Things you didn’t know were possible

Who wants to read just another boring article about some or other “very important thing” that some self-made expert or genius has discovered, and it will cost you $9.99, so call us now. Yeah.

Look around you.

Let’s focus on the truth we all face everyday – you, as a person. The you nobody can see, the you only you know is there. Your consciousness, your knowledge, your way of dealing with problems, your worldview and your past experiences. All the things that make you uniquely you.

All of us (including you) are used to the same things happening everyday, because that’s just how our brains work. We learn by experience, to expect the daily effects, caused by the daily causes we are aware of.

Even if you are different than everybody else, you have an exciting life where everyday is 100% completely different from the previous day, you are still used to things being exciting like that everyday. No?

So what do you – and not the you everyone else sees, but the you that only you know – imagine the future should be like?

  1. Time travel
  2. To live forever

To be realistic, it will require incredible scientific breakthroughs to achieve the above. It is probably possible. It’s worthwhile to think about how it can be achieved.

So let’s look at some things that would make you – the you that only you know – look at you, differently. What things would have an effect on the you, that only you know.

  1. Space travel
  2. Telepathic communication
  3. Immediate understanding of anything or anyone
  4. Unlimited food and money

You should always strive to work in directions that contribute to the above, in order to further the quality of the life of you.

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