiltrated to act as a front for white resistance, in order to identify white dissidents and resistance, subdue and pacify and disable them, and monitor them, in case they start getting too many rebellious anti-Semitic thoughts or start thinking of becoming the new Hitler.

I probably am being constantly monitored, my cellphones with Pegasus spyware, my ISP checking my internet logs (I don’t use a VPN, whatever, they probably monitor VPNs as well, false sense of security), checking my bank accounts and email, my computer is bugged with whatever equipment, and my house fitted with hidden surveillance, so I can understand if nobody would want to take the risk to contact me and become monitored themselves. You probably are already being monitored, anyway. But I guess I wouldn’t contact me either – because, why stir the pot, just let someone else do it and risk the wrath of the Jew and having their family and lives destroyed, right? Oh well, here we are.

In any event, if you can convince me that you are in need of money, assets or property, and that it will be for the benefit of the white race, I will give everything I have to you, if by then I still have anything left before the Jews take everything away from me, for themselves. It’s up the the white race to save itself.

This article is nothing compared to, and I’m also not asking for donations like does. I’m offering money to white people – I’m not taking money from white people.

It’s always a good idea to be skeptical and scrutinize things to find out what they really are. Always. No exceptions. Absolutely do not trust anyone or anything. Ever. Period. You should question your own beliefs for your own sake, and do not listen to anyone else but yourself.


Tax is the fuel that drives organised crime.

Tax is used to pay for corruption, bribes and harassment.

Printed money, coins, and digital money, are all fake. Money is a pyramid scheme created to ensure a passive income for the state until the scheme collapses.

Because money is a pyramid scheme, there needs to be more and more of it to keep the scheme alive, and hence, why inflation exists.

Inflation is a hidden tax whereby you will keep paying more and more tax each year as time goes on.

Stop paying tax and stop using their Monopoly money.

Break their shackles that keep you a prisoner. Stop existing as a slave, and start living.

What are you afraid of? Jail? Death? Torture? Rape? Going to Hell? A criminal record? What are you, afraid if you stop paying tax, that you will lose everything you worked for your whole life, that you will lose your job, that your friends and family and in-laws and colleagues will know you’re a criminal, that they will put you in jail or kill you, take everything you have, and kill or abduct your family and children? That you can’t keep up with the Jones’s? So what? Fuck the Jones’s. If that’s what they want, let them do it, and let them think you are what you are, because that is what you are, and you are who you are, you are nobody else except you, and that is what people see. Did those things have any worth at all if they could just as easily as that be taken away from you? There’s nothing you can do about their psychopathic (and money-hungry) desires – except to stop being their slave.

Title deed

In secret, Jews own all the land and property on the planet. Your title deed is just like “Monopoly money”, it’s not real, but for the sake of transfer duty extortion and legal fee extortion, attorneys and the bribed court system will keep pretending that it’s real and that it’s your property – as if the government can’t take it away in an instant.


The Jewish empire is so large and stretches the world over. This article just covers South Africa, but the Jews’ infiltration into every nation affects every person similarly, and the reasons and the outcomes will always be the same, regardless of how it plays out.

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